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Scenarios for the New Year

Scenarios for the New Year

1. Verify identity

By phone, Santa Claus told his father that he was in trouble along with all the gifts for children. Only two bags distributed, and the rest did not have time.

Santa Claus needs help. He was stopped on the road in a sleigh with deers for speeding.

A police officer by the name of Kashchey does not believe Santa Claus that this is what he is, does not let him go without identification. “Dear children, you need to urgently draw Santa Claus and sign his portrait! Then I will take your drawings to the police and we will be able to pick up the presents from Santa Claus, and all the other children will also receive toys! ”

2. We treat Santa Claus

Phone call. Alarming news. Santa Claus fell ill.

If you do not take him medicine to the hospital, he will not be able to give gifts to children! In the usual hospital there is no medicine for Santa Claus. What to do?

Santa Claus needs ice cubes and paper snowflakes! For the cause!

Cubes can be found in the fridges! How nice that Mom put the water in the freezer yesterday.

But the snowflakes will have to cut right now. By phone, dad specifies how many pieces you need by prescription.

When dad takes the drugs to Santa Claus, he will immediately recover – gifts under the tree this time will appear along with the recipe from the hospital for Santa Claus. In memory.

The recipe, the real one, can be asked in advance in the clinic at an opportunity. On the eve of the New Year, the doctor will not deny himself the pleasure of treating the winter magician.

3. Navigator for Grandpa

Phone call. Santa Claus informs mum and dad that he cannot find their apartment.

No matter how confused he gets the gifts! It should be noted windows of the house where children are waiting for gifts, snowflakes.

To draw? To glue?

While the children decorate the last window, which is far away from the room with the Christmas tree, Santa Claus successfully puts the presents under the elegant green beauty.

4. Visit of Santa Claus

The whole family came home from the guests. What? Even at the entrance there are large tracks leading to the apartment.

Who is it? Traces lead down the hall to the room … Thieves? They took the tree?

Stole gifts? Not. Hooray!

These are traces of Santa Claus. He put the gifts under the tree and left through the window. Wow, he dropped the red mitten!

Well, or he had a button off. Red sticking out of it. This is exactly the button of Santa Claus.

Relic, after all.

Footprints can be made using artificial snow. Sprinkle with snow around a large boot or boot. Or use the stencil.

For kids, you can take the usual flour.

5. Looking for gifts on the scraps

In the mailbox letter. It says that Santa Claus hid gifts from Baba Yaga, who wanted to take them away from her envy.

The letter can be found on the Christmas tree or even in the freezer. To find gifts, you need to follow the instructions on the notes. The letter says only about the first secret place.

For babies, you can make drawings in notes showing where the following instructions are hidden. For children who can read, a description of the place; for older children, you can come up with cunning riddles.

In the last note (for kids in the second or in the third), in any case, the place where the gifts lie. Can not be!

They miraculously appeared under the tree. We went by so many times and nothing was there.

Miracles and more! Gifts appeared there, just when the children climbed under the tree, and Baba Yaga would not have time to kidnap them.

Maybe Santa Claus put them there while the children were looking for the last note in the farthest room?

Scenarios for the New Year

6. New Year’s investigation

Urgent telegram. She brought the postman in person or thrown into the box. What a nuisance.

Gifts from Santa Claus stole Baba Yaga. And brags about his meanness.

How to return New Year’s surprises in beautiful boxes? We need to investigate the evidence and find the place where she hid them.

What could be the evidence? The telegram smells like tangerines. Yeah.

Perhaps gifts in the store around the corner where they sell fruit. Having arrived there, the following circumstance is revealed. The seller saw Baba Yaga.

She was going to the side of the pharmacy with gifts. In the pharmacy, among the leaflets, Dad finds a drawing indicating the place where Baba Yaga temporarily hid the stolen item.

In order not to forget this place, the mischievous old woman portrayed a conditional planchik and hid it. Parking? On one of the machines broom twigs.

Apparently here. But how to open the trunk. ABOUT! This is a neighbor’s car.

We must ask him for the key. Faster, until Baba Yaga returned. The surprised neighbor turns out to take the gifts home just an hour ago ..

How good that they were found!

7. Big box with windows

Suddenly a huge box appears in the apartment. While everyone went for a walk or a New Year’s parcel arrived to grandparents.

On the box all the postal stamps, the sender Santa Claus. The return address is the North Pole. There is a strict ban on the box: “To open only for the chiming clock” 1 Or at a certain time.

Annoyingly. Need to wait. But what is it?

Tiny windows are carved in the box. You can peep and see some kind of multi-colored packaging.

And maybe it will be possible to extract something small through the hole? Pull the rope?

Balloon or candy. With these little gifts, waiting for the New Year is a little easier.

In the box are gifts to all family members. All packages are signed.

8. Treasure Map

Often, Santa Claus throws a real treasure map to children. Rubbed, with burnt edges, and even in a bottle of rum, like experienced pirates. On it there are places where gifts or their parts are hidden.

But not everything is so simple. The card itself is torn and must still be properly assembled.

Santa Claus loves to play with children.

The doorbell rang. While my father opened the lock, the guest left, but gifts remained on the threshold. “Children, Santa Claus came!” Of course, it was not a neighbor whom you asked to come at a certain time and put presents at the door.

And what’s that? Note from Santa Claus.

Like, forgive me for not coming, I was in a hurry … Happy New Year!

10. Wrapped up gifts

The gift for this New Year was packed with elves with special diligence. This year in the house of Santa Claus is particularly cold.

In order not to freeze the gifts, they had to be carefully wrapped in several layers. Yes, they wrote about it in the newspapers and seemed to be talking on TV.

How much effort and patience is required to extract the long-awaited surprise from all this elegant paper and numerous boxes, peppered with balloons, sweets. Oh!

11. Searches in the dark

At the most inopportune moment, when Santa Claus is about to bring gifts, turned off the electricity. In the darkness, the fairytale magician could put gifts anywhere. What to do?

We take lanterns, light candles and go ahead, in search of gifts.

Gifts were found, and then the light turned on. What a prankster he is, this grandfather!

Santa has so much to do. This time it looks like he got it all wrong and brought us a bag with gifts for the neighbors’ children. It contains their last name and the number of their apartment.

It is necessary to return the gifts. What a coincidence and the neighbors went to the landing to give other people’s gifts. They Santa Claus brought our bag.

Is changing!

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