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Perfect vacuum cleaner: what moms want

Perfect vacuum cleaner: what moms want

We have learned from three mothers what requirements they place on vacuum cleaners, and made sure that the Dyson V6, V7 and V8 cordless vacuum cleaners meet all expectations.

“My daughter is allergic to dust. A little bit, it starts to sneeze and eyes water.

I do the cleaning every day, but it doesn’t always help. ” Elena, 25 years old

In this case, the revenue will come vacuum cleaner Dyson V8. Its patented cyclone system and powerful digitally controlled engine will not leave a single chance for dust. Dyson V8 and Dyson V7 Animalpro cordless vacuum cleaners have installed post-motor filters that trap fine dust, bacteria and allergens up to 0.3 microns in size with an efficiency up to 99.97%.

This means that Dyson V8 removes the smallest dust consisting of microscopic skin flakes, dust mites, particles of books and newspapers. Dyson vacuum cleaner keeps everything collected inside and releases only clean air, which is especially important if someone in the family suffers from allergies.

In addition, Dyson V8 boasts excellent suction power for cordless vacuum cleaners (and the highest among all wireless Dyson models). Like all models of this family, Dyson V8 is equipped with a removable tube and easily transformed into a portable gadget for easy cleaning from floor to ceiling, including hard-to-reach places.

At the same time, the maximum number of additional nozzles for cleaning any surfaces in the house is included with the vacuum cleaner – be it an exhaust grille, keyboard, mattress, space between furniture or bookshelves. Dust won’t have a chance to hide! The operating time of the device (up to 40 minutes) allows you to abandon other vacuum cleaners and carry out both daily and full-fledged general cleaning only with the help of Dyson V8.

An ideal model for perfectionists.

Perfect vacuum cleaner: what moms want

Perfect Vacuum Cleaner: What Mothers Want

“I joke that I have five children, not counting my husband: two sons, a daughter, a dog and a budgie. The old vacuum cleaner could not stand the volume of work. ” Maria, 38 years old

To ensure the strength of vacuum cleaners, Dyson specialists test them up to 50,000 hours. The battery charge of wireless models is guaranteed enough to clean the entire apartment.

A space design should attract older children and a husband. They will still argue whose turn it is to help you with the cleaning!

Pet owners should pay special attention to the Dyson V7 Animalpro model, complete with a mini electric brush for upholstered furniture and pet grooming. Universal nozzle, which is equipped with all models of Dyson V7, effectively cleans carpets from stubborn dirt and animal fur.

Hard nylon bristles penetrate deep into the carpet, and soft antistatic carbon fiber bristles collect fine dust from hard surfaces.

Perfect Vacuum Cleaner: What Mothers Want

“My son is five years old, my daughter is three years old. The period of creativity and active knowledge of the world.

For me, a compact vacuum cleaner, always ready to come to the rescue, is not a luxury but a means of survival. ” Kristina, 36 years old

With Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, there is no need to set aside a special cleaning time. For example, using even the most basic model Dyson V6 is so easy to maintain cleanliness in the apartment on a permanent basis!

And this is very important when there are small children in the family. The vacuum cleaner is always at hand – it is stored on the docking station, which is attached to the wall, so it is always charged and ready to go.

It does not matter if the children cut the bread under the table or scatter pieces of paper. Do not get a bulky unit from the cabinet and get confused in the wires.

Light, compact and manoeuvrable, the Dyson V6 easily handles scattered cereals, small pieces of paper, and crumbs in the kitchen or sand in the hallway. It also effectively eliminates the smallest dust. In addition, they can vacuum any surface – floors and walls, ceilings and shelves of furniture, children’s high chairs and cribs.

The basic nozzle Dyson V6 (as well as all wireless Dyson models) is universal – it copes well with dust, debris and even pet hair, both on carpets and on hard flooring.

No matter how many children and pets are in your family, among Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners you will definitely find a model that suits your needs and lifestyle. And you can be sure of the result – dust and dirt have no chance!

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