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Preparing a hand for writing

Preparing a hand for writing

The hand of the child is a powerful tool for learning. Using his hands, the child controls the world around him, builds and creates everything that he can imagine, and expresses himself at first with gestures, then scribbles, and ultimately with a written word. But all in order …

Muscle control and coordination of movements in a child develop in a natural, orderly manner – from the top down and from the inside – starting from the head towards the toes and from the body to the extremities. This sequence is determined by the brain for a reason.

So there is a guarantee that the large muscles necessary for coordination and movement are well organized and clearly controlled by the time when it comes time to master more than 60 combined muscles in the hands (not to mention dozens of bones, hundreds of ligaments and tendons, and etc. etc.). Thus, the arms are the last muscle group that a child must master.

Preparing a hand for writing

This does not mean that your child’s hands do not work while he grows up. The hands of babies begin with a simple movement – a reflexive one that requires the capture of the whole hand. Over time, the early grasping reflexes die, allowing the baby to use his index finger and thumb together in unison.

You will see that every day the movements of the hands and fingers will become more conscious. But this is not fine motor skills.

Mastering fine motor skills implies a high degree of accuracy in controlling movements, during which it is necessary to set in motion all five fingers together in order to do a pinpoint job that requires almost imperceptible movements. For example, using a pencil to write your name.

But spelling a name is not just a wrist task. In fact, when writing, a large part of the whole body is involved.

  1. The upper body should be strong enough to keep the body upright, standing or sitting.
  2. The muscles of the shoulders must be sufficiently developed to control and distribute the weight of the arm during movements, and are flexible enough to rotate freely in the position of the arms for recording.
  3. The forearm should control the lower part of the hand, ensuring horizontal movement of the brush on the paper.
  4. The lower part of the arm and elbow should provide a solid point of support on which the wrist rotates.
  5. The wrist is able to fix the hand in a steady position and turn in the necessary directions.
  6. Fingers can be folded around a pencil that is held in place with your thumb.
  7. Together, all five fingers perform exact dance on paper:
    • place the pencil in the desired angle
    • press and hold the desired degree of pressure to leave an imprint,
    • coordinate tiny movements up, down, left and right.

    If any of the specified muscles in this chain does not do its job, writing the name will be a difficult or even overwhelming task.

    And so – back to the Swedish walls and playgrounds.

    Preparing a hand for writing

    Climbing up and down, visas and any other high-energy activities that give strength in the upper body and pump the core muscles are vital precursors of fine motor skills.

    Twisting, turning, swinging on the bar and swinging help to develop the flexibility and agility necessary to rotate the shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers.

    Benches, stretching and tightening gain strength and give an intuitive understanding of simple physical processes, such as weight, pressure and resistance.

    In addition, for the development of strength and manual dexterity is perfect … playing in the mud. Plasticine, sand and water, and even mud (yes, mud!), As, indeed, any other tactile games are a great sensory experience for the brain and hands.

    Oddly enough, but it is these classes that one fine day will “haunt” the child in a neat handwriting.

    Thus, when it comes to preparing for the letter, it is worth starting with physical education for hands and tactile games.

    Preparing a hand for writing

    Here are some exercises you can do with your child at home to develop your upper body muscles and gain physical strength.

    This exercise is ideal for developing hand strength. It is better to hold the child by the hips, and not by the feet.

    This prevents unnatural sagging in the back and excessive strain on small handles.

    Children love this exercise, and they readily do it. You need to sit on the floor and tear the ass off the floor, holding the floor with your hands.

    And now we must move like a cuttlefish. You can walk forward and backward.

    Bend down so that the hands touch the floor. Now we go, as the four-footed animal.

    Start with the hands. When they are the most distant from the feet, let the child harden for a couple of seconds.

    Now let your legs catch up with your hands.

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