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Preschool program

Preschool program

It often happens that the parents themselves are not “ready” for kindergarten. Many of them nowadays have an alternative to a preschool educational institution, in the form of a nanny, grandmother or mother, sitting at home.

As a result, parents just want to try to “go to the garden”, without thinking too much about the necessary preparation for such an important event. And when it doesn’t work right away, they take the child home.

In fact, quickly, without tears and scandals, few people can get used to kindergarten. In addition, the baby himself is often not psychologically ready to visit this institution.

The reason for this is increased, even anxious attachment to the mother and inability to communicate with peers.

With increased attachment to mother, the baby is not able to stay away from her even for a short time, and when she is near, she tries to keep as close as possible. For a child of three or four, this behavior is no longer the norm.

And the longer he stays near his mother, the more he “sticks” to her and the more traumatic any break for him – and after all, someday he will happen without fail.

The baby must be purposefully taught to play, and it must be done by an adult.

In order to gradually reduce the level of such affection, it is necessary to find an area in which the child can express himself and feel confident and independent from his mother. This is a game, namely its two main components: a game with a subject and a game with peers. Having taught the child to play, we will teach him another important quality that is necessary not only in kindergarten, but also in life: the ability to communicate.

By the way, playing a baby needs to be purposefully taught, and an adult should do this.

Preschool program

Learning the game involves already sufficient development of speech, therefore, gradually introducing the child into a subject activity, that is, playing with toys, costs at the age of about two years. Then you can proceed to the next stage – communication with other children.

The game should be taught in stages, without mixing up to three years of playing with toys and playing with children, because at such an early age, one thing interferes with the other.

When the baby learns well enough to play with toys, begins to invent its own elementary plots of games, the presence of the mother will become less necessary for him. The ability to find a business and get pleasure from it, self-sufficiency and a certain independence from the mother are important for the child’s readiness for kindergarten.

Preschool program

To communicate with peers, the child also urgently needs guiding help from parents. After all, it is important for a baby not just to walk near other children on the playground, in essence, not noticing them and digging in the sand on their own; he needs to communicate. Games come to the rescue, in which you can start playing with two or more kids from 1.5–2 years old.

The simplest, but (and this is fundamentally important) with the same and simultaneous for all participants actions designed to emphasize the similarity of the kids, their mutual closeness and community. You can start with simultaneous jumps, pops, stomping under the slogan: we do everything together! For example, the game, invariably picked up with delight by all children: “The gray hare sits and wiggles his ears: like that! like this! ”The dances, hide-and-seek, salki are very good.

When there are many children in the yard, you can play the game “Sparrows and Cars”. Children are divided into two groups: sparrows and cars, and some “on the street” replace others.

The game “Sun and Rain” is similar to her, when at a signal in the sun everyone is having fun and dancing, and the rain is afraid and hiding. And the more squeal and laughter will be, the brighter the child will be emotions, the more positive the impressions of the game will remain.

He will assert himself and feel more confident by becoming part of the team.

Modern pre-school education is much more focused on learning than on games.

Preschool program

The identity of a kindergarten teacher is no less important than a school teacher. After all, very much depends on him the success and comfort of the baby in the garden.

What kind of person in front of you, you can usually understand from the first meeting. As far as he is able to communicate with children, how benevolent, patient and emotional he is. A very important feature necessary for a preschool teacher is emotional looseness, the ability to clearly express one’s feelings: joy, fear, apprehension.

Being a bit an actor, expressing everything with your face, with your appearance, and not just stating with words – only in this way can you give your child an interest in life (and it is an adult who transmits it), including fairy tales, games, and songs. And, of course, a good teacher is unthinkable without kindness and a warm attitude towards children.

If you face a tough, uncompromising person – change the group or the garden. The faster the better.

Preschool program

Do not forget, before leaving your baby in the garden, talk with the teacher and tell him about the features of your child. For example, he does not know how to eat quickly, cannot quickly fall asleep, and if he often asks to go to the toilet, it is not from hooliganism, but from the characteristics of the organism. Remember that the very first day, as a rule, passes deceptively well.

But then, when the baby realizes that it will be forever: both the early ups, and the departure of the mother, and breakfast in the company of other children will be more difficult. Watch your baby’s mood.

If you are allowed to be present in the group during the adaptation period, try to participate in her life, helping the caregiver and other children. Do not just sit on the sidelines, evaluating peering to the work of teachers. First leave for two hours, then – until sleep, then come immediately after it.

Take breaks in the week. Allow us to bring to the garden toys that are guaranteed to interest other children, which will help your little one get close to them.

Ideal if the group will be a friend or girlfriend.

A good teacher is unthinkable without a kind and warm attitude towards children. If you face a tough, uncompromising person – change the kindergarten.

Preschool program

In many kindergartens, the number of classes far exceeds the allowable number: for middle and senior preschoolers, three classes are afternoon and one or two in the evening. And that’s a lot.

According to most child psychologists, modern preschool education is excessively aimed specifically at learning, and not at personal development. Children sometimes do not have time for the most natural and vital activity for them – the game.

But you can understand and parents, in the future plans of which is a gymnasium, which will not be accepted without certain skills. Only one way out – to look for such an ideal kindergarten, where classes are held in a playful way and adapted for preschool children.

Preschool program

A visit to a kindergarten has certain advantages over home pastime in the company of a mother or a nanny. This is a way to teach a child to communicate, an opportunity to leave the house in the “big world” and look at it. But the kindergarten is quite capable of replacing a good group of short stays.

There are few children there, the time of stay is 2–3 hours, sometimes with the mother. Such groups are at many kindergartens, designed for 2-3 months of visit and will be an excellent way to gently and painlessly adapt to the kindergarten.

An alternative to preschool can be a “friendly” yard, where adults or a large family are engaged with children, in which parents find enough time for various activities and games with children.

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