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Rejuvenating “products: what to eat, not to grow old

What really depends on how much we live and how we look? From genetics? “Including,” scientists do not deny. But in fact, genetics is only one quarter of all factors that determine life expectancy.

The remaining three quarters of the reasons are due to the way of life that we follow, and first of all, what we eat. What products will help preserve beauty, health and most importantly – youth? It turns out that for each age there is a “rejuvenating” set:


We are no longer growing (even in a dream), but our bones are still growing stronger. This means that one of the most important elements of the diet should be foods rich in calcium: whole milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, fish (salmon, sardines).

The motto of youth is to take everything from life! Intensive study and vigorous promotion on the career ladder require not only physical strength, but also enormous mental costs.

This means that the body needs iodine, which helps alleviate the high load on the brain and nervous system. The best choice is seafood (mussels, shrimps, scallops).

Beef and calf liver, lean meat (such as rabbit), green lettuce, cabbage and, of course, a maximum of vegetables and fruits (especially green and orange) will help to recover and relieve stress. Even if you still do not think about the offspring, remember that enriching the menu with useful vegetable oils (olive, pumpkin, linseed, mustard) has a very positive effect on the health of the reproductive system!


An increasing number of women now give birth to children not earlier than 30 years. Preparing for pregnancy, do not forget that the body will need additional reserves of energy and … iron!

Start eating lean red meat, poultry and fish. Dark green vegetables and legumes also contain a lot of iron, but the “vegetable” iron is absorbed longer than the “animal”.

If you are a vegan vegetarian (or aspire to this), try to eat sources of “plant” iron along with foods rich in vitamin C – this will facilitate the assimilation of valuable trace elements.

“After thirty” is also the age when we notice the first signs of aging. That is why it is imperative to include in the menu antioxidant products that promote the removal of free radicals from the body, the main enemies of radiant, elastic skin. Lie on cranberries and blackberries, soybeans, carrots, beans, celery, asparagus, spinach, onions and eggplants.

The amount of carbohydrates (bread, macarna) should be tried to be reduced, but proteins should be increased. In combination with regular fitness loads, protein food will help you maintain perfect proportions and clear silhouette contours.

It is also recommended to reduce the amount of “milk” in the diet: one species is enough once a day (optimally in the morning: scrambled eggs, cottage cheese sandwich, cottage cheese with fruits). From what categorically refuse?

From animal fats (sausages, cream, fat cheeses) and flavor enhancers of industrial production (mayonnaise, ketchup). We also learn to drink pure non-carbonated water (at least 1.5 liters per day) and green tea.


Psychotherapists consider this age a crisis. And at this time the body especially needs products that can save from depression and mood swings. The hormone of good mood — serotonin — is found in the familiar, but often unloved, porridge, delicious turkey meat, red Bulgarian pepper, and, of course, chocolate. Hormonal changes also make themselves felt: the body produces less thyroxine hormone, which speeds up the metabolism.

The amount of food and its caloric content should be reduced: in adulthood, the ability to absorb fat decreases, but the formation of fat from carbohydrates increases. All this can imperceptibly lead to obesity, which not only paints no one, but also has a negative effect on health. We say a solid “no” to fat meat and high-carb products (baking, confectionery, white bread).

Firmly holding weight control will help leaf and lettuce-rich asparagus and celery, rich in liquid and fiber. So that the “girl’s memory” imperceptibly does not turn into senile sclerosis, do not forget about fish! Polyunsaturated fats contained in it not only protect the walls of blood vessels from cholesterol, but also activate memory and improve mental abilities.

And oysters and nuts will help to return the extinct sexual desire.


Many women at this turn come premenopausal (for which the menopause is treacherously waiting for menopause). Because of this, the level of estrogen begins to decrease, there is a tendency to fluid retention.

After 50 years, the bones become more fragile, the joints weaken, arthritis and arthrosis occur. That is why in this period calcium and vitamin D are very important for the body! Their constant intake will help stop bone loss and help avoid osteoporosis (bone fragility).

Your daily diet should definitely include whole milk or cottage cheese (at least 2.5% fat), as well as fish oil and eggs rich in vitamin D. For healthy joints, seafood is indispensable: they relieve inflammation and reduce the amount of active toxic substances that corrode cartilage .

Often at this age, the arrow of the floor scales begins to creep up quickly, because changes in the endocrine system do not have the best effect on metabolism. You can fight with fullness as with medical assistance (for example, hormone replacement therapy), and with the “support” of a special menu based on light plant foods.

Make the main focus on vegetables, fruits, herbs and berries – they perfectly saturate, and the fiber contained in them regulates the activity of the intestines, preventing constipation, and promotes the excretion of harmful products formed in the intestines during digestion. Meat and fish are best eaten once or twice a week, and devote the rest of the time to the invention of dishes based on “rejuvenating” vegetables — tomatoes, onions, garlic, eggplants, zucchini, radishes.


The older we get, the less we sleep and … we eat. In people of “aged” appetite is really not as good as before. Meat and fish products are getting worse with age, so their consumption is better to reduce.

But foods with antioxidants should always be in the refrigerator. What is it? First of all, vegetables rich in potassium and beta carotene (potatoes, eggplants, persimmon, apricots). Fruits, berries and greens should also appear daily on the table – they are rich in nutrients and not only compensate for the loss of appetite, but also prevent intestinal problems and eliminate cholesterol.

Seasoning, such as allspice, clove, rosemary, and cardamom, will help stimulate hunger. They also have a positive effect on the nervous system and help to literally feel the taste for life.

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