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Please silence!

Please silence!

Indeed, from the age of seven months young children are actively starting to develop their body and the surrounding territory. They jump on the sofas, climb on tables and chest of drawers, slam the doors of the cabinets and beat the spoon on the pots and batteries, squeal loudly and for joy and sorrow.

One mother wrote about her condition: “I feel as if my head was stuck in a thundering bell.” And parents can be understood, but the child’s nervous system is designed in such a way that it just needs constant movement and emotional discharge.

The psyche of young children is unstable, it is difficult for them to control their emotions, loud speech, spontaneous movements – they are impulsive, their reactions are involuntary. Kids are not able to predict the results of their activities. What subjects are beating, which are spilled, which are crashing down, and which are scattering – all this, alas, the child is able to learn only in practice, and with it these steps of knowledge will have to go through and parents.

However, no one cancels attempts to direct research activities to a more quiet and safe course, especially since in many cases this is done without much difficulty.

By the seven or eight months, when the baby is already crawling well and has already tasted most of the territory of the house, it gradually turns into an erect person (although not yet upright). The kid has reached a new level – from now on, everything that is on the pier glass, dressers, and coffee tables is at his disposal.

Now the peanut will brush everything that is on the furniture that serves him as a support. Of course, for parents this is another cause for concern. But to get the most out of this unique stage, simply sew a microfiber elbow pads for your child – and you forget for a while what dust is on furniture.

Dropping objects for some time carries all the little ones: they clear the surface of the dresser with a flick of the wrist, brushing a piece of bread out of their mouths onto the floor, from the couch – the console, pillows and daddy’s newspaper. This is the time when the next stage of the audit has come.

Walk around the apartment again and carefully check if there are any dangerous, expensive and fragile items on the way of the baby. Where is your iron, ironing board, daddy’s sports equipment, large decorative vases and floor lamps? Remove everything that is shaky and can not serve as a support for the baby standing up on its feet.

Put special latches on the lockers. A dish for crumbs replace unbreakable.

Very quickly, involuntary movements with the hands become purposeful and meaningful. First, the baby, acquiring a new skill – mastering his fingers, just trains.

Then he sees the result: expanding the handles – and the object falls. So, in this way you can now not only study the object itself, but also explore its properties.

One falls with a jingle, the other bounces off the floor, the third makes a terrible crash and … mother resorts. And just opened my fingers! And the fun for the baby begins the game: he throws – mom picks up.

Who has not played such a game with his toddler! Usually, the crumb begins to play at the most inappropriate moments: before bedtime and at dinner. Of course, the baby is having fun, because it’s not a bowl of soup that flies over his head or, in turn, the entire contents of the crib.

However, your reproaches and irritation are unlikely to calm the child. As soon as you get tired of this game, just drop it on the floor.

Let throws and raises himself. Although sometimes to devote time to this seemingly confusing exercise is very useful. Remember that the baby makes contact with you, learns to control your body and perform targeted actions.

He will be very grateful if you take part in this new activity for him. Put the baby in the crib, dump into it all the soft and rubber toys, balls, cubes and bells. Let him have fun throwing more and more new items on the floor.

When the supplies in the crib run out, reassemble and fill the crib. Buy a pack of colorful balloons for a dry pool and teach them to throw them in a basket. Show how you can roll a ball from a sloping surface or throw rings on a stick.

You can use a new kid’s passion while cleaning toys: let them throw them into the box from a certain distance under your loving supervision. But what if food starts flying at dinner?

Immediately stop the meal. Explain to your child that there are things that are specifically designed for throwing, for example balls, discs, rings. And others – no: “This is a ball, they throw it.

You can’t throw a typewriter, it can break. ” As soon as you saw that the kid threw (or is going to throw) a thing that he was forbidden to throw, immediately select him, simply and clearly explaining the consequences of indiscriminate hurling.

Change balls – inflatable, tennis, soft and rubber (for the house it is better small). Avoid hard balls and those that are made of porous material (so that the baby can not bite off a piece of it).

Please silence!

The desire to drum all day long is a pretty favorite activity for young children. Excellent helpers – mother’s covers, spoons and pans – the first after the mobile over the bed and the rattles of the teacher, who introduce the child to the world of sounds.

It’s time to buy a drum kit, or at least a xylophone – this is the time for musical toys. A child learns to extract information through hearing.

He learns to understand that around him completely different sounds: low and high, melodic and sharp, loud and quiet. He picks up their tempo and rhythm, learns to distinguish by ear what items sound like, what intonation, mood they carry in themselves.

Kids enjoy playing music and love to play with toy phones, bells, different singing, growling, ringing toys. However, turning on electronic melodies, pressing special buttons to hear the sound of a motor or meowing is one thing, but to arrange your own concert yourself, to extract sounds from ordinary surrounding objects is another. Without your help, it will be meaningless to rattle on surfaces not intended for this.

Our task is to compensate this new craving for the baby and redirect it. Provide your baby with wooden spoons, bowls, plastic containers or bottles with different fillings (dry beans, large beads, small grains). Show the child from which objects you can extract sounds, and from which it is impossible: “It is dangerous to knock on a window, a mirror, but on this metal cup you can listen to how it rings.”

Musical development will bring a lot of benefits, you can buy toy musical instruments and then pick up your favorite tunes together. Teach your kid to pick up the rhythm: by turning on, for example, a children’s song or singing to her kid, beat off the desired rhythm with the help of cymbals or a toy tambourine.

You can just clap and stomp to the music.

When buying a child a musical toy, ask for a certificate. Avoid too loud toys, they can disrupt the hearing of the baby. A group of Canadian audiologists tested 40 toys for children under 3 years old.

Scientists have concluded that “at least 25 of them are not safe for the hearing of babies.” The loudest sound made mobile toy phone – 115 decibels. The permissible rate should not be more than 100 decibels.

However, as research has shown, in order to protect the ear, it would be good to lower this rate to 85 decibels and limit the time of exposure to sound to 30 minutes.

Despite all the parental tricks, there are still moments when a constant knock becomes simply unbearable – and then it remains only to take away his “instrument” from the kid. Switching works great at this age, the main thing is not to show your irritation.

Do it without scandals and persuasion, but just walk quietly and, with an interested person, put a player on your ears with the sounds of nature or attach a ticking alarm clock (a seashell, an empty can) to his ear. Give a bubble wrap and show what kind of sound bursting bubbles make when you slam them, disposable cups, when they are crumpled, paper, if you tear it.

Inflate the ball and, without tying, let it jump around the room: the sounds will surely interest the kid, and he will instantly forget what he was doing before.

The time will come, and the baby will start experimenting with his voice, finding new sounds and words in himself. For those around it is a living hell – a child can scream so loudly.

Here, as in all other cases, it must be remembered that the little ones, when they hear the instructions of the parents, fix their attention on the last spoken word. How it works? Mom says: “Don’t scream!” – “Scream, SCREAM!” – the child hears.

And she starts screaming even louder. All other instructions like “do not run”, “do not fight”, “do not knock” have the same effect, so it’s better to say: “Sing quietly”, “go slowly”, “play together”.

When the baby starts screaming and screaming, try to include a calm (not pop and rock) song and suggest singing together, show how you can sing in a low voice. Offer him instead of screaming to play the game “how a cat sings, how a mouse sings.” Speak quietly.

The interested baby will be forced to shut up to hear what you are saying.

Teach your child to speak in a whisper. If the same noisy kid came to visit you and their games are too active, offer to play at the school or at the hospital, where you need to keep quiet, and even better at the scouts the enemy can detect.

A complete ban on screams and screams does not work. Just put restrictions: “You can scream in the street, but you can’t scream in the store”, “scream in your room, but don’t bother everyone in the house”, “better sing karaoke, what song do you want to include?” Think, maybe is it too noisy in your house and without a baby?

Maybe your TV is always on, the radio is loud, and the family members themselves are used to talking on high tones? Maybe the kid just wants to shout down all the noise?

Or maybe he lacks your attention and he attracts this attention with his noisy behavior? Remove all unnecessary sounds and all external stimuli.

Turn off the TV – and you will feel how immediately the tension between you decreases. TV is one of the main enemies in families where small children grow up.

It makes children sedentary and mentally passive, steals a lot of precious time from parents and an incredible amount of parental warmth from their children.

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