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Photographing a holiday

Photographing a holiday

Be sure to make a plan for the New Year filming and try to stick with it. Of course, in the process of shooting it will be possible to give free rein to the fantasy of children, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, but do not forget about the planned one.

Here are some ideas for New Year filming.

Photograph any details that create a festive mood and a sense of mysterious magic. Photograph multicolored garlands on the ceiling, paper snowflakes on the window, greeting cards on the dresser, tangerines in the vase, reflections of lights in glass bowls.

Subsequently, such pictures perfectly complement your holiday photo album and will be valuable, especially if the child is celebrating the New Year with you for the first time.

Prepared to celebrate outfits – a dress or suit, new shoes or shoes (for someone they will be the first in my life).

A festive table – even such details as instruments, served with Christmas napkins, glasses with bubbles running upwards, make your pictures appetizing and emotional.

Shooting holidays refers to the reporting genre, for which it is important to capture interesting moments so as to convey their atmosphere. To do this, keep the camera handy – you have to be at the right time and place. Try to catch interesting and emotional moments.

Such photos will help you after many years to remember the unique atmosphere of your holiday. Photograph any action that you deem worthy of memories.

Preparing for the holiday is just as important as the holiday itself. Therefore, take pictures of how you decorate a Christmas tree and an apartment, how busy preparing meals, how children help set the table, how bright gift boxes with shiny bows are put under the Christmas tree (until they have been disassembled).

Photograph contrasts: small legs / hands in large father’s palms; gentle fingers grasping the finger of an adult; the fluff on the head next to the mom’s elegant head of hair; little baby shoes next to adult shoes.

Photograph a family resemblance: the same sly smile and the same bulging ears as that of the grandfather; my daughter and mother have dresses of the same color.

Funny things, funny moments: the child fell asleep under the Christmas tree, smiling funny in his sleep.

Make a tradition every year to photograph a child in the same place. After a few years it will be interesting to compare the pictures – the place does not change, and the child becomes different.

When everyone has gathered, take some staged photos (for example, against the background of a Christmas tree). It may be that this day will not be such an opportunity, as further vanity and excitement completely capture you. A commonplace, seemingly common photo in a year will be very valuable for you.

Be sure to take a photo of the baby with grandparents, other family and friends, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

When shooting a group portrait, try to arrange participants at different levels (and not on the same line). For example, in the center of the picture is a grandmother and grandfather, with children standing around them (above them) and grandchildren (below).

Make sure that all participants in the photo hit the frame and there is approximately equal distance between them. Do not allow people to block each other or cast a shadow on your neighbor. That is, all should be clearly visible, evenly lit and be in focus.

All must simultaneously look into the lens of the camera, and during the shutter release everyone’s eyes should be open. To do this, you must confidently lead the shooting participants.

Photographing a holiday

When people do not know that they are being photographed, they relax and behave naturally. As a result, the photos are natural and emotional.

So work the paparazzi. Try to capture all the bright emotions, and not only joy, embarrassment, surprise, excitement, but, perhaps, tears …

For example, at the time of receiving gifts, funny and natural shots are obtained. So, you need to pre-select a convenient point of shooting, so that you can take a close-up picture of both the face of the child and the gift. Turn on the camera, use the “zoom” function, with which you can zoom in on the image without distracting the child.

Be prepared to seize the moment and take a lot of shots to choose the most successful ones.

Thoroughly explore the possibilities of the camera. Carefully read the instructions for its use, find out how to use the main shooting modes.

Learn to properly hold the camera. During shooting, it is necessary to provide a stillness to the camera (in order to avoid frame blurring caused by a barely noticeable camera shake in hands).

To do this, take a steady posture: put one foot forward, another slightly back, lean on a support or lean against a wall. Hold the camera firmly with both hands.

Press the shutter button slowly and smoothly.

Keep the camera at the level of the subject. In this way, you will achieve the most natural proportions and perspectives. For example, in order to photograph a child, you will have to squat or lift the child to your level (sit on the table, window sill).

This will allow him to be on the same level and avoid distortion. In addition, this angle contributes to a better understanding.

Photographing from bottom to top or top to bottom is possible if you want to achieve some special effect.

Take pictures with the maximum resolution (set in the camera settings) – if you are going to print or enlarge a part of the picture. To be able to save a lot of high-resolution images, you need to purchase a large-capacity memory card.

Sharpen correctly. Use the pre-focus feature: first press the shutter halfway (to focus on the subject), and then gently to the end.

When doing so, make sure the camera is focused on the main subject. For example, when making a portrait of a baby, focus on his eyes.

If the lens stubborn – refuses to direct focus, move away a little further.

Take a lot of shots. When shooting with a digital camera, it will cost you nothing, except time and a tiny patch on the memory card.

But the probability of getting a good frame will be higher.

Monitor the footage, periodically check on the camera screen, what happens. You may have to urgently make some adjustments to the situation, change the camera setting.

Look for unusual angles, experiment. Do not stand still: approach the group of children playing, taking close-up pictures of their faces, move further, taking pictures of the kids’ round dance, change the point of shooting, take the dynamics and movement.

Think of how you can make the photo more original and beautiful.

Take off your heart. Do not worry if your photos are technically imperfect, have some flaws.

The main thing – do not hesitate to photograph life.

Light is one of the important conditions in photography. For photography, you need a lot of light, preferably natural.

Therefore, when shooting in an apartment, open the curtains, put the child closer to the window. Remember when a beautiful light appears in your apartment.

Since it is late in the winter, it gets dark early, then activate a maximum of artificial lighting.

Try to use the flash only in extreme cases, as the light from it kills the volume, the texture of the skin, highlights the forehead and nose. Therefore, when using a flash, some nuances are important (read the instructions carefully).

Categorically you can not take pictures with flash of very young children – so you can scare them.

Photographing a holiday

It is not necessary to place the child in the frame strictly in the center. You can put it away from the center or at some angle. Leave your baby around.

Make sure that the edge of the frame does not cut its top, joints (elbow, knee, ankle) and other parts of the body.

It is not necessary for the child to look directly into the lens. If he looks away, leave space in the picture in the direction of his gaze.

Do not cut the line of sight right in front of your nose.

Leave outside the frame all that is superfluous that does not belong to the plot of your future photo. Make sure that no foreign objects “grow” from the child’s head (for example, lamps, etc.). If the frame is still overloaded with unnecessary details, then move to another place, move closer to the child, use “zoom”, turn the camera vertically or diagonally.

Another option is to photograph from the top down or, conversely, from the bottom up.

All children are photogenic and charming. However, it is very difficult to photograph them, because they usually get tired quickly, lose interest in shooting, and strive to crawl out (run away) from the frame.

How to be?

Prepare the most convenient place for the child to shoot, where he can be in a relaxed state. For example, if he is still struggling to hold his head, spread a blanket on the floor, lay it on the edge of the pillow and calmly take pictures of the baby lying peacefully on his back. If the child has only learned to crawl, then bumpers will be required – so as not to crawl out of the frame.

If the child is still unsteady on his feet and staggering, sit him on a large chair or place him next to some kind of support (low sofa or wall) and take pictures.

Choose the best time to shoot. Photograph when your child has a good mood, he is full, slept well and is happy with everything. Be attentive to the baby, stop for food, drink, toilet, sleep …

Take a picture on the already familiar territory. After all, everything new and unfamiliar may frighten the baby and become a serious stress for him, then it will be no time for photographing.

Tune in to a calm and positive mood. Your mood will be passed on to the other participants in the survey, as a result of which they will become more open and relaxed, and the photos will be more emotional and natural.

Wait for the right moment. If the child does not want to be photographed, you should not force him, otherwise it will necessarily be reflected in the photos not in the best way. Wait, usually in children the mood changes quickly.

Be sure to reward children for a photo session.

Be sure to find yourself an assistant who, while you are trying to catch a good moment, will have to:

  • monitor the safety of the child, that is, it will be required from him 100% concentration of attention and focus only on the child. After all, even a very small crumb tries to fall, to drop something on himself, to put every bjaku in his mouth, to run away;
  • monitor the appearance of the child, that is, fill, comb, wipe and carry out your commands;
  • to attract the attention of the child so that he looks at the lens – for this you can make you funny horns or twist a toy next to the camera lens;
  • replace you and take photos of your family at full strength.

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