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Questions pediatrician: how to survive the offseason?

Questions pediatrician: how to survive the offseason?

My daughter is 2.5 months old. Lately, her nose is constantly stuffed.

Our district pediatrician found no disease. Why does this happen to my daughter?

How to make her breathing easier?

In young children, the nasal passages are short and narrow. Finally, they will be formed only by 4 years.

If the stuffy nose is the only symptom disturbing mom, then it is most likely related to the stagnation of mucus in the nasal passages. Because of this, it becomes thick, which often leads to the formation of crusts that impede free breathing through the nose. The main method of treatment in a similar situation is often to drip saline into the nose, which you can prepare yourself or buy at the pharmacy.

Do not forget to daily clean the child’s nose from mucus and crusts. It is also necessary to increase the humidity in the room so that it is not lower than 50–60%, and walk as much as possible.

At what age should the spring be finally closed?

Marina, Vologda

The size of the big spring and the speed of its closure are genetically determined factors, so much here depends on heredity. The maximum size (from 2.2 to 3.5 cm) has a large spring at the moment of birth of the child.

In the first days after childbirth, the absolute size of the fontanel may slightly increase, due to the “stretching” of the bones of the skull and interosseous sutures, but this does not reflect the true growth of the fontanelle, but is associated only with a slight change in its shape. As the child grows up, the size of the fontanel starts to decrease steadily, and it usually closes completely at 6-18 months.

But there are cases when it normally closed very early (at 3–6 months) or very late (at 2 years and older).

A child teething and drooling flow like a river. There was a strong irritation on the neck, blouses and bibs are changing every now and then.

How to help him?

Increased drooling during teething is observed in almost all children and is the norm. Saliva begins to vigorously stand out from 10 weeks.

It stops at about 1.5 years. The salivary glands are not yet fully formed, therefore during the first year of life they may from time to time arrange a “check” of their work. If too much saliva is secreted, the baby is unable to swallow it all up, and it flows out.

At this time, it is sufficient to regularly change the bibs. In order to avoid irritation and rash from the constant contact of the saliva with the baby’s skin, wipe the skin of the crumbs in a timely manner and wash them with warm boiled water as often as possible. Inflamed areas lubricate softening cream.

This will help soothe the irritation.

Son is 4 years old. He eats very badly, does not favor meat and cereals, eats only kefir from dairy products, does not eat cottage cheese, and only bananas from fruits.

How to increase his appetite?

Catherine, Mozhaisk

First of all, try to understand the reasons for the child’s refusal to eat. If diseases, in which the appetite worsens, are excluded, its absence is not a reason for panic.

Revise the baby’s mode and make adjustments to his lifestyle. The most important thing to do is to organize the nutrition of the baby correctly. First, follow the feeding regimen.

After three years, the child should be transferred to four meals at the same time every day. If he does not like any product, do not force. Do not want to eat broccoli?

Replace the vegetable with cauliflower or zucchini! After a while, offer broccoli again, but in the form of a casserole or soup-mashed potatoes. In addition, do not make small snacks, especially when it comes to cookies, nuts and candy.

The more butter and sugar in food, the lower the children’s appetite. Invent conditional rituals and repeat them before eating.

For example, set the table together, fold the napkins in an original way, or make beautiful sliced ​​vegetables. Psychologists say that children eat from colored dishes at a beautifully served table with great pleasure.

Let your child choose plates and cups with your favorite cartoon characters. Gradually, the appetite will improve.

Can I breastfeed if my mother is sick with the flu?

Evgenia, Dmitrov

When breastfeeding flu is not a reason to deprive the child of nutrition. During an illness in the mother’s body, protective antibodies are produced to the pathogen that caused the disease.

These antibodies are transmitted to the baby and serve as protection for him. Influenza in a nursing mother will not be so dangerous for a child when he gets all the protective and antimicrobial substances he needs with milk. We can say that mom’s breast milk is a natural flu vaccine.

Depriving the child of this milk, the mother takes away from him an effective “individual” medicine. So that the baby does not become infected, during the illness the mother, in contact with the child, should wear a disposable bandage and change it every 2-3 hours.

In addition, it is necessary to frequently ventilate the room (take the child out of the room for the duration of the airing period): since the influenza virus is fairly volatile, it can be easily removed from the room when it is ventilated.

Why does a child have seborrhea on the head? Do I need to treat her?

What diet can help get rid of it?

Inna, Krasnogorsk

Seborrhea in children, as a rule, arises due to disruption of the sebaceous glands. Most often it occurs in the first year of life or during puberty. Symptoms of seborrhea in a child require detailed study, so you need to consult a pediatrician or a dermatologist.

The doctor may recommend remedies for the sebaceous glands. In addition, you need to daily clean the head and other affected areas of the body of scales.

It is important to monitor the nutrition and condition of the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to eat less
fatty, fried, salty, pickled, flour and sweet. If the mother is breastfeeding, she must follow a hypoallergenic diet. But each case is individual, so you should not treat seborrhea yourself.

It is better to trust a qualified specialist.

My daughter was found lamblia cysts. Can parasites be removed from the body without the help of antibiotics?

In the treatment of giardiasis, antibiotics do not apply. Antiparasitic drugs are used that form the basis of therapy.

Only a specialist can choose a method of treatment, depending on the child’s condition and possible contraindications.

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