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Pilates after childbirth: gentle recovery

Pilates after childbirth: gentle recovery

The complex of exercises almost a hundred years ago was developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Once the method was known only in the circles of professional dancers, but today this system of recovery is very popular in medical clinics, schools of dance art and fitness centers. Young mothers can also benefit from it.

An important plus of training on the Pilates system in the postpartum period is a mild effect on the deep abdominal muscles (transverse, iliopsoas, and internal obliques). Due to their detailed study, the restoration of the tissues of the abdominal wall is faster, and the stomach becomes flat. Exercises on the spine and the so-called stabilizing muscles correct posture.

In addition, Pilates develops pelvic muscles, which do not train in aerobic exercises. The main rules of the doctrine are smoothness, complete concentration and control over the technique of execution.

1) Before you start classes, be sure to consult with your doctor. If the birth was natural, postpartum bleeding stopped and you feel good, then most likely you will be allowed to start restorative gymnastics as early as 2-4 weeks after giving birth. However, to exploit the body in full force in any case impossible.

No matter how much we want to quickly regain the previous forms, at the initial stage, the set of exercises will be aimed not at losing weight, but at bringing the body into a tone, which includes strengthening the press, improving posture, increasing flexibility and mobility of joints. And over time, thanks to stable and regular occupations, those extra pounds will gradually begin to leave on their own.

2) Despite the fact that Pilates is a low-impact type of fitness, beginners just can’t do without an instructor. He will develop an individual program based on your level of fitness and depending on how your labor went.

3) Remember: no exercise should hurt. If any movement causes discomfort or painful muscle tension, stop immediately.

It is necessary to check the correctness of performance and make sure that proper muscles are involved in the work. If the pain does not go away, most likely, this exercise is not suitable for you personally and will have to be replaced by another.

4) Comfortable, close-fitting, but not cramped clothing that will allow you to feel the body, maintain freedom of movement, and visually monitor the correctness of the exercises will suit you. Those women who breast feed their babies must always wear a sports support bra and avoid too vigorous movements with their hands. Pilates shoes – extra accessory.

You need to do either barefoot or in socks: only so the muscles of the feet and legs will be maximally involved in the training process.

The most radical changes in most mothers undergo the abdomen, because during pregnancy the muscles strongly stretch and lose their tone. Many people mistakenly believe that to return the elasticity and reduce the fat layer will turn out faster if you pump the abdominal pressure in the usual way. But it is not.

The rectus abdominis muscles and the narrow tendon plate connecting them (white line of the abdomen) are very vulnerable after pregnancy and childbirth. Working through the abdominals with well-known exercises can provoke an even greater divergence of the rectus muscles than during pregnancy and labor, and an increase in the distance between them can lead to a rounding of the abdomen.

Solving the problem will help soft and gradual training of deep muscles in the system of Joseph Pilates. During inhalation, it is necessary to separate the ribs as widely as possible, and as you exhale – to press the abdominal muscles. This type of breathing allows, on the one hand, to breathe freely, and on the other – to maintain tension in the abdominal muscles.

However, in order to master this useful skill, you need to be trained by a specialist.

Pilates after childbirth: gentle recovery

Pregnancy leaves its mark on the posture. During the months of waiting under the weight of the future baby, the spine had to endure a considerable load. And after a child is born, a slouch may also develop, due to the fact that the center of gravity shifts the breast filled with milk forward.

In order for the back to straighten, it is necessary to strengthen its muscles. And here Pilates again proposes to move away from the traditional model: instead of exercises with a straight back, the trainer will suggest a complex of movements that work through the natural curves of the spine. Another way to alleviate the fate of the overworked spine is to achieve a uniform load on the muscles around the joints.

To do this, you must simultaneously act in two directions: to strengthen weak muscles, and, on the contrary, to relax and stretch the muscles that are in the hypertonus. During pilates classes it is necessary to constantly monitor the posture, so after a few lessons the back will assume the correct position.

The result and the speed of its achievement is influenced by several points. So, a lot depends on the initial level of physical fitness, the number of classes per week, connection to other sports disciplines in Pilates.

And yet there is some pattern. The trainers notice that when they visit the fitness center 2-3 times a week, the first fruits (skin and abdomen are tightened, muscle tone increases, posture is leveled) are usually visible after 10-12 lessons. Nevertheless, it is impossible to disregard the individual characteristics of the organism and the metabolism, hormonal background and genetic heredity.

All these items can both accelerate and delay the result.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your feet parallel to each other on the width of the pelvis. Breathe calmly and evenly.

When you inhale the chest increases, the ribs diverge to the sides. At the same time, the stomach should be drawn in as if you were tightening the belt. On the exhale, straining the abdominal muscles, press the lower back to the floor.

On the next breath, return to the starting position. To lumbar spine more, under the sacrum, you can put a roller out of a towel.

Do the exercise at a slow pace no more than 10 times.

In the supine position, lift your legs bent at the knees to your stomach. On the exhale, straighten the right leg parallel to the floor, pulling the heel forward, and press the left knee with both hands to the stomach. It is not necessary to strain your neck and shoulders.

Now change your leg. Repeat the exercise 5−8 times each leg.

Lie on your left side, stretching your body in a straight line. Palm palm of his right hand to the floor at chest level. Lift the legs together together about 10 cm from the floor, without straining your feet.

Then gently lower them to their original position. After completing the exercise 8 times, roll over and do the same.

Get up on all fours. Hands should be placed strictly under the shoulders, knees – under the hip joints.

At the same time, extend your right arm and left leg parallel to the floor, keeping the body in a static position. Return to the starting position. All movements should be smooth.

Do the same with your left hand and right foot. Repeat the exercise 5−8 times.

Standing on all fours, inhale, draw in the stomach and round the thoracic spine, as if lying on a ball. On the exhale, return to the starting position and pull the crown forward and your tailbone back.

Repeat the exercise 5−8 times. Then, pulling the arms forward, we sit on the heels with the buttocks and relax.

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