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Pregnancy: Daylight Saving Time

Pregnancy: Daylight Saving Time

The main problem of a hot summer is constant thirst: sometimes you want to drink a whole fountain. Doctors try not to put a rigid framework for pregnant women, but it is still better not to go over reasonable limits.

Drinking more than 2–2.5 liters per day is not recommended. And this is not only about water: soups, tea, and juices are taken into account.

When pregnancy complications, drinking restrictions are established by a doctor.

In order not to provoke thirst, on hot days it is better to abandon sweets and spicy seasonings, smoked and fried foods, pickled and salted vegetables. When too much glucose and salts accumulate in the body, their molecules combine with water molecules, thereby reducing its volume in the general metabolism.

This creates not only the threat of dehydration, but also the risk of hypoxia (lack of oxygen), because blood clotting increases due to lack of water, its circulation slows down, and less oxygen is supplied to the tissues. Nevertheless, completely exclude salt from the menu is not worth it.

In moderate quantities, it will benefit: it will participate in physiological processes, including preventing the appearance of edema, helping to keep the liquid portion of blood (plasma) in the bloodstream.

To quench your thirst it is best to use simple drinking (bottled or tap water) or mineral water without gas at room temperature. The latter will saturate the body with essential microelements.

It is advisable to drink water all day long in small sips.

It is believed that in the summer, the appearance of edema is associated with an excess of the drinking standard recommended by doctors, but this view is only partly true. Edemas occur for several reasons, so each time the problem has to be solved differently. Firstly, during pregnancy, the swelling increases due to hormonal changes: progesterone stimulates the production of aldosterone – a substance responsible for the distribution of body fluids.

As a result, the permeability of blood vessels increases, and a part of the water leaves the blood plasma into the surrounding tissues. If you do not take this into account and reduce the amount of fluid you drink, dehydration may begin. Secondly, in the heat increases the load on the cardiovascular system, which makes it difficult to get along with a frequent companion of pregnancy with varicose veins, which is also accompanied by edema.

It is possible to relieve the condition by picking up comfortable shoes and eliminating excessive exercise. You also need to move more, do not sit cross-legged, and put them so that the popliteal fossa is not pinched, otherwise the blood flow will be obstructed.

For prevention during the day, you can do light gymnastics several times – rotate your feet up and down, left and right and in a circle. During the day or evening it is enough to spend an hour in a horizontal position, placing a small pillow under the feet – this technique will improve the outflow of blood. In cold weather, you can wear special compression stockings: slightly squeezing the leg, they increase the tone of the veins, causing blood to flow through them faster.

However, it is possible to use such equipment only after consulting a phlebologist: he will help you choose the right degree of compression. Thirdly, in the heat after a heavy drink or abuse of too salty food, almost all people develop physiological edema. They pass by themselves and do not require any changes in the drinking regimen or treatment.

Excess fluid is eliminated from the body in a natural way, and, as a rule, by the morning of the next day there is no trace of edema. If they do not descend for several days, the fourth reason can be to blame for this – kidney failure. Simple arithmetic will help to dispel doubts: it is enough to calculate how much fluid is drunk and lost with urine per day.

Normally, both volumes should be approximately the same, although it is important to take into account that in strong heat, 5–7% of water from the body is eliminated along with sweat. Long-standing swelling can be caused by other diseases, so with this symptom, you should consult a doctor.

Heat may also increase the symptoms of toxemia. In the early stages of pregnancy, nausea and vomiting are common, very common and quite physiological: it is not considered a deviation from the norm. And although the general state of health does not worsen with the appearance of unpleasant desires, in hot weather, headache and low blood pressure are automatically added to them.

In order not to aggravate the situation, it is important to adhere to the drinking regime, and to hide from the sun in the shade, from time to time moisturizing the face and open areas of the body with cool water. Nausea usually disappears after the 12th – 13th week of pregnancy.

If they continue or resume in the second and third trimesters, consultation of a doctor will be required: such symptoms may indicate the onset of gestosis – a serious complication of pregnancy.

Under the influence of the summer sun, expectant mothers often develop age spots on the skin. This reaction is due to a change in the production of melanin – a hormone responsible for skin tone and its response to ultraviolet light. To prevent the appearance of spots will help sunscreen with an SPF level of at least 30.

