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Pregnancy to face: how to manage body metamorphosis

Pregnancy to face: how to manage body metamorphosis

Changes in themselves women notice from the very beginning of pregnancy: the first responds to the new position of the chest. It becomes more sensitive, sometimes it causes tingling and tension (these phenomena disappear by 2-3 months, when the hormonal background is getting better). Veins shine through thin skin; the circulatory circle darkens and appears wider, and the tubules (points around the areola) come forward.

From this point on, the usual bra is becoming closer. Prepare for the fact that the breast will increase by 1-2 sizes, depending on how you will gain weight.

OUR ADVICE In order to preserve the elasticity of the breast, first of all choose a suitable bra in size from the line of underwear for pregnant women. Such products are made of cotton and allow the skin to breathe.

Pitted cups gently envelop the chest, and wide straps and back provide good support.

Instead of hot baths take a cool shower – high temperature provokes a loss of tone and flabbiness of the skin. To improve blood circulation, do a light massage (but before practicing it, consult your obstetrician-gynecologist). Put your hand on your chest and gently knead it, moving from the nipple to the shoulder and from the bottom of the chest to the armpit.

You can use a soft mitten or a brush.

Use a bust moisturizer, it gives the skin elasticity. Choose special products for pregnant women and store them in the fridge to enhance the tonic effect.

It is best to use them twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

  • Standing, raise up one hand. Do circular movements back, occasionally changing hands. Perform 12-16 times.
  • Raise your arms high above your head, join your palms and squeeze them tightly, straining all your muscles. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.
  • Sit down, bend your elbows and lift to chest level. Place any weight on your elbows, for example, books. In this position, fold and spread your elbows 8-10 times.
  • The leader in strengthening the pectoral muscles are the traditional pushups. It is better for future mothers to do them not from the floor, but from the wall, and repeat 8-10 times.

Pregnancy to face: how to manage body metamorphosis

Hormonal changes give the future mother’s skin elasticity and a wonderful pink hue. The shining skin, magnificent hair and strong nails of future mother – a merit of female hormones of estrogen and progesterone.

True, in some women, under the action of the same force of hormones, the skin becomes more dry and sensitive. Skin may cause irritation, redness, peeling, and therefore it is better to be very careful in choosing cosmetics and personal care procedures.

Prefer means without dyes and parabens (chemical preservatives), tested for allergies and not containing perfume fragrances (during pregnancy the sense of smell is aggravated and intolerance to many odors occur). Before using new products, be sure to test them on the inside of your hand while observing the reaction.

OUR ADVICE The skin has low absorption and poorly conducts harmful substances into the body. However, there are a number of components that should be excluded from use for all 9 months.

Among them, retinol (it accumulates in the body, and its overabundance can lead to disruption of the development of organs in the unborn baby), fruit acids, provoking pigmentation, alcohol (in any quantity) and active antibacterial components – they dry the already sensitive skin of pregnant women.

Look for antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamins B, C, E, K, shea butter in beauty products. And also collagen (for example, marine), which has a beneficial effect on skin elasticity and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

You can use any means of decorative cosmetics, tested for allergies. Pay special attention to formulas with minerals (powders, tonal means, shadows).

They not only transform the skin, but also provide additional care.

Pregnancy to face: how to manage body metamorphosis

If the baby is waiting for the sunny season, dark spots may appear on the face and body of the expectant mother – doctors call them chloasms. They occur under the action of ultraviolet radiation, because the body produces more hormones that are involved in the production of “solar pigment” melanin.

Because of this, the skin becomes easier to tan – unfortunately, not always even.

OUR ADVICE The future mother should take care of herself from the sun and sunburn in the solarium, and it is necessary to use sunscreen with a factor of at least 15. But it is pointless to fight pigmentation during pregnancy, because hormonal disorders occur in the body, chloasma can appear again. In addition, skin whitening cosmetics affect the enzymes that produce melanin, which blocks the natural formation of the healthy dermis of the unborn child.

But after the birth of the baby, chloasma often goes away by itself.

