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Pregnant at work: about the rights and safety rules

Pregnant at work: about the rights and safety rules

Nowadays, women are sure: pregnancy is not a reason to refuse work and favorite activities, but because most of the expectant mothers continue to work and lead a normal life up to maternity leave. From the point of view of the doctors, there is nothing bad in this if the pregnancy proceeds normally, and the expectant mother does not overwork and observes certain safety rules.

With the onset of pregnancy, a woman has the full right to a lighter working regime: no reworking, no night duty, no visits to the office at weekends and holidays or business trips. In accordance with the Labor Code, the employer cannot involve an employee in all these cases without her consent, and for future mothers this is a legitimate reason to save time for yourself.

In addition, you have the right to visit a doctor even during working hours, and the management will not be able to charge you for this as being late or absenteeism.

Lightweight mode also provides protection from stress, because of which the expectant mother’s blood pressure rises, and the baby suffers a lack of oxygen. If you feel that at work is getting tense, tell your doctor about it – you will be discharged from hospital, so that you can take a break without risking your child’s health.

According to the law, at 30 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother is given paid leave for 14 weeks. True, not all future mothers enjoy this right.

Feeling strong enough, many remain at work until the baby is born, forgetting that the upcoming event requires preparation and energy reserves, and the body needs a measured and calm lifestyle.

Computer. The norms of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation limit the time spent on computers for all employees (SanPiN 2.2.2 / 2.4. 1340-03 “Hygienic requirements for personal electronic computers and organization of work”), and do not advise future mothers to deal with this device.

Clause 13.2 of the same rules requires that a pregnant woman be transferred to work that is not PC-related, or that the total time of communication with her is limited to 3 hours a day, provided that she is provided with a workplace certified for hygienic requirements.

Let’s be realistic: if you, like most office workers, spend the whole working day in front of the monitor, you will hardly be able to reduce it to several hours. But at least you have the full right to go out on the air, without waiting for the official break.

Doctors advise expectant mothers to pause for 10-15 minutes every hour, get up from the table and move.

The computer is primarily harmful because it makes us spend a lot of time sitting still (from which the spine and internal organs suffer) and staring at the screen (which does not have the best effect on vision). But how dangerous the electromagnetic radiation of a computer is and whether it affects the well-being of the unborn child is a question not fully understood. Nevertheless, women in the position should take at least the following measures:

  • if possible, equip your workplace with a new monitor or laptop – the newer the model, the better the user is protected, and laptops (especially if powered by batteries rather than from the network) are safer than their non-portable counterparts;
  • working with a laptop, put it on the table, not on your knees;
  • the radiation level on the sides of the monitor and behind it is higher, so it is safer to install it in the corner of the room;
  • it is best to sit with your back to the window, covered with blinds, or to the left of it, so that the workplace is lit with natural and artificial light, and you can alternate them without leaning too close to the monitor or keyboard;
  • the monitor should be at the level of your eyes, at a distance of at least 50 cm;
  • while working, keep your arms up to the elbow on the table, so as not to lean on your wrists and not to hold them in weight;
  • typing text, do not strain your fingers and hands;
  • if you decide to take a break or finish the work, turn off the device, do not leave it to “burn” without work.

These simple exercises you can quietly do right in the workplace. They will help relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation, although they do not eliminate the need to get up and move more often.

  • Rotate your feet, describing a circle, or write in the air the name of a loved one.
  • Repeat the same movement, but the pelvis.
  • Bring the shoulder blades together, and then, having relaxed and rounding the back, bring the shoulders forward.
  • Mash your neck, tilting your head to one shoulder, then to another.

Mobile phone. Is it safe for a pregnant woman?

As in the case of a computer, there is no definite proof of the pros and cons, but expectant mothers are better off using this indispensable device as little as possible, no more than 30 minutes a day. By the way, the degree of security of cell phones is usually estimated on the basis of the requirements of a generally accepted standard using the SAR unit of measurement (Specific energy absorption rate).

The lower the SAR value, the safer the device, so pay attention to what characteristics your phone has.

Office equipment. Other technical inventions emit a potentially dangerous electromagnetic field: printers, copiers, scanners.

If you cannot avoid communicating with them, try to at least keep away from them: for example, by turning on the copy machine, move one meter to the side.

Air conditioning. In a modern office, there is a must, if not air conditioning, then at least a fan. Unfortunately, this technique gives others not only coolness, but drafts and dry air, which is fraught with colds.

Ask colleagues to rearrange your table away from the air flow, and in the cold – also from the window. And so that your future baby does not experience a lack of oxygen due to the office atmosphere, at the end of the working day, be sure to go for a walk, it is better to go to the park, and not along busy streets.

While settling in the workplace, most of us either sit on the sciatic tubercles, or push them forward and tilt the pelvis backwards. Each of these provisions overloads the lumbosacral and may impair blood flow in the vessels between the vertebrae. The correct position: sit on the sciatic tubercles and straighten your back (chest and pelvis should be on the same vertical).

If the abdomen is already large, slightly spread the thighs apart and lay the abdomen between them. Adjust the height of the chair so that the hip joints are flush with your knees, or place a stool under your feet.

Do not put your legs on the leg and do not bend your knees more than 90 °, otherwise the blood will circulate worse in the veins. It is desirable that your chair was rotating – then you will avoid sharp body turns during the day.

Choosing clothes for yourself, try to follow your feelings. The main thing that you and your baby was comfortable in it.

Do not overstretch the stomach, even if it seems to you that business etiquette requires this, otherwise you can provoke complications: from the unsuccessful position of the child in the womb to the threat of abortion.

As for shoes, do not forget that because of the growing baby, the center of gravity of expectant mothers moves forward and it becomes harder to keep balance. In addition, high heels impair blood flow in the veins and provoke varicose veins.

During the whole pregnancy, it is better to go down to the ground: the height limit for you is a heel of 5 cm.

If you can’t calm down after a working conversation “on high”, breathing exercises will help you to recover. Sit back, close your eyes and listen to your breath. Focus on the exhale and try to make it as strong as possible.

During the inhale, try to open the chest as far as possible.

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