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Rest from young to old

Rest from young to old

The age of the child plays a significant role in choosing the route of travel.

Rest with a child up to a year.
As a rule, it is not recommended to go to a country with a very different climate from the usual one with children up to three years old. The smallest (up to a year) doctors generally do not advise taking out the suburban dacha.

However, if you nevertheless decided on adventures, then for a comfortable existence there are two basic requirements: prepared conditions for infants, so that there is a place to swaddle a child, prepare food and put to bed, and a mild climate so that the baby does not have difficulties with acclimatization.

A good alternative to rest in the Moscow region can be a trip to the Scandinavian countries, Austria or Germany. At the lake resorts of these countries, the system of kinder-hotels, which are designed specifically for families with small children, operates.

As a rule, several types of apartments with a refrigerator and a microwave are offered for accommodation. Baby sitting is also included in the price.

In addition, here you can offer special baby kits, which include a stroller, cot, highchair and bath.

From year to three.
At this age, kids are already quite actively moving independently, so when choosing a place to rest, be sure to pay attention to what kind of beach (pebble or sandy) awaits you, what kind of floor the hotel has (smooth tile will not work – the baby may catch a cold), is it too high steps at the entrance to a separate apartment, is it convenient to enter the water. The best vacation spot with kids in the Russian south is Anapa.

Fly close, and some boarding houses are specially equipped for the reception of very young children: children’s menu, buffet for kids, special animation programs, moon and water parks, their own beaches. Crimea has a fairly wide range of leisure options with children – in Alushta, Yalta, Sevastopol. In the Crimea, as in Anapa, you can not only have a good rest, but also receive medical treatment.

In the comfortable hotels of the European level there is a special children’s menu, taking into account the wishes of parents in preparing special dishes for children under 4 years old. The holiday season is quite long here – from May to September.

Rest from young to old

If you certainly want to go abroad, go to Bulgaria, namely the resort of Golden Sands. The climate in the country is very comfortable, the beaches are sandy, the sea is clean. And fly a little more than two hours.

Many hotels and cottages have everything you need – from the kitchen to the pots and toys. With animation for kids, slides, swimming pools and baby food here, too, everything is in order. True, it is best to settle at the Bulgarian resorts not on the first, but on the second line, since the windows of the hotels standing on the seashore overlook the embankment, where it is quite noisy both day and night.

Greece can also be an interesting option for a family holiday. There are not so many children’s hotels, but a suitable climate and excellent cuisine.

From a climate point of view, Croatia and Montenegro are the best places. Holidays with young children in Croatia are attractive by the amazing beauty of the country and the nature close to us. The beaches are mostly pebbly, but there are also resorts with sandy beaches.

The beaches of Montenegro are better and more convenient for children than in neighboring Croatia, but at the same time the same clear sea and warm, friendly atmosphere. During the peak of the summer season, the air temperature in Montenegro rarely exceeds 30 degrees, which makes it possible to take even the smallest children to rest in the country.

The big plus of the rest on the coast of Turkey is a developed infrastructure of entertainment for children. Almost every hotel has a playground, a swimming pool, a children’s mini club and babysitting services.

All young guests are offered high chairs in restaurants and cribs with high bumpers. However, with regard to food in restaurants, this can be a problem for parents with small children. The “children’s table” indicated in the description of most Turkish hotels is not at all familiar to our kids porridges, curds and kefir, but rather spaghetti, french fries and sausages.

Such a diet can trigger digestive problems in children. If your child has experienced similar difficulties before, you should immediately order a separate apartment with a kitchen, where you will prepare food yourself.

Also ask in advance if there is a store near the hotel where you can buy food for your baby if necessary.

Rest from young to old

Holidays with children from 4 years.
If you are only interested in a relaxing sea holiday and the main thing for you is that the baby can bask in the sun, strengthen his health, harden and learn to swim, then it is best to go to Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro and the Italian islands. But with the restless it is better to go where the mass of all kinds of entertainment awaits you. For example, in Spain.

The Spanish coast from the Costa Brava to the Costa del Sol is literally dotted with amusement parks, attractions, impressive aquariums and safari parks. Water parks and children’s amusement parks are also available in Mallorca and Tenerife.

The main children’s attractions of Italy are concentrated near Rimini. One of the largest water parks in Europe is located in Riccione.

There are five heated pools, one of which, an area of ​​2,800 square meters. m – with artificial ocean waves, water slides, restaurants, an artificial beach with beach volleyball, basketball, football, night swimming. Park “Gardaland” on Lake Garda is the Italian equivalent of Disneyland.

There is a large amusement park with a zoo in Lignano. There are many interesting attractions in Germany, France, Austria, but in the summer there are hot and a lot of people. The parks located on the Cote d’Azur are not so large-scale, but they are easily combined with a beach holiday.

The largest amusement park on the coast is Marinaland in Antibes. In Cannes, there is a karting area of ​​6 thousand square meters. m, which is sure to appeal not only to the restless kids, but also to their active parents.

There are companies that organize the so-called club rest. You can stay in a bungalow, a comfortable hotel room or a private apartment with a luxurious kitchen and all the amenities. Towns, designed specifically for family holidays, offer special programs for children from the age of four months.

In addition, on the territory of the towns there are baby restaurants that offer food especially for kids. A refrigerator, a bottle sterilizer, a microwave, sterilized milk, water, cribs, high chairs for a restaurant and even baby strollers are available at the parents’ disposal around the clock.

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