“Interesting position” makes the skin sensitive not only on the face, but also on the body, especially on the stomach. As your pride grows, the elastic fibers of the skin tighten and sometimes tear, leaving traces in the form of reddish and bluish stripes – stretch marks or stretch marks.

At first stretch marks have a reddish color, due to the fact that blood vessels shine under the thinned skin, and then they turn pale as a result of impaired blood flow.

Whether you will have such “decorations” or not depends on the quality of the skin fibers, and this property is inherited. In addition, at risk for this problem are overweight women or rapidly gaining weight, future mothers with endocrine disorders (for example, diabetes mellitus), smokers (they have a slower synthesis of collagen due to a decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood) and involved in sports (due to the weakness of the abdominal muscles, the skin of the abdomen is also stretched more strongly).

After delivery, stretch marks gradually become white, but nevertheless remain noticeable. You can reduce them with the help of salon procedures: mesotherapy, chemical peeling, laser polishing.

With their help, it is often possible to minimize the amount of damage, but it is very difficult to completely get rid of stretch marks. And one more important nuance: if you plan to become a mother again, do not rush to the procedures for the correction of stretch marks, because they will appear again during the next pregnancy.

OUR ADVICE To prevent stretch marks, it is important from the first months of waiting, even before the growth of the abdomen, to maintain the elasticity of the skin with the help of special means for pregnant women. Instead of cream or in parallel with it, you can use olive or almond oil. They moisturize the skin well and maintain its elasticity due to vitamin E. It is very important to avoid sudden changes in weight, because in this case stretch marks can appear not only on the abdomen, but also on the thighs.

The special gymnastics for pregnant women is also useful: when performing physical exercises, not only muscle tone but also blood supply to the tissues is increased (consult your doctor before class). And to support a growing belly and, as a result, to reduce the stretching of the skin, will help the bandage.

Pregnancy to face: how to manage body metamorphosis

Active weight gain, accompanying pregnancy, leads to the appearance of another problem – cellulite. Within 9 months, the body accumulates fat (such is the side effect of hormones), and it is actively deposited on the thighs and buttocks, and not always evenly.

Other reasons for the development of this problem are heredity, stress, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking.

Methods of prevention and control have been known for a long time: a balanced diet with physical activity and, of course, a properly selected anti-cellulite remedy. It is important to remember that expectant mothers fit only specially designed drugs for pregnant women.

The active ingredients of conventional anti-cellulite creams (for example, caffeine or retinol) may be undesirable for women “in position.” The same applies to active mechanical effects: for example, vacuum and vibratory massage or myostimulation should be postponed until the baby is born.

OUR ADVICE In order not to establish cellulite completely, and the skin retains its elasticity, daily make a light massage of the problem areas with anti-cellulite maternity cream or almond oil. Start from the hips, moving from the inside to the outside, and end on the buttocks, moving from the spine to the hips and from the buttocks, along the oblique to the outside of the thigh.

Pregnancy to face: how to manage body metamorphosis

From the second half of pregnancy, the area of ​​special attention for the future mother should be the legs. With the increase in gestational age, the load on them grows as well, because it is the legs that have to bear the growing body weight and the changing center of gravity.

In addition, blood circulation in the lower body is hampered, and as a result, cosmetic defects such as the vascular network or corns can be added to the subjective feeling of heaviness and tingling in the calves and feet.

OUR ADVICE In order to preserve the health and beauty of the legs, it is better, from the very beginning of pregnancy (and absolutely necessary from its second half), to go over to looser, softer shoes on a small thickened heel or stop at the sports version. Tight, uncomfortable shoes (for example, models with a tapered toe) create a constant pressure or friction in the foot, and high heels lead to the fact that the load is unevenly distributed, and corns and calluses may appear on the soles. Shoes should be made of high-quality materials: natural leather (and not stiff, rigid leather) or special breathable materials that will avoid excessive sweating.

This will help prevent the development of foot fungus, which during pregnancy often “blooms” due to a weakened immune system. Do not forget about a regular professional pedicure (at least once a month): it will relieve natoptys and support skin health. The most safe and atraumatic method – apparatus pedicure.

Keep your feet in order and independently: a softening and moisturizing cream will help to avoid dryness and the appearance of cracks, which can cause infections.

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