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Perfect holiday: how to organize a child’s birthday

Perfect holiday: how to organize a child's birthday

Want not to spoil the birthday of your child? Arrange a thematic holiday, but not a banquet “about”.

Themed matinees allow kids and even teenagers to immerse themselves in their favorite story, put on the costume of their favorite hero, and meet their favorite characters from books or cartoons. It is this kind of magic that gives children unforgettable impressions.

First of all, pay attention to what books he likes to flip through (or already read)? Then watch his favorite cartoons with him, which he revises over and over again. What does a child draw or mold from plasticine?

What is playing? What kind of toys?

All this will tell attentive mom and dad the themes of the holiday for their girl or boy.

Perfect holiday: how to organize a child's birthday

Perfect holiday: how to organize a child's birthday

You can think about what you can do yourself (after all, no one canceled the crisis in the yard!), And that only with the help of the agency. Of course, it is normal for parents to save money when preparing a holiday for their child. Thus, most of the costumes for a thematic holiday can be made with your own hands (from old curtains, tablecloths, colored paper and glue), and even with brothers and sisters of the hero of the occasion or even with him.

But compiling the correct script and engaging animators, presenters, musicians, and DJs is better to entrust to a festive agency. Professionals will do this job a lot better. If the holiday is prepared in advance, it will bring substantial savings.

You can save up to 25% of the investment in the celebration, if ordered in a holiday agency for 2-3 months before the birthday. Savings are achieved due to the fact that the restaurant prepaid by the agency (a cafe or a special children’s entertainment center) allows you to receive a discount on a banquet for children and adult guests in the amount of 5-10% (approximately the same discount is given by the scriptwriter, director, presenter, animators, costumes for animators, decorations and festive decorations, musical and light-dynamic equipment for a disco, a DJ, an ensemble of musicians, a fire show, etc.).

Perfect holiday: how to organize a child's birthday

Perfect holiday: how to organize a child's birthday

Perfect holiday: how to organize a child's birthday

  • For availability in the contract points of prepayment and postpay. If parents try to take all the money before the holiday, there is a risk to receive low-quality services for which they will not return the money. Typically, professional agencies take 75-80% as a prepayment to pay off all the scriptwriters, directors, decorators and artists they have hired. But they will be offered to pay their service fees in the amount of 30-25% after the event.
  • The reference in the contract, according to which, the “script” and “estimate” of the holiday are an integral part of the contract. This item will allow to control what is happening at the celebration and, if something goes wrong, to call the agency to account.
  • To specify in the contract a clear time frame, according to which the stages of preparation for the holiday (and the holiday itself) must pass. In addition, the training plan should contain the names of the responsible persons from both the agency and the customers.

If the first year or two of the child’s life on his birthday are gathered by relatives and friends of the parents, then from the age of 3 a company of peers is needed. With them, the baby is more fun to play, namely the game for the child is the dominant interest