If the cosmetics marked “for pregnant women” was not at hand, you can use the children’s line. Protective cream should be applied to the skin before each exit to the street, update every two hours and after each swim.

Sunbathing future mothers are strongly discouraged: instead of sunbathing, it is better to take “shadow”.

Pregnancy: Daylight Saving Time

Another typical summer dilemma is a reduction in appetite. In the heat, the production of digestive enzymes slows down, and when they become smaller, the feeling of hunger is automatically dulled.

Since the health of the baby is directly dependent on the diet of the mother, in no case can even arrange a temporary hunger strike. It is better to revise the principles of the summer menu.

On hot days, you should not refuse to eat, but reduce the load on the intestines. To do this, it is enough to replace hot porridge with a cool dessert (berry mousse or cottage cheese), borsch with cold beetroot soup or okroshka, and meat with fish (it has less connective tissue, so it is easier to digest).

And, of course, you should take advantage of the seasonal offer: summer fruits and vegetables are rich not only in vitamins, but also in fiber, which will help regulate the bowels and eliminate constipation. Only grapes and green apples should be treated with caution: they can cause increased gas formation, especially unpleasant during pregnancy.

Although it is better to follow the measure with all the fruits: excessive use of both habitual for our breadth and exotic crops can provoke an unwanted allergic reaction.

Security measures in the summer should be tripled in the kitchen. Outside the refrigerator in the heat in the food actively multiply pathogens of intestinal infections.

In less than half an hour, how a favorite cake will turn into a hotbed of pathogenic flora. The danger of food poisoning is that it is fraught with dehydration and intoxication of the body.

However, some harmful substances can penetrate the placental barrier, which may cause the threat of abortion.

Symptoms of food poisoning appear as early as 3-4 hours after consuming the contaminated product, although sometimes they occur only on the following day. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea can be added to the feeling of discomfort, loss of appetite and abdominal pain.

Peristalsis of the intestine increases and causes contractions of the uterus, which can also provoke premature labor.

To protect yourself, you need to thoroughly wash your hands before eating, and if this is not possible, then at least disinfect them with special napkins and gels that do not need to be washed off. Vegetables and fruits are better not only rinsed under the tap, but also pour on boiling water.

Checking the shelf life and storage conditions will also be useful.

In case of poisoning, you must call a doctor. As a pre-medical aid, self-washing of the stomach is allowed.

However, after the 20th week, nausea can be a symptom of some complications of pregnancy that are difficult for a non-professional to distinguish from signs of poisoning, therefore, all therapeutic measures during this period should be entrusted to a specialist. After the stomach is cleared, you can drink strong tea – it will remove toxins and restore water balance.

Intoxication is also removed by sorbents, for example, activated carbon (1 tablet per 10 kg of weight). It is impossible to starve after poisoning with pregnant women, you need to drink the same strong sweet tea, eat dried white bread or crackers; later you can switch to rice porridge, chicken broth, boiled eggs.

Long exposure to the sun can cause sunstroke. But even if direct rays were avoided, in hot weather there remains the danger of a thermal shock. In either case, the body overheats, causing headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea.

Sometimes there are “flies” before the eyes, blood from the nose and even vomiting. In severe cases, you can completely lose consciousness.

If such sensations have appeared, it is important to seek help from others, so that at the right moment they quickly call an ambulance.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences of heat, the future mother should take care of herself: always wear a hat on her head and give preference to light clothing made from natural fabrics. Cotton, knitwear, linen absorb moisture well and allow air to pass through, allowing the skin to breathe. Summer wardrobe is better to pick up light colors: they better reflect the sun’s rays.

If there is an opportunity, it is advisable to freshen up more often in a cool shower, pool, sea. The main thing is that bathing water should not be too cold – this can provoke an exacerbation of chronic inflammations (for example, cystitis).

When traveling, it makes sense to take a spray with ordinary water or a can of thermal water.

The hottest days are better to wait at home under the air conditioner. In order not to catch a cold, you should not sit under jets of cold air: a distance of 2–3 meters is considered safe.

The difference between the temperature outside and indoors should not exceed 10 ° С, while the optimal value for the room will be 20 ° С.

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