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Play on health! (games with a sick baby)

Play on health! (games with a sick baby)

It happens that during the illness the pediatrician insists on bed rest. In this case, we will organize the games right on the bed. Make a playground for your kid.

This may be a cardboard box from a large box or not heavy, chopping board. The number of toys immediately limit.

They should not be too much. Excess will be lost in bed, fall, what will give the child unnecessary trouble now. The toys that the baby will receive should not be big, bright, loud or heavy.

If a person is not well, he instinctively tries to protect himself from excessive light, from noise, from television. The little man himself can not do it. Therefore, all straining – away!

Unfortunately, new toys that cause mental irritation are also included here. And, of course, TV and computer. They can be replaced by a very mysterious and exciting viewing of filmstrips.

And if there is no projector, then we will arrange a shadow theater. You can cut a variety of figures from thick paper or cardboard and play a real performance.

But it will be when it gets dark on the street, and now we turn to quiet games on a light cutting board.

Take two small toys. It can be pupsiki or any little animals. You will play for the always crying and aching hero, and the baby – for the second character positive in all respects.

Play skits on the board where Plakunchik sobs on every occasion and complains to the hero of the baby. “They gave me a green car with blue wheels, and I wanted a blue and green one! And you had it so? “,” I lost one cookie in my pocket.

Only five left! What to do now? ”,“ I don’t want to sleep at night, I want to play drums! And you? ”Etc.

Give the child a handkerchief. Let his hero reassure Plakunchik and wipe his tears.

Do not try to teach a child something or develop some abilities during his illness. Limit yourself to plot and creative games.

This creative game will require a piece of paper and a pencil. Circle the handles of the child and offer the crumbs to draw a face with each finger. Let the baby “hand out” hats, caps, scarves or beads.

Come up with the names of all the little men.

Touch each finger on paper and ask the crumb to show the same finger on his hand.
On the back of the page together, turn each finger on the circled pen into little animals. Make handprints of other family members.

This game is a bit more complicated than the previous one. Prepare sheets of paper with the outlines of various pictures on them for your child.

Let the baby complement the drawings and color them at will. If you think you can’t draw, translate pictures from any books or magazines.

The main thing is to choose a simple image, the contours of which are easily guessed. The best pictures of the alphabet are for the little ones.

Cut out pictures will be very useful when there is a desire to organize a shadow theater.

And this lesson gives the child more room for creativity and imagination. On the sheets offered to him, he will find separate parts of some image, or maybe just geometric figures or intricate squiggles and curlicues.

What kind of pictures will the child transform these various lines into?

So that the baby doesn’t have a headache, the eyes rest and the forehead cools down, parents usually put him on a wet cold shawl. At this time, if the baby is located to the game, ask him to guess by touch what items you give him in the pens.

Offer the child to guess, without looking, a cube and a spoon, a soft toy, a pencil, and the like. And remember, the goal of games during illness is to distract the baby from illness and boredom.

Do not give difficult tasks.

Play on health! (games with a sick baby)

It is known that during an illness the person often decreases his appetite. All the forces of the body are aimed at combating the virus.

Do not force the baby to eat when he refuses. Let him drink more warm fluid.

If you know that the baby was not particularly zealous with food before the illness and you are very worried about this circumstance, help the baby to “feed” his appetite.

It is known that the appetite comes with eating, when a person begins to see food, to smell it.

“Do not play with food!” This phrase in one of the cartoons was pronounced by the mother of the dinosaur, who played with the man, with the boy. We will deal with games with food.

Give the child a packet of donuts and a string. Let him string the beads. If the child is more than three years old, you can offer him a dry breakfast – rings.

They replace smaller beads.

When the kid completes the task, offer him a tea with jam or milk with honey. It’s time to eat and the resulting beads.

You will need disposable paper plates, cuttings from promotional leaflets and old magazines with food and glue-stick. Spread the bottom of the plate with glue and let the crumb lay out, he liked the paper food. Pretend that you are eating an impromptu dinner.

Praise the taste of all the dishes prepared by the kid. Suggest to choose food for a knight and a princess, for a giant and a boy with a finger.

The air in the baby’s room should be rather humid, about 70 percent. When too dry, cough and runny nose can be delayed.

If the air is dry or even more dangerous than dry and warm air, the risk of complications increases many times over and the time to fight viruses and bacteria is significantly longer.

If you do not use a special device to humidify the air, what should be done, put a basin of water on the table, hang a wet towel or blanket on the battery, and spray room flowers with water.
A basin of water will also be needed to warm up the handles and a knife if the crumbs do not have temperature. Turn these procedures into exciting games.

Let’s arrange with the kid big washing. Put in a basin with warm water fabrics of different textures and show how to wash clothes with your hands.

Tea water or eucalyptus can be added to the water. When all the cloths are washed, hang them to dry on the battery in the room where the baby sleeps, or on the clothesline, securing with clothespins.

Paper boats in the basin can be run, simulating the waves with your hands. You can drown, depending on the age of the child – pouring water from the broom or loading onto the boat more and more small objects, buttons or designer parts, for example.

Add foam to the basin and lower several small toys to the bottom. Let the kid look for pens, and then he guesses what he found, to the touch.

Make sure that the water does not cool – top up with warm water. See that the baby’s clothes are dry.

Play on health! (games with a sick baby)

With the help of breathing games you can not only have fun, but also improve your baby’s health. To help your child cope with a cough quickly, you can play games like “Porridge”, “Steam Train” or “Cheeks.”

This exercise is done while sitting. Let the crumb put one hand on the stomach and the other on the chest.

When the abdomen is pulled in, a breath should be taken; When exhaling, utter loudly “ffffff”.

Repeat 3-4 times.

In this game, the child will depict the engine. It is necessary to walk around the room, make alternate swinging with arms bent at the elbows, saying “damn chukh chukh”.

Repeat this exercise is necessary for 20-30 seconds.

Let the baby take a deep breath through the nose, inflate the “cheeks – bubbles” and slowly exhale through the slightly open mouth. It is enough to do this exercise 2 or 3 times. As for the baby’s nose, it is better to learn to blow your nose when the baby is healthy.

This also applies to breathing games that are aimed at nasal breathing – blowing out candles, blowing out pieces of paper or feathers.

However, if a runny nose has already appeared in the crumbs, it is very important to show off and do it correctly, closing in turn one or the other nostril and with the mouth slightly open. It is known that if a patient remains in a good mood, he does not lose heart and does not get bored, the disease retreats faster.

Play for health and do not get sick at all!

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