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Precious stones and metals in cosmetics

Precious stones and metals in cosmetics

Modern manufacturers of cosmetics skillfully use natural resources, incorporating them into their miraculous formulas. Along with the various representatives of the flora in the elite beauty products one can find such precious exhibits as gold, silver, diamonds and pearls.

No wonder they say that “everything new is well forgotten old.” And the use of gold as an “elixir of youth” is not modern know-how. Another beautiful Cleopatra put on her golden mask for the night in order to get a radiant complexion and smooth skin the next morning.

Chinese empresses daily did facial massage with golden rollers to improve skin elasticity. So what is the value (in addition to the nominal one) does this precious metal carry?

First, gold does not cause allergies, stimulates blood circulation and promotes the rapid penetration of oxygen into the skin, which is necessary for its renewal and regeneration. The next plus is that this “invincible” metal does not oxidize (it, unlike our skin, cannot attack the harmful effects of the environment) and in part can play the role of a natural preservative. Thanks to this set of valuable qualities, gold rightfully occupies an honorable place in the composition of anti-aging serums, anti-aging creams and even decorative cosmetics (lipsticks, powders, eye shadows).

Usually used 24-carat colloidal gold – a solution consisting of nanoparticles. It is thanks to the liquid state that gold is evenly distributed throughout the entire volume of the solution.

A “separation” into microscopic particles allows you to increase the amount of “active ingredient” and increase its biological activity. Penetrating deep into the skin, the so-called nanogold strengthens the intercellular bonds, stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin fibers.

In addition, this “treasure” serves as a conductor of other useful components of beauty products – vitamins and plant extracts.

The first mentions of silver as a material for making jewelry are dated to approximately the 4th century BC. At that time, this metal was valued much higher than gold, partly due to its healing properties. It was believed that this “guardian” is able to heal, rejuvenate and even protect against evil forces.

For example, in India, water infused in a silver vessel was used as a life-giving elixir for many diseases. In Switzerland, silver jewelry was put on a bad tooth. In ancient China, the stomach was treated by ingesting pieces of silver.

Today, silver ions are widely used both in household water filters and for disinfecting water in swimming pools. The secret of such popularity of this “light” (argenta, translated from Sanskrit – “light”) metal is in its unique bactericidal (kills microbes) and bacteriostatic (inhibits their reproduction) properties.

In the 80s of the XIX century. Swiss botanist Karl Negel established that it is silver that is dissolved (ionized) in water that causes the death of pathogenic microorganisms. Later, his followers proved that silver is capable of destroying more than 650 types of pathogenic bacteria and microbes. Any modern antibiotic will envy such an impressive result.

Silver is also hypoallergenic and non-addictive. It is not surprising that such outstanding abilities led silver to the cosmetic industry. Namely – in products for the care of oily and problem skin, suffering from inflammation and acne.

Getting into the very depths of the skin, silver molecules normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, prevent clogged pores and resist the proliferation of bacteria.

Jewels will never go out of style. And once again in their collections designers around the world focus on metallic shades and shimmering stones.

A luxurious manicure – a scattering of gold, brilliance of crystal, the glow of emerald and amethyst – your main trump card, which will give the final touch to the festive image.

A diamond (processed diamond) bears the title of the most precious stone. For the “birth” of this natural treasure are the atoms of pure carbon, which live at a great depth under the earth and are subjected to strong pressure and heating for millions of years.

The most expensive diamond in the world is called “Cullinan”. It has 3106 carats and more than 500 grams of weight. In 1907, the Transvaal government presented this diamond to King Edward VII of England, who ordered the stone to be split.

As a result, 9 large and 96 small diamonds were made from it.

In addition to the dazzling beauty, this multi-faceted masterpiece (or rather its derivative – diamond dust) has a brilliant effect in the composition of peels, anti-age creams, hair and nail products. The scope of its activities is quite wide: slow down the aging process of the skin, smooth out the relief and complexion, strengthen the nails and fill the hair with radiance. Naturally, diamonds used in cosmetics cannot boast of their natural origin.

All of them are artificially grown in the laboratory. At the same time, their properties are fully consistent with the original.

For the first time talked about pearls in China. Ancient Chinese legend says that pearls fell from the sky when dragons fought among the clouds during a thunderstorm.

As a result of their “star wars” these “raindrops” were formed. The ancient Greeks believed that pearls are the tears of a sea nymph. Today we know that pearls are formed when a grain of sand or other foreign body gets inside the shell, which the clam starts to envelop with layers of calcium carbonate, bonding them together with organic glue.

This process is very long and laborious. The natural pearl grows to the size of a pea in 12 years.

In order for it to reach a diameter of 8 mm, a minimum of 30–40 years is required. To speed up the process, from the end of the XIX century. Artificial pearl growing experiments began.

In 1915, they were crowned with success – the Japanese gathered the first high-quality “crop” (by the way, the only way to distinguish a prototype from an original is with the help of x-rays). Since then, huge pearl plantations have arisen.

A pearl powder in Japan began to be sold in any pharmacy. Why do the citizens of the Land of the Rising Sun need such strategic reserves of this mineral?

The answer lies in the rich “inner world” of pearls. Trace elements (zinc, selenium, iodine, iron, manganese) contained in its composition are the building material for skin cells. Amino acids protect it from photo-aging, smooth wrinkles and fight free radicals.

Vitamins B and D energize. Mother of pearl gives the skin a natural glow.

Today, methods have been developed for the hydrolization and extraction of pearls, which make it possible to obtain liquid pearl fractions, which are introduced into the composition of cosmetics.

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