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Safety certificate

Safety certificate

Safety certificate

The most “risky” children’s age is the time from birth to 4–5 years, when the baby begins to actively explore the surrounding space. Beginner crawling baby can climb into the most incredible places.

Children manage to fall into folding sofas, stick with elbows between the links of the battery or between the bars of the crib, stick their fingers in the fridge grill, or put nuts or small elements of toys on them. In addition, little researchers love to try everything “to the teeth.”

Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, it is better to remove from the child all small objects and toys that can easily be in his mouth and be swallowed.

Do not underestimate the capabilities of the baby. In a matter of minutes, he may slip from a raised surface or stumble on a random obstacle.

To protect the crumbs, try to put yourself in his place. Squat down and look at your house through the eyes of a child – you will be surprised how many temptations are in its field of view.

From infancy bring up in children a sense of self-preservation. Do not just say “no”, be sure to explain to your child exactly what the danger is. Use specific concepts: it is hot, hot, burning, prickly.

Give the crumbs a touch of a hot cup of tea, repeating several times that it is hot. Gently prick his finger with a needle or pin, explaining that it is prickly.

Keep things away that may be potentially dangerous for a child and those that you do not want to endanger.

Safety certificate

Safety certificate

Toilet bowl cleaners, laundry detergents, stain removers, glue, vinegar, all kinds of detergents, nail polish removers should be safely hidden. If the child has managed to drink or eat household chemicals, immediately call the doctor, or even better – go to the hospital immediately, without forgetting to take the package from the ingested product with you.

So it will be easier for doctors to figure out what to treat the little tester.

Another very common type of injury that children get at home is burns, most often in the kitchen. Therefore, be especially vigilant when the baby is in the kitchen with you.

Do not stand at the stove with a child in her arms when something is being prepared on it. A crumb can grab the pot, turn it over, and you do not even have time to react to its actions.

Closed on the balcony of a mother or grandmother – is also quite common. Therefore, never go to the balcony without a mobile phone, so at least you can call your husband from work so that he will rescue you. But it is best for such cases to have a two-way latch.

The same applies to the door to the bathroom and toilet.

Even if you leave the apartment for a second, always take your keys with you so that you do not have to call rescuers to break the door.

While the baby is small and not very intelligent, keep it in the sphere of its visibility. Do not leave the baby, even sleeping peacefully, unattended. Never lock it.

As soon as he is able to understand and be able to memorize, show him the number of the Rescue Service or the button to which it is coded.

Safety certificate

Modern children begin to walk unaccompanied by their parents much later than we did during our childhood. But to prepare the crumb for independent “appearances” is worth it in advance.

So, walking along with the baby, go around the entire courtyard and pay attention to the most dangerous places: hatches, basements, attics, construction sites.

It is important not just to say: “You cannot walk here! It’s dangerous! ”It is necessary to clearly explain why it is impossible: you can fall into the hatch, someone can close the door of the basement, and then the child will remain imprisoned there (if the child is locked in the basement, you do not need to shout and cry, it’s best to knock at the door – so soon someone will hear and come to the rescue).

Cars that are parked near the house can also be dangerous. Tell the child that the car may suddenly go, and the driver will not notice the kid hiding behind the trunk.

Therefore, you can not run and even more so to hide around the cars, and if a ball rolled under the car, you need to ask for help from adults.

Street and public transport are also traditionally high-risk areas. First, on the street or in the subway is easy to get lost.

As early as possible, the baby needs to learn the address and telephone number.

Show him what the police look like and explain that you can ask for help. If it happens that you and your child move around in a crowd, do not let them hold on to the edge of your bag or clothes.

His hand should always be in yours. Agree with the baby that if he loses you in the crowd, he will remain in the same place, because mom will definitely come back. If a child suddenly finds himself in the departing train without you, count down in which car he went in cold-blooded ways, and run to the station attendant.

Gathering in places of large crowds of people, put the child in bright clothes, which you will be easiest to notice.

Being in the subway, do not forget about the rules of conduct on the escalator. Here a small child can not be ignored for a minute.

Explain to the crumb that touch the handrail from the bottom can not in any case. If the baby doesn’t reach the top edge at all, don’t even let him hold on to it.

When you leave the escalator, hold the child especially tightly. Stand on the platform against the wall, do not approach the train until it stops. As soon as possible, from the first appearance on the street, teach the urban kid the rules of the road.

And in this situation, everything depends primarily on the example that you are giving the child.

So that the baby is better oriented in the street space, play a game with him: “The road to kindergarten”. To do this, offer him to independently remember the way to where you regularly go.

It will be difficult for the baby to remember all the way right away, so divide the distance into segments, show the obvious signs of each. Also, playing, teach the child the rules of the road.

First, you show him how to act correctly in the proposed circumstances: to stand, when the traffic light is red, to look left, then to the right, etc. Then the child shows you how to cross the street correctly. Intentionally make a mistake somehow, let the baby correct you.

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