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Quiz: Write a fairy tale about yourself!

Quiz: Write a fairy tale about yourself!

Imagine that you are the heroine of a fairy tale. And the story begins with the fact that you are going to march to distant lands, in order to win back the treasures captured by the meanest enemy.

1. Your partner is a famous knight. Which of you is the main team and what does the great hero say to you when you agree on a joint adventure?

2. Just before departure, the king gives you a sword. What does this weapon look like?

3. At the first halt, a monster attacks you. What made him so angry?

– He is hungry.
– He is looking for his lost love.
– He is desperate because he is too ugly.
– He is angry at the whole world.

How aggressive is the monster, how long have you been fighting it?

4. Your further journey lies through the desert. After endlessly long days under the scorching sun, after a great thirst and painful monotony of the landscape you drive up to the oasis. I. See a familiar face there!

Who is it? Call a real friend.

5. The next obstacle that separates you from the goal is mountains. Imagine them: are they cool and impregnable or short and gentle?

Describe how you overcome them, how long and difficult your way is through this array.

6. In this journey you had to drive around half the globe. Have you seen:

– White snow-covered plains.
– Blue sea gave.
– Wooded mountains.
– Wild, sun-scorched steppe.

Which of these landscapes acts on you the most relaxing?

7. The horse, your faithful and reliable assistant in a long journey, suddenly stumbled and fell. What do you say to him?

8. You overcame mountains and rivers, forests and snow, survived many more adventures. How many cruel burglars, cunning dragons, vile advisers, schemers, non-vegetarian bears and other “bad guys”, in the sense of enemies, did you encounter on the way?

9. Finally, you are at the cave entrance! How do you get into it: just bending down in front of the grotto or making your way through a long tunnel?

Describe your path from the entrance to the cave itself.

Quiz: Write a fairy tale about yourself!

10. You have sunk to the very bottom, the candle has gone out, around is impenetrable darkness. Suddenly. any sounds. It:

– Cry.
– Moan.
– A voice that speaks directly to you.

11. Your first desire with these sounds:

-Rush to help the one who calls.

-Fail on the spot in horror.

12. This is someone calling you by name! A man with a candle goes down the aisle.

In the wrong flame of a candle, you are surprised to see familiar features. Who is it?

Call your friend.

13. In the next dark corner of the cave, the flame of a torch illuminates a golden casket, inlaid with rubies, that is the most sought after! And the treasures are all intact, you realize, lifting the lid! Your thoughts:

-Today is the happiest day of my life!

-What should we do with it now?

-The main thing – found, and then we shall understand.

14. Your great companion is holding treasures with such difficulty. Describe in detail his expression.

15. Everything comes to an end – troubles and victories, finds and hardships – and your journey too. You are driving back, in the distance a native castle appeared.

Describe how you feel, looking back at your Adventure?

Quiz: Write a fairy tale about yourself!

This test is built on the principle of subconscious associations, developed by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. The game form is combined with psychological analysis.

So in the answers – information about you, your strengths and weaknesses, about others. Maybe recommendations for action?

1. What is your role in the team and in your life? If you unquestioningly went for the knight – you are the ideal subordinate, modest and executive.

But if you want others to be considered with you – it is worth cultivating leadership qualities in yourself, learning to take responsibility and defend your opinion. It is useful in career and in family life.

If the company has a democracy and an atmosphere of a friendly picnic, and responsible decisions are made by a qualified majority, that is, only unanimously, you work well in a team. If you consider yourself to be the main campaign, you are a leader who can decide and take responsibility.

But you chose yourself to a glorified hero – does this mean that your pride has already passed into pride? As soon as you met the knight, you told him a short “Farewell” and sped off into the blue distance alone, leaving this useless piece of iron far behind?

You always count only on yourself. This style of behavior is most often peculiar to men; you are undoubtedly a strong and independent personality who will not disappear anywhere. However, remember that loners can not cope with everything and the ability to work in a team is a very useful skill for life.

The words that the hero told you are your “Achilles heel,” a phrase that makes it easy to manipulate you. “Trust me”, “I count on you” or “We need to be a team” – a request for help that you will respond to. If the hero said something not very sublime like “Do not get confused under your feet,” “You have the last chance to escape,” or “Take the ballast back to the castle,” you are very sensitive to a cold attitude to yourself.

2. The sword is your self-esteem. The owners of ancient precious blades do not suffer from excessive modesty, they are able to value themselves with those awarded with a low-key, but sharp and well-balanced weapon.

But to get on the road something rusty, first thrown out as unnecessary another five hundred years ago, it is necessary to urgently raise an opinion about yourself.

3. A monster is that part of the personality that we try to hide not only from others, but also from ourselves. And, nevertheless, the monster lives in each of us and shows what is the source of maximum stress for you.

