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Pregnancy and work: prioritize

Pregnancy and work: prioritize

Modern women have proved by example: pregnancy is not a disease, and it cannot prevent a career. Obstetricians and gynecologists do not argue with this conclusion, because, according to their observations, the work helps the future mothers to maintain mobility and vitality, increases self-confidence and even creates a positive attitude towards childbirth.

Only now, not every businesswoman is able to turn on a red light and say “stop!” In time. To avoid trouble, pregnancy and work must be combined in reasonable doses.

You need to start with shuffling priorities. The main thing now is to think about the health of the child, and therefore, about his own.

It is important to take care of yourself and undergo all scheduled examinations on time, in order to avoid complications in the future or minimize their risk. It is also useful to realize that it is impossible to do everything and nothing terrible will happen if for some time you will be out of order (for example, due to nausea in the first trimester or increased fatigue in III).

Remember: the law is on your side. First, you can’t be fired.

Secondly, at the slightest indisposition you can take sick leave: doctors in such situations do not fix obstacles.

Think about food during the day: one lunch is not enough. It is better to eat fractional, that is, often in small portions. If you do not trust restaurants and canteens, take food from home.

Do not forget about drinking: the expectant mother needs at least 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water a day, so it makes sense to start a bottle on the desktop. In adults, unlike children, the center of thirst works poorly.

Over the years, we all feel less need to get drunk, and this threatens us with dehydration.

In a production frenzy, you need to give yourself time to be pregnant. To realize her new state, a true business lady should reflect it in her diary. Think over your schedule, and then schedule your visits to an obstetrician-gynecologist, attending courses for expectant mothers, walks in the fresh air, hiking in the pool, gymnastics, reading thematic literature, by hours and trimesters.

Such a detailed projection will help embed pregnancy into a working rhythm.

The working day as time increases must be reduced, as well as the range of responsibilities. If you immediately inform the good news of the boss and colleagues, omissions and offenses will be avoided.

Usually, the surrounding people enter the situation, but they have the right to know in advance that an additional burden will soon fall on their shoulders.

Ideally, you should be able to come to the office later and leave it earlier. If you need to take time off, the stern heart of the boss can be melted down with reference to the indisposition.

Pregnancy and work: prioritize

Any work is stressful, and getting a “discount” on pregnancy from the client is not always obtained.

1) If you are very nervous, try to retire and, stroking his stomach, talk to the baby. Having explained to the baby that your anger and irritability are not addressed to him at all, and between the two of you everything is still beautiful and it cannot be any other way, you will feel relief.

2) When we are agitated or frightened, breathing becomes shallow and intermittent, and this leads to a lack of oxygen and increased anxiety. To restore a stray rhythm, take deep breaths and slow exhalations for at least a minute (the breath should be longer than the breath).

3) In a stressful situation at the command of the brain, we tighten the muscles of the face (especially the muscles of the lower jaw), tongue and hands. Three easy exercises will help to learn how to relax them.

Sitting at your desk, close your eyes and imagine that you were wearing a mitten on your right hand. Try to feel how every finger relaxes, muscle after muscle. Put the same experiment on your left hand.

Now go to the face. In a sitting position, tilt your head forward, slightly open your mouth and press the tip of the tongue to the lower sky. Only 10–15 minutes in this position work wonders: as soon as the muscles of the lower jaw relax, the brain blows a retreat to the whole body.

You can try another trick: throw your head back on the back of an office chair and mentally expose your face to the gentle morning sun. A little practice, and you will feel how cheekbones, eyelids, jaw, forehead and skin on the head relax under the influence of fantasy heat.

4) If the alarm does not release, share the problem with the obstetrician-gynecologist. Soothing means are different, but without the approval of the doctor to buy them is not necessary.

Valerian copes well with the task: 2 dragees a day are completely harmless to health. Tincture or decoction of motherwort or peony or homeopathic drugs for pregnant women (Nervohel, Heel) are also harmless, but you should not drink all the above remedies “just in case”. For prevention, doctors often recommend products containing magnesium (Magne B6, Sanofi-Winthrop).

Even if the alarm is imaginary, the brain sends appropriate impulses to the central nervous system, and our muscles, including the muscles of the uterus, automatically tense up. Magnesium helps to remove the dangerous “tone”, which is now more than relevant.

Decree – an idea, successful in all respects. By law, the expectant mother can go on a well-deserved vacation from the 30th week, and it is better not to miss this opportunity.

In the third trimester, because of the large abdomen, it is difficult to move from point A to point B. Fatigue comes faster, attention is easily dispelled, irritability appears. But most importantly, these weeks are necessary to realize the approach of the “X-hour.” Psychologists say: if a woman prepares for childbirth and understands her role well, the process itself is easier.

Otherwise (if businesswomen are taken away from the board of directors at the maternity hospital) it will not be so easy to cope with your fears. In addition, the preparation for childbirth automatically adjusts the woman to the wave of motherhood.

Workers, for whom a career has remained in the first place, often develop postpartum depression and wake up interest in the child more slowly.

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