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Protein Diet: An Integrated Approach

Protein Diet: An Integrated Approach

When we want to lose some weight, we tend to go to extremes. It seems to us that it is enough to starve a day or two – and the lost harmony will be immediately restored.

At the same time, refusal to eat healthy food sometimes acquires the most bizarre (and unfounded) forms.

Someone “sits” on apples, someone on kefir, some absorb mountains of cucumbers. You can continue this list indefinitely. However, most of all are mistaken those who refuse food, intensively “pouring in” a hunger for coffee and, what is most terrible, “smoking a cigarette” with its cigarettes.

The result of such experiments usually becomes either physical and moral exhaustion, accompanied by a breakdown, or overeating, which inevitably follows strict abstinence. If you are determined to act with certainty, but avoid famine, then try a fairly effective diet that includes carefully selected and 100% natural proteins.

Lose weight quickly without losing motivation and enthusiasm. For 14 days to get rid of excess weight without suffering and loss of muscle mass.

Only fat should disappear!

Natural proteins that form the basis of this diet, retain muscle mass, not allowing it to deplete. Providing the body with the necessary nutrition and energy, they do not accumulate in the body as fat.

On the contrary, the temporary rejection of carbohydrates leads to the fact that the body begins to actively burn the previously deposited fatty surplus. In addition, protein-containing products have a strong drainage effect, which allows you to very effectively deal with cellulite and edema.

Diet is divided into two phases. The first week – the toughest, aimed at rapid weight loss.

The next week is fully devoted to the gradual stabilization of the process of losing weight, consolidating the achieved results and returning to a “normal” (but reasonable!) Diet.

Drink more water. This will facilitate the excretion of waste from the processing of proteins.

However, remember that before the meal you have the right to drink as much as you like, during the meal – not a single sip, and only half an hour after eating you can finally quench your thirst.

There is any meat – beef, veal, pork, rabbit meat; bird – chicken, duck, turkey; fish – carp, perch, cod, hake; vegetables – cabbage, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplants (but the latter two are better not to get involved). Despite the fact that eggs are provided by a protein diet, you need to follow the rule: two eggs (white and yolk) once every 3-4 days, only protein can be eaten every day.

There are flour products, bread, cereals, cheeses, cottage cheese, sugar and any of its substitutes, legumes, pickled and fermented foods, pies, liver, potatoes, beets, carrots and corn. You should also at the time to exclude from the diet nuts, seeds, alcohol and all sweet drinks.

Protein Diet: An Integrated Approach

1 cup green tea
1 natural yoghurt 0% fat
1 egg (hard-boiled or boiled) / two slices of lean ham or chicken
1 apple / 1 orange /
1 kiwi
5 radishes / 5 cherry tomatoes / one artichoke
150-180 g chicken (skinless) / white fish fillet / veal chop (grilled or steamed, with fresh herbs)
Any green vegetables with 1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 natural yoghurt 0% fat
Tea time (if you are hungry)
1 cup green tea
1 tomato / 1 cucumber
1 large plate of soup with vegetables (without fat and products containing starch)
150 g white fish / lean ham /
1 natural yoghurt 0% fat

1 cup green tea
1 egg / two slices of lean ham or chicken
1 slice of whole grain bread
2 mandarins / 1 kiwi
Fresh cabbage salad with one tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice
150-180 g red or white meat / sea or river fish
Green vegetables with one tablespoon of olive oil
1 natural yoghurt 0% fat
Afternoon tea
1 cup green tea
2 pieces of lean ham
1 apple
150 g white meat fish or chicken
3 tablespoons of rice
Salad of green vegetables with 1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 natural yoghurt 0% fat

Keep up the good work and never forget protein again, especially during the two main meals. They help get rid of the feeling of hunger for those who have a habit of intercepting something sweet.

Gradually, you can introduce bread (better from whole grains), more fruits, legumes, cereals from whole grains – rice or oatmeal, muesli without sugar.

And yet, for an effective struggle for the ideal figure of one diet is not enough at all. In order to achieve maximum results in the work on your body and win cellulite, you need an integrated approach.

Proper nutrition will help to gradually get rid of extra pounds, sports activities and massage will strengthen the muscles and “participate” in the modeling of the figure, wraps and hardware procedures will tighten the skin, and cosmetic products will help to consolidate success and constantly maintain the perfect shape.

What is a good anti-cellulite cream? Firstly, it is a drug that stimulates the lymph currents, contributing to the rapid removal of toxins from the body. Secondly, it must accelerate cellular metabolism in order to strengthen the connective tissue, and thirdly, to activate blood circulation.

And finally, his main duty is to improve the structure of the skin, increasing its tone day by day.

These products should be used daily: morning and evening. And if the gels and lotions simply apply to the skin with a thin layer, then creams and oils require a dynamic “rubbing” massage.

It is not so much the quantity of the product that is important as the thoroughness and regularity of its use. Random raids and rare bouts of consciousness, as a rule, do not give anything.

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