– “He is hungry” – you managed to understand that the monster has nothing against you personally, you are just a part of his diet. You have no particular problems, you are able to understand others, are non-aggressive, but at the same time you cannot always protect yourself.

It is also possible that you are worried about the constant struggle with your own appetite. Maybe your diet is too harsh?

Psychological harm from abstinence can be very great.

– “Looking for lost love” – ​​you recently went through serious difficulties on a personal front.

– “Too ugly” – you are not satisfied with your appearance, but you are not doing anything to fix it. Meanwhile, clothing, cosmetics, and the correctly chosen style of behavior can work wonders!

Maybe you do not suspect, but in the XX1 century very little depends on genetic data.

– “Angry at the whole world” – you seem too pessimistic. Do not confuse insight – the ability to foresee mistakes – with samoedism, that is, the desire to see only mistakes and scold yourself for them.

The more aggressive the monster, the stronger your internal enemy, and the more power you need to apply in order to overcome it.

Quiz: Write a fairy tale about yourself!

4. For psychologists, an oasis is a vacation honestly earned through hard work and trials. The one who meets you there is your protector and protector, a man who is always ready to help.

He is stronger than you, contact him when you need help action.

5. The impression of the mountain – your idea of ​​the father. How easy it was to get a lift — so simple and natural are your relationships.

Well, if you did not have to storm Everest at one time.

6. The picture that pacifies you shows your natural inclination, a talent that you may not have developed so far.

– “White snow-covered plain” You have a strong intuition that allows you to quickly find a way out of difficult situations and evaluate people at a glance. Listen to her: save power and avoid many mistakes.

– “Blue sea space” Your talent – the ability to communicate. You are by nature endowed with remarkable organizational skills, you are trusted and ready to follow you.

Then go ahead!

– “Wooded mountains” you know how to be expressive. This is the gift of poets and teachers, actors and leaders.

You can always come up with the right words to express what people feel, can endure their sadness with them, or share their joy with them.

– “Yellow, sun-scorched steppe” You are a fountain of energy, a storehouse of ideas. Perpetuum mobile, internal engine of any business

7. Horse is one of the most famous symbols of male sexuality. Your words referring to a stunned horse reflect what you could say to someone who gave you up in bed.

Quiz: Write a fairy tale about yourself!

8. The number of enemies encountered speaks about the number of obstacles and crises that you had to overcome in life. The more of them, the higher your confidence in your abilities and pride in their success.

If there were several hundred of them, you have no lack of self-confidence. After such tests you have good reasons for this.

No more than ten – you are not an adventurer. A little bit of life experience would boost your self-esteem. Have you met any enemies at all?

Either the villains were too scared by your appearance, or they decided that you had no idea of ​​anything significant and went to rob someone else.

9. The cave symbolizes all the painful events of our life that we try to forget. How deep the tunnel is – how badly old injuries affect your life. Those who have a distance from the cave to the entrance – a few steps, do not feel the pressure of the past.

The long, winding corridors described are impressed by long-standing trials.

10. The sounds that you hear show exactly how you were able to survive the negative EXPERIENCE.

– Crying you found solace in the support of other people.

– Ston – you coped with problems alone. A groan is your pain held back in yourself.

Try to share it with your family – this is not a weakness, but a manifestation of trust.

– Those who have heard the voice addressed to them bear their old injuries, like a knight – scars. With dignity and pride, because they symbolize the most difficult victories in the world – over themselves.

11. Those who went to look for the source of sound, people are direct and open, prefer to face problems face to face, are not afraid to look for solutions. And they almost always find them.

Those who tried to escape, accustomed to ignore problems in the hope that they will disappear by themselves. Sometimes it helps, but more often the same problems occur in a new place.

If you prefer to fall in place of horror – in your past there is a certain conflict that continues to haunt you and does not allow you to move through life.

12. The one who came from above with a candle in his hand and called you by name can help you get rid of the burden of the past and heal your wounds. He does not protect you, but he comforts you; you are not turning to him for actions, but for sympathy.

If you see yourself – do not be surprised, it means that your best psychotherapist is you.

13. The find illustrates how you feel about big successes, unexpected gifts of fate. For example, to new work.

– “Today is the happiest day of my life!” You are childishly capable of rejoicing at every luck. This is great – in life you have a lot of really happy moments.

– “What are we going to do about it now?” The confusion that comes when the long-awaited goal is reached is a normal human reaction. But do not be too long to indulge in thought. Give – take it.

So far, the readers have not changed their minds.

– “The main thing – they found it, and then we’ll figure it out.” You are a careful person, careful and try to do everything right.

Sometimes listen to your intuition and give rise to feelings. See – life will be much more interesting!

14. The expression on the face of the hero at the time of success is the expression that you find most attractive for representatives of the other sex.

15. End of the path, native castle. show how you come to life after you have healed your “wounds” (for example, the forces expended in the work). These are the feelings that you experience after recovering from stress.

And getting ready to start a new year and a new journey!

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