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Picnic with the baby: step by step instructions

Picnic with the baby: step by step instructions

Modern lightweight and comfortable furniture for picnics is a great solution! But if there is no furniture, it does not matter. You can fit right on the clearing, using blankets and “foam” as seats, and for the table pripasti bright oilcloth tablecloth.

The ware can be both disposable, and modern plastic. The latter, of course, will look more aesthetic.

But the one-time will not have to be washed afterwards: collected in a bag and taken to the nearest trash can.

If the child is still very small and crawling, take care to organize a suitable springboard for crawling. Stock up on several blankets that you can spread on the grass one near the other, and let the crumbs creep at your pleasure.

It will be possible to put toys and safe natural material, such as large cones, on a blanket. For some time, the baby will be busy studying them.

It is useful and developing a rug with all sorts of cords, velcro, mirror and squeakers. It can be put on top of the blanket.

Children’s folding houses and tents are a real salvation for moms and dads of little scamps. And the forest glade is the most suitable place to set up such a tent.

The kid will be able to arrange a sleeping place inside the house, collect food and toys there and feel like a real tourist-traveler.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the place for a picnic. Experienced “picnic makers” know how sometimes it is not easy to find a good place for a family holiday.

Going to explore in new places, it’s possible to circle around for hours in a car until a clearing satisfying all the requirements is found.

And if adults have enough patience for this, then the baby is unlikely. Therefore, leave the discovery of new lands at another time and use the old proven places or rely on more experienced friends.

Clothing simpler is desirable, because if you don’t try, a little explorer will sooner or later be sure to flick from head to toe. Do not prohibit this, let the little man under your control get acquainted closer with the blades of grass and bugs.

Watch only that he does not accidentally swallow his new buddies. And dirty hands can always be washed with soap and stored water or wiped with wet wipes.

And be sure to grab a pair of replaceable sets of clothing and spare shoes. Then no dirt will be scary to you, and the crumb will discover many new things and get unforgettable impressions of the foray into nature.

Having found a suitable glade for rest, carefully examine it for pieces of paper, plastic and, especially, glass and its fragments. Firstly, it’s not very pleasant to rest among the garbage, and secondly, the little one will certainly be interested in all these terribly attractive remnants of the benefits of civilization, and he will want to learn more about them.

Stock up on a few pairs of regular knitted gloves, which you can buy at any hardware store, and large, tight trash bags with puffs. Having issued the tools to the entire adult picnic composition, you will bring the resting area in order in minutes.

Just do not forget to then take the collected garbage to the nearest garbage can.

Picnic with the baby: step by step instructions

Well, now you can proceed to more pleasant procedures: collecting firewood, preparing a place for a fire, setting up your small camp. By all means attract to the collection of firewood and baby. A child will gladly take part in such an important, “adult” business, having made his own contribution in the form of small twigs and twigs.

And then let him look at how dad will kindle a fire. Let the kid help you to set the improvised table, lay out plastic plates and cups, vegetables, greens, bread. If we “load” it with these simple things, let us participate in our adult life (and for a child it is terribly exciting!), Then we will not have to shout every minute: “Stop!

Do not go! There can not be! Do not touch! ”Let the trip to nature become a“ can ”holiday for the child.

After all, everyday life under the name “can not” he was already rather bored.

What do people usually cook at a picnic? Skewers of different types of meat and fish, grilled vegetables, field porridge. It is clear that it is better not to offer barbecue to the kid.

But porridge is quite possible. Put the crumb a bit of porridge before you add there a fried stew and stew – and he, too, will be able to treat himself with “hiking” food along with the adults.

Do not take in the forest perishable foods (milk, kefir, cottage cheese, etc.). But the cheese, biscuits, fruits will be very useful. A good solution is baby canned vegetables in jars.

It will not be an extra bag cooler: it will not spoil the products even on a hot day.

And what baby will drink? It is best to take the usual drinking bottled water.

It will satisfy the baby’s need for liquid, and is guaranteed not to deteriorate, such as compote.

Picnic with the baby: step by step instructions

Look for a little time in the intensive program of traveling on the nature in order to make a small excursion together with the baby. You won’t have to go far, because the forest is a real living museum.

In the forest clearing, you can get acquainted with the plants, consider where the flowers are the stem, where the leaves are. If you are attentive and do not become much noisy, then you will definitely find something interesting in the forest.

For example, you will notice an unusual bird or nest in the bushes, you will find a ladybird or bug, you will meet a woodpecker or a brisk squirrel. Isn’t the fancy growth on a tree or a stump overgrown with soft moss unworthy of your attention?

All this natural diversity deserves the closest attention of a small biologist.

It is not necessary to take a lot of toys into the forest, but some will still be needed. You need a ball, machine, bucket and shovel.

Soap bubbles will go “with a bang,” and if the day is hot – a water gun.

Carefully ensure that the baby does not pull in the mouths of growing grass and flowers: among them may be poisonous! And do not leave the crumbs unattended for a minute.

It will be great if you photograph every stage of your picnic in the photo, and then, at home, look at the photos with your child, recalling the wonderful family vacation. And the kids in the forest photos come out so funny and happy!

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