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Put it right away: what you shouldn’t keep in your wallet

Put it right away: what you shouldn’t keep in your wallet

According to statistics, every third theft in Russia accounts for the theft of handbags and purses, and in the summer time the number of thefts increases. The police just throw up their hands: people carry in their wallet too much of importance, thereby handing the keys to their thieves to thieves.

Therefore, before you leave the apartment, and even more so if you go on a trip, read the list of what can not be stored in your wallet. Leave in it only the most necessary: ​​so you protect your finances and protect your life.

Do you seriously think that keeping a passport in your wallet is a good idea? Having received your passport, the attacker, of course, cannot issue a mortgage.

Exactly how to issue a large loan: in these cases the client is very well checked. But getting an instant loan or a loan to buy household appliances is easy. You will be surprised how many people, for example, forget passports in souvenir shops on vacation, paying with vendors.

Loss of a passport is a constant stress, hassle, loss of time, and sometimes a spoiled vacation, or a spoiled credit history.

The loss of a passport is in itself a nuisance, and along with all the other documents stored in the wallet is a big risk. Remember – store your passport in the inside pocket of the bag, preferably in the cover and special transparent covers on the pages. But if you have stolen it after all – immediately report it to the authorities so that the passport is entered into the database as invalid.

This is the only way to protect yourself from credit fraudsters.

Put it right away: what you shouldn’t keep in your wallet

Of course, no disaster will happen if your policy is lost: you can easily restore it. However, its loss is not a pleasant thing if you need medical assistance and you are far from home, for example, visiting your parents in another city. In the clinic at the place of residence you will be accepted without it (if you are a member of it), but in any other free – no.

Lost in such circumstances, the policy – and even suddenly ill teeth can not be treated for free. But remember – even if you temporarily do not have a policy, under the law you are obliged to provide emergency medical care, since you are a citizen of Russia.

Try to carry with you exactly as much cash as you are willing to lose. Some go without cash at all and pay only with bank cards. This is also the wrong approach, since you should always have cash in case of an unforeseen situation.

On the other hand, losing a modest amount if you steal a wallet will not cause much damage to your finances. If you save money, carry with you exactly as much as you are willing to spend in a day.

Put it right away: what you shouldn’t keep in your wallet

Do not carry in your wallet all the credit cards that you have. First, the thief will have more chances to pick up the password if he owns several cards at once, and secondly, you will have nothing to pay for while you renew the lost cards.

Carry only one or two with you; leave the rest in a safe place at home.

A little trick: take a picture of all your cards from two sides and keep photos of the house. So, if you lose your wallet, you don’t have to frantically remember card numbers to recover them.

In addition, in case of their loss, do not close bank accounts, but only ask the bank to change the number of the personal account: this way you will not lose bonuses and keep the interest rate.

These include pieces of paper with pin-codes of your debit and credit cards, the phones of the right people that you can’t put on your contact list in the phone, prescriptions and appointments from doctors. By storing it in the pockets of your bulky wallet, you put your finances, your relationships and your health at risk.

Never store the card and pin from it in one place. Transfer contacts to your smartphone as soon as you receive the information.

Photograph appointments to remember how much and what you (your child) was prescribed by the doctor.

Put it right away: what you shouldn’t keep in your wallet

Yes, yes, do not be surprised. Many people put their phone in their wallet, thinking that they’ll definitely not steal it from there.

But the irony of fate is precisely that the wallet is the most attractive thing for thieves, and thus you simply simplify their lives. So, if you can put a password on the phone – do it!

Modern smartphones can provide instant access to bank accounts, PayPal accounts, medical records and other data. Through email, attackers can also get a lot of “useful” information.

Thus, if you set a password, an attacker, after 10 incorrect injections, will only erase the device’s memory, but will not gain access to valuable information.

Tip: you can not password-lock the entire phone, but only part of it, which should not be the property of a thief. To do this, there are applications of proven developers – for each operating system – their own.

The application creates a closed space on the phone, where you add all the programs that work with your bank cards and accounts, install work mail, and everything else that is better to keep under the password.

Do not carry gift cards in case you suddenly want to run into the store today and use them. If a purse is stolen from you, they are the first thing that a thief will use, since certificates are something like cash.

Leave them at home if you know that you are not going to this store today. And if you definitely want to carry them with you – find them another place in your purse.

Put it right away: what you shouldn’t keep in your wallet

Many of us sin with this – we use the wallet as a repository of old checks, receipts and other papers. But checks can sometimes contain information that attackers can easily use for their own purposes: a card or account number, or any other information. Not to mention the fact that among these checks may be warranty cards or receipts for receiving clothes from dry cleaning.

Take it a habit every night to take out all the papers from your wallet.

This is purely ladies’ fun: put earrings or rings in the wallet pocket. If you have an event scheduled in the evening, and you change the modest day earrings for expensive jewelry, most likely you put them in your wallet so that they are not lost in the depths of your purse.

It is possible, then you forget about them and remember when you lose it. Then you will have to live with the bitterness of the loss not only of family grandmother’s earrings, but also of money.

Recently they have become very tiny, these flash drives, right? After a business meeting, you throw a flash drive with a project presentation, scans of documents, estimates and other things into your wallet and go with peace of mind to drink coffee in a nearby coffee shop. After that, you find that you no longer have a device with valuable information, nor a wallet.

Needless to say, what can cause such a blunder. You can be saved only by the fact that there will be nothing on the flash drive that attackers can direct against you.

No matter how trite it may sound, every evening pull all valuables out of your wallet.

Put it right away: what you shouldn’t keep in your wallet

First, so that you do not have the temptation to shove your whole life in your wallet, including a mobile phone with single copies of the most precious photos of your heart, buy yourself a small wallet!

  • Trifle. It is not a pity to lose her.
  • A bit of cash. Exactly as much as you are willing to spend per day, not counting the days when you are planning a major purchase.
  • One plastic card. Get one that will never be too much money and carry it in your wallet to pay for small things. It is easiest to transfer from the main card to this “working” one if both cards belong to the same bank. To do this, simply download the mobile application for your smartphone. The “main” card itself is not needed for this.
  • Baby photo. Now that you have gotten all the excess out of your wallet, there is one thing you need to put: a photo of a child. According to a study conducted in Edinburgh in 2009, wallets with a photo are more willing to return than without it. Children’s photography breaks records – 88% that the wallet will be with you again. 53% – a photo of a dog, 48% – a family and 28% – an elderly couple. Moms, dads, grandparents, take a note!

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