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Remove stress: exercises for children

Remove stress: exercises for children

Dim the lights, quietly turn on the calm music and tell the child that now you will be doing slow gymnastics.

Ask the child to lie down on the towel and stretch out. Take a rubber ball in your hand and run it over your toes, feet, legs, knees, hips, stomach, chest, shoulders, hands, face, forehead, eyes, cheeks. Every time, touching any part of the body, call it.

Then ask the baby to say what you touched. This relaxing game enhances the child’s sensitivity to its own body.


The baby is lying on its back, its arms and legs are wide apart. “Let’s play hard man. Squeeze your toes as hard as possible, straining your calves, thighs, abdomen and hands so that your body becomes as hard as a stick. Squeeze the cams as hard as if you wanted to crush something in your palm.

Now, abruptly relax, so that your body becomes as soft as dough. ”

This game belongs to the classic means of relaxation and is recommended for calming after a hard physical exercise, a long swim or a tiring journey by car. To help your child relax, try singing a lullaby, a delicate song, getting quieter and quieter, and finally, just one melody with your mouth closed.

The baby is lying on its back, arms spread apart gradually stretching along the body: “Breathe deeply like a whale. Inhale deeply, deeply, then exhale through the mouth or through the nose, as you wish.

Do not move for a while, listen only to your breath. ”

After the exercises for the body, go to the face: “Close your eyes and“ frown ”all the muscles of your face, touch your chin with your shoulder, first with one, then with the other. Make a snare, like a clown, open your mouth wide, stretch your tongue and yawn loudly.

Then relax your face and close your eyes. ”


For this game you need a wand. “Let’s roll out the dough for the cake. With both hands roll the stick-rolling pin across the chest and abdomen, but very slowly, pulling in the stomach, then puffing it up.

Sit down, roll your legs now. Get up, finish. ”

Remove stress: exercises for children

The child puts his hands on his eyes closed, but does not push them strongly. “Describe to me what you see now. Shine? darkness? Stars? “.

The challenge is to keep your balance by crouching on your toes and keeping your hands on your head. Then do some jumps like a frog.

The child should grab the wand or bow with just the toes. “Lean on the heel, then on the toe, roll your foot in different directions. Stir your toes. Grab the wand, raise it as high as possible, then lower it. “

The goal of the game is to hold the ball while slowly rolling it over the body. You can not release the ball.

Ask the child to take a small ball (about 20 cm in diameter). “Bring the waist around the ball: after making the halfway, change your hand to complete the circle without dropping the ball. Then drop it, pick it up, run along the legs, arms. “

Then ask the child to close his eyes and concentrate on the sensations of his body and his movements. This exercise can also be performed with a tennis ball or juggling ball.

Have your child lying on his back, with his feet pressed to the floor, to raise his knees. Place the ball between the floor and its back.

The game is to move and steer, using only the back and buttocks.

This exercise reproduces the movements of a cat that is smarting. “Get on all fours, knees and hands on the floor. Lie back and round your back like a huge, sinking cat.

Then stretch your leg back and lift it as high as possible. Slowly put it back in place and do the same with the other leg.

Now picture the cat drinking milk. Stretch your arms as close as possible to your knees, lean forward and lift your ass.

Now sit down and relax. ”

Have your child sit up, feet on the floor, knees rest in the chest, and arms wrapped around the legs. “Swing backwards, then quickly return to the starting position, then forward. Repeat several times.

Remove stress: exercises for children


This quiet game focuses the attention of the baby on one part of the body. He needs to sit on a towel and lean on his hands. “Squeeze your toes so that your foot can enter the little shoe.

Then relax, trying to move your fingers apart, then rub one leg against the other. Then take your foot in one hand and gently and gently massage your foot and fingers with your other hand. ”

For this exercise, you only need to imitate the broad movements of a butterfly fluttering in the sky. You can also sing some funny song.

Let the kid listen to the ticking of the clock. Let the baby stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart.

Ask him to tilt the body forward, lower free hands and swing them from side to side. “Your hands are heavy, like a pendulum on a clock. Do slow movements from left to right, closing and opening your eyes. Stand up straight, spread your legs wide and step from one foot to the other.

Slow down and stop. Do not move”.

This is a silent game that requires a child to remain as still as a statue. Explain to him that he is your puppet and can move only those parts of the body to which you point.

Raise his hand up, he must remain, not moving, in this position. Bend your other arm in the elbow, put your right leg back, tilt your head to the left, and so on.


To end the relaxation session and discharge, play with him on the hinge doll, rotating in different directions with your head, arms and legs.

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