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Safe New Year for the baby

Safe New Year for the baby

Green beauty is an indispensable attribute of the New Year and Christmas. But the question is: which tree to give preference – artificial or alive?

The smell of natural needles creates a feeling of celebration in the house, but if the child is not yet three years old and he does not understand the meaning of the word “impossible”, it is better to choose an artificial fir tree. Otherwise, the crumb will constantly reach for the lower branches, will want to touch them, the luxurious needles will begin to crumble – only have time to sweep and vacuum.

Choosing an artificial fir, pay attention to the stand. You need to make sure that the child, even if he really wants to, will not be able to knock over the spruce tree standing in it.

Therefore, choosing a spruce tree, shake it a little, checking for stability. The branches of the tree should be elastic and durable, needles – hard.

Then the tree will retain its shape next year.

If you are a mountain stand for a natural tree, choose svezhespilennye spruce. It is easy to determine the “freshness”: if a wide dark border is seen on the saw, and if the tree is shaken, the needles are rained off, the New Year attribute will not last long. Fragile, inelastic branches and a barely perceptible smell of needles speak of the same thing.

In freshly sawn wood, the scent of needles is caught, what is called, a mile away. It is necessary to take into account the fact that a good pine tree will live for 1-2 weeks ate longer.

The lifespan of a natural New Year’s tree also increases the special nutrient soil, but in the support containers spruce trees cost more. Natural spruce should not be immediately deployed after it was brought into the heat.

Wait until it reaches room temperature. The lower the temperature outside, the more the wood froze and the more time it will take to get used to the new conditions and fluff.

Put the Christmas tree is better in the common room. If the baby is just starting to walk or is still crawling, he may try to use the tree as a support and knock it over.

To avoid this, buy a small tree and place it on a table or nightstand so that the peanut cannot reach it.

Safe New Year for the baby

The decoration of the New Year’s beauty is a ritual. Even a two-year-old crumb can become its participant.

So that nothing darkens the anticipation of the holiday, pay attention to security issues.

It is not necessary to hang too many toys on the Christmas tree, otherwise the child’s attention will dissipate, and he will not be able to properly consider any of them. It is enough to hang 5-6 colorful balls on the meter-high Christmas tree, as many different animals and heroes of fairy tales, decorate the top with a spire and sketch tinsel or rain. Consider that only unbreakable toys can be given to the little ones in their hands, and better matte, without sparkles.

With your help, the child will hang them on the lowest branches, which he can easily reach.

When buying Christmas decorations, carefully study the labels: there are indicated age restrictions. Wooden toys are considered ideal from the point of view of strength and safety, but, alas, they are lost against the background of shiny tinsel and sparkling glass balls.

Fortunately, modern plastic Christmas-tree decorations shimmer with all colors and look almost the same as glass ones. They are safe, even if the crumb will pull them into your mouth. The main thing – to make sure that they are not covered with dust.

Choosing such toys, rely on your sense of smell: low-quality plastic usually smells bad. Check if the décor is firmly attached to the toys.

There should be no burrs and glue residue on the surface of the decoration.

When buying glass toys, do a little test. Take a thread or ribbon, hang a toy on it and see if the attachment can withstand this weight.

Take into account the fact that under too heavy decorations the fir branches will sag, which is why the tree will not look so impressive. It is worth checking the strength of the coating of jewelry.

Scratch the side of the toy with a napkin or slightly damp finger. Are there any traces of paint?

It’s okay

The main requirement for the electric garland – its safety. Switching modes, size and color of light bulbs are a matter of your preference.

But in any case, the power of the garland should be no higher than 65 watts. Otherwise there is a risk that the garland will ignite if overheated.

Prefer the thick wires: thin easily break. The distance from the last bulb to the plug must be at least 1.5 m.

Be careful with the rain: about his tight threads the baby can cut itself. Choosing a tinsel, pull her hairs.

They should keep well. Both tinsel and rain should withstand at least a slight tension and not tear at the first impulse.

Safe New Year for the baby

An excellent option for families with small children is edible Christmas-tree decorations. As such, you can use tangerines, foil-wrapped walnuts, small chocolates, large candies in shiny candy wrappers and even bagels. Any toddler will enjoy the tree, decorated with kinder surprises.

And dried pieces of apples, tangerines, lemon will not only give a spice to the New Year tree, but also fill the room with a unique aroma.

Consider that under apples, oranges and tangerines you need a tree with thick powerful branches, because these fruits are much heavier than Christmas tree toys. Apples are better to choose yellow-red and not too large.

Long thread is better to tie to the stem.

Glazed gingerbreads will look great and hung on gold or silver threads. Be sure to ask the children to help you: hang sweets more fun and safer than glass toys.

When the holiday is over, you will eat the sweet decorations together.

Safe New Year for the baby

And what a New Year without fireworks? Perhaps the most popular of them – firecrackers and Bengal lights. It would seem, what is simpler – pulled the string, there was a pop, and confetti, serpentine and souvenirs fell on the heads of those present from the party of the party.

But here we must remember the safety rules. When buying a cracker, gently pull the cord: it should not come off.

The content flies out of the case under great pressure, so you need to keep the cracker on your outstretched arm at an angle of 30 ° from yourself and aim in the opposite direction from the audience.

Bengal fires, contrary to popular belief, are not as harmless as it seems at first glance. Colored lights in the process of burning, and they burn from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, emit harmful substances, so it is better to light them in the open air or immediately ventilate the room well.

Before you ignite the fire, carefully read the instructions. Inspect the product.

High-quality Bengal candle of silver or black color. Her surface is smooth. If chips are noticeable or spraying falls off in some places, most likely you have bought expired goods.

A child of 5-6 years old can hold a lit sparkler in his hand, but only at an angle of 30-45 ° and under the strict supervision of adults.

If a child of 3-5 years old needs just a few firecrackers and sparklers, then for older children it is possible to arrange more serious fireworks. There are lots of offers: firecrackers, Roman candles, fountains, volcanoes, etc.

The main thing is to choose the right product, carefully read the instructions and strictly observe safety precautions. Buy any fireworks should only be in the company store. A quality product always has a quality certificate and is supplied with instructions written correctly in Russian.

Inspect the packaging: it should be whole and not crumpled. Naturally, the fireworks should not scare the child.

Any fireworks can be set on fire only on the street. Place for a fiery venture, select in advance. Ideally, this should be a large open area, where there are no bushes and trees, power lines and street lamps within a radius of about 10 meters.

The site should be without buildings and as far as possible from the parking lot and garages. Spectators must be located 15-20 meters from the place where the fireworks are set on fire.

You can not run the fireworks with a strong wind.

If the fireworks did not work or the wick went out, you can approach it no sooner than after 5 minutes. Before touching it, make sure that there are no smoldering parts.

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