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Pregnancy: offer sex!

Pregnancy: offer sex!

Of course, the doctor will allow partners to embark on “all serious” if the pregnancy is uneventful and the expectant mother feels good. In this case, you can have sex from the very beginning of pregnancy and before birth. However, if a woman is worried about something, it is better to see a specialist first.

In what situations the doctor advises to refrain from intimate meetings?

  • There is a threat of abortion.
  • The woman had miscarriages before (one or more).
  • The placenta is located incorrectly, completely or partially blocking the exit from the uterus.
  • Sometimes the expectant mother appears bloody.
  • Two or three babies are expected to appear in the family at once.
  • One of the partners has signs of a genital tract infection.

It happens that sometimes spouses lose all desire to have sex because of the fear that intimate relationships may harm the child. However, do not worry: the baby is reliably protected by a thick muscular wall of the uterus, amniotic fluid and mucous plug, which fills the cervix.

Do not panic if the child begins to move more often during or after intercourse: his activity is most likely due to the fact that the uterus contracts during orgasm.

It is known that during pregnancy, some women increase sexual desire. It happens that prior to the beginning of the 9-month wait, the expectant mother did not reach orgasm, and after the onset of pregnancy due to hormonal changes in her body, she had the opportunity to experience the highest degree of sexual pleasure.

However, not all women have the situation that way: some expectant mothers complain that their desire to make love during pregnancy has decreased or disappeared altogether. These changes are often associated with the psychological mood of the woman at the time of waiting for the baby, and sometimes with obstetric problems, because of which you can not even think about sex.

Often, future mothers say that during pregnancy they became uninteresting to her husband. To avoid problems associated with this anxiety, men should try to be more attentive to their wives, not to stint on courtship and affection, especially since “platonic” relationships for many women are now much more important than sexual contact itself.

Pregnancy: offer sex!

To enjoy sex, you need to choose the right moment, which depends on the duration of pregnancy.

In the body of the future mother, there is a real “reassessment of values”, especially if the first-born is expected in the family. A woman is completely absorbed in what is happening to her, studies her “position” from all sides, buys and reads the relevant literature.

In addition, the expectant mother will have to deal with the so-called registration: collect the necessary documents and pass the tests prescribed by the doctor from the antenatal clinic. Perhaps at this time she will need to revise the mode of operation or prefer active activities to calm down, so that there is time to do what was mentioned a little higher.

If, in addition, all these efforts are accompanied by toxicosis – nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, endless fatigue, the question of why a woman does not have the desire to have sex usually disappears by itself.

Another situation: pregnancy occurred after several years of treatment or as a result of IVF (in vitro fertilization). In this case, happy parents are often afraid to even touch each other. However, if the doctor did not recommend the couple to have a break in intimate relationships, it is not worth exaggerating the fragility of the situation.

Another thing, if the decision to abandon sex was the result of the thoughts of both spouses: for some couples abstinence helps to calmly survive the time of big changes.

This time is considered the most peaceful and pleasant for the future mother, which is why very often the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity notice that their sexual attraction increases. This can be explained by the fact that toxicosis passes in the second trimester, and the woman finally begins to feel good.

As for the abdomen, by this time it is usually not much larger in size, and the chest, on the contrary, becomes larger, which is unlikely to leave a partner indifferent. But the most important thing is that the future mother loses the fear of getting pregnant: as a result, both she and her husband get more joy from sexual intercourse.
Attention! If a woman has obstetric problems, such as cervical insufficiency, which may cause the risk of abortion, the doctor will forbid the spouses to have sex.

It happens that the dangerous periods of pregnancy have passed, the woman feels a surge of desire, and the husband continues … to “be afraid” of his wife. What can advise spouses in this case?

Remember that making love means not only sexual intercourse: you can bring joy and pleasure to each other with various caresses, which is also a form of intimate intimacy.

Pregnancy: offer sex!

At this time, most women are not up to sex: the stomach is growing rapidly, edema and all related problems (for example, high blood pressure, feeling unwell) can appear; In addition, the thoughts of the future mother are usually absorbed in the imminent approach of labor. However, sometimes a woman feels good, but refuses to have sex only because of fear of premature birth, which allegedly can be provoked by sexual relations.

And in vain: in a situation where the body is not ready for childbirth, and the child is not ripe to be born, uterine contractions can not cause contractions. But on the eve of childbirth orgasm really is often the impetus for the long-awaited start.

In addition, during sexual contact, oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates (but does not provoke!) Uterine contractions, and prostaglandins from seminal fluid, which have the same effect, enters the mother’s bloodstream.

The attitude of a man to sex during pregnancy primarily depends on the relationship between spouses in the family. If the future father is expecting a child with the same impatience and excitement as the woman changes his behavior, he takes on a new measure of responsibility and prepares himself for the role of the father of the family.

By the way, this is why men often experience a decrease in sexual activity during pregnancy, and this is not at all due to the fact that the wife lost her attractiveness (alas, many women think so). More often the spouse simply sincerely worries about the health of her beloved and is afraid of hurting her.

And sometimes future dads feel awkward in front of the baby.

Do not hesitate to ask the doctor once again all the questions you are interested in, including those relating to sexual life.

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