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Science and technology: application of face care products

Science and technology: application of face care

Today, the shelves of cosmetic boutiques are full of a variety of care products for every taste and budget. We are faced with a difficult task: not only to choose the right “lovers”, but also to learn how to build long and stable relationships with them.

In other words, to get the maximum effect from creams, gels and serums, they need to be properly applied.

The first commandment for skin care that you need to remember and never break – at any time of the day or night, all manipulations are carried out strictly on cleansed skin, even if you do not use decorative cosmetics. The fact is that our sebaceous glands work around the clock, producing sebum.

It in turn clogs the pores, violating the skin breathing. “Degrease” the face will help gel for washing, micellar solution or alcohol-free tonic.

The next thing you need to remember is that all means for the face should be applied in a certain sequence along the skin lines (zones of the least stretching of the skin). To activate the healing components, preheat the product in your palms or fingertips.

Do not use too much cream. An excess of the product forms an impenetrable film on the skin, causing swelling and redness. The first to get their dose of care are the eyes.

Apply the product with light pressure movements on the bone from the nose to the outer corner of the eye and on top in a circle. Then distribute the cream from the center of the forehead to the temples and from the nose to the ears. From the middle of the chin with light tapping movements with the back of the hand, go along the lower jaw to the lobes.

Apply the cream on the neck from the bottom up or from top to bottom, as you prefer. The main thing – always move from the center to the periphery.

Remember that movements should not be sharp, so as not to injure or stretch the skin. The purpose of the massage is to warm the skin, stimulate its microcirculation for better penetration of moisturizing and nutrients of the cream.

The most effective way to improve the complexion is a light massage with an ice cube. When performing this procedure, always wrap the ice in a piece of cloth to avoid excessive cooling of the skin.

For maximum moisture, in addition to applying the cream every morning, drink a full glass of water.

Some drugs due to the activity of certain components require special attention. Creams with fruit acids (AHA) perfectly remove dead cells and revitalize the skin. Please note that the use of these “craftsmen” (as well as drugs with retinol) should be exclusively for the night.

After all, after contact with them, the skin remains defenseless against the effects of ultraviolet radiation, therefore your morning assistant should always contain the maximum SPF 50+ filter. Another subtlety: it is important to apply “healers” with rubbing (not patting) movements.

Thus, the product is better absorbed and penetrates the skin.

Science and technology: application of face care

That eyes often give our age. So that your eyes always shine with happiness, start every day with a special gymnastics: rub your eyes, squeeze your eyes a few times, make fun.

After such a warm-up is the turn of eye cream. The skin around the eyes is a very delicate area.

It is extremely important to choose the right care depending on the problem – puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles. Application technique depends on the specialization of the “master”.

Be careful. Means for the area around the eyes are applied from above along the edge of the orbital bone in the direction from the bridge of the nose to the outer edge of the eye and back in a circle. This massage contributes to lymphatic flow, reduces stagnant fluid and normalizes blood circulation.

Do not use cream for the eye area for eyelids. The composition of such products may include essential oils that can cause irritation when in contact with eyes.

To protect yourself from unwanted reactions, enlist the support of specially designed for this area of ​​drugs. The cream on the eyelids is applied in a very small amount.

Take into account, use an oil remedy for 1.5-2 hours before bedtime, removing excess napkin. For a gel with a lighter melting texture, an interval of 30 minutes is sufficient.

A good help in case of eye strain will be a massage. Sit on the chair, back to the light source.

Take a small inhale, and on the exhale, from the outer edge of the eye to the nose bridge, gently press the palms over the eyes with the rolling movements.

Just like you and me, our skin is exposed to stress every day. Temperature extremes, frosty air, icy wind, scorching sun, smog and other adverse environmental factors not in the best way affect our appearance. Anti-stress for the face will serve the centuries-old experience of Japanese beauties – massage “kobido”.

This technique of acting on acupuncture points relieves tension from the facial muscles (of which there are about 60 on the face and only 40 are used with a smile), stimulates blood flow, increases the oxygen supply to the skin, helps to eliminate toxins and remove dead cells. The skin is regenerated, the face looks younger and more radiant.

And also this massage helps to completely relax and relieves insomnia. For the benefit of body and soul, it is better to not massage “dry”, but accompany the application of serum or cream:

Science and technology: application of face care

Put a small amount of funds on the palm. Warm it by rubbing between your palms.

Spread the cream on the forehead with gentle stroking movements, starting from the center of the face to the edges. Repeat the same action on the nose and cheeks, starting from the chin and moving along the jaw line.

Moving up from the chin, use your index finger to move over the upper lip to tighten the cheekbone areas. Acupuncture point, which in Japanese is called “tsubo”, is located exactly above the canine teeth, under the cheekbone – this is a key detox point.

Repeat three times, then continue on the other side of the face, starting from the opposite side of the chin.

Relieve muscle tension and fatigue from your face, making twisting movements with your thumb, index and middle fingers. Start with the chin and repeat the procedure on the cheeks to the temples.

Using all ten fingers, lightly pat them on the face. It stimulates microcirculation, improves blood flow and provides the skin with new energy, restoring radiance and elasticity.

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