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Positional gymnastics for pregnant women

Positional gymnastics for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the body of the future mother undergoes significant changes that affect her well-being, her mood, and her physical activity. For example, as the baby grows and develops, the size of the uterus increases, the center of gravity gradually shifts, and the main load falls on the lower back and legs.

Due to the fact that the muscles of the back and legs are forced to be in tension for a long time, the woman may experience pain in the legs, lower back, buttocks. Due to the fact that the growing uterus squeezes the internal organs, expectant mothers often complain of constipation.

Another serious problem, especially in the second half of carrying a baby, is edema. To cope with these and other problems will help regular physical education, such as positional exercises.

Positional gymnastics during pregnancy are special complexes of exercises designed to take into account the loads that are permissible for future mothers. There are a great number of such complexes, and each of them is aimed at solving certain problems.

But the expectant mother should remember: if the pregnancy proceeds with complications, then the load can only aggravate the situation. For this reason, before embarking on physical education classes, consult with the doctor who leads your pregnancy.

He will assess the possible risks and help you choose the right set of exercises.

Gymnastics classes are contraindicated:

  • with toxicosis, both early and late in pregnancy;
  • with high blood pressure;
  • during acute respiratory illness;
  • with the threat of spontaneous abortion;
  • during exacerbation of chronic disease;
  • with bloody discharge.

In addition, expectant mothers should not jump and run, as these exercises cause an increase in the tone of the uterus, which threatens the woman and the unborn baby with serious troubles. We also do not recommend squats and bends with weights, for example, with dumbbells in your hands or with a load on your shoulders.

Positional gymnastics for pregnant women in the first trimester will help the woman to maintain emotional balance. Positional gymnastics for pregnant women 2 trimester is very important, since this period is most favorable for moderate physical exertion, besides, the expectant mother has enough time to begin preparing the body for difficult trials – childbirth.

Positional gymnastics for pregnant women 3 trimester requires caution and attentive attitude to their feelings during class. Positional exercises for pregnant women with edema are also helpful.

The most important thing is not to overdo it and get pleasure from classes.

Positional gymnastics is a set of exercises that are performed in a specific position. It helps to train the correct position of the body and is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back, abdomen and perineum – the most problematic areas during pregnancy. Moreover, this set of exercises can be performed at any stage of carrying a baby.

During classes it is very important to breathe correctly, so that oxygen is supplied to the body in sufficient quantity.

Positional exercises will help prepare for the upcoming genera of the pelvic floor muscles, improve blood flow, therefore, more oxygen will be supplied to the internal organs. In combination with exercises in the pool or yoga, such gymnastics will also help control weight.

It contributes to the restoration and strengthening of the joints, is useful for the spine tired of exertion and, which is also important, is an excellent antidepressant.

The complex of exercises of positional gymnastics includes exercises for training the muscles of the vagina, hips, back and lumbar muscles, as well as exercises to relieve tension from them.

Positional gymnastics for pregnant women

Exercises positional exercises:

  1. Vaginal muscle training: Sit on a chair, spread your legs apart so that your hips and knees are at the same level. Back, lean on the back of a chair. Place your palms on your hips or knees. As you exhale, tighten the muscles of the perineum and anus, as if pulling them inwards. While inhaling, relax. Do this at least 20 times. Then, pull the crotch inward while taking a deep breath. Such exercises will prepare the muscles of the perineum for the upcoming labor, as well as improve blood flow in the pelvis. The same exercise can be performed on the third day after birth, if they were completed without complications. In this case, they will help reduce the size of the uterus and abdomen.
  2. “Butterfly” (you can use the ball for gymnastics): if you use a ball, place it against the wall, sit down and lean on it. Bend your knees, spreading them to the sides, join the feet together. Place your palms on your knees and, taking a breath, exhale, press down on your knees, trying to lower them below. You will feel the muscles of the inner thigh stretch. Hold the pressure for 30 seconds. This exercise will improve the mobility of the hips, relieve tension from the buttocks and lower back, and at the same time prepare the crotch for childbirth.
  3. “Rotations”: put your legs shoulder-width apart, arms apart. Rotate the torso, helping your hands to rotate with more volume. In this case, the pelvis should remain stationary.
  4. Stretching the front of the thigh: sit on its side, bending the legs. Grasp the foot of the foot of the same name with your hand and move your foot back without taking it off the floor. The other hand should rest on the floor at this time. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then change legs. This exercise relieves the hip joints, groin, relieves pain from the waist and groin.
  5. Stretching the lumbar muscles and back muscles: place your legs shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly, straighten your back and neck, stretch your arms along your body. Then dissolve the arms, without bending, arms to the side and lift up, slightly pull the whole body behind them, and the feet should remain in place. With the arms raised, the body should be gently lowered down to the feeling of tension in the spine, then relax the arms, head, body and bend a bit so that the muscles of the back of the legs, lower back and back are pulled. To ease your task, you can bend your knees. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. This exercise is suitable for anyone who quickly loins tired and swollen legs.
  6. Cat: get on all fours so that your palms are right under your shoulders, and your knees are under your hip joints. The back should remain flat. While inhaling, flatten the shoulder blades, slightly arch the waist. On the exhale, bend your back up so that it resembles a smooth arc. Perform the exercise at least 10 times. Such movements will relieve tension from the waist and neck muscles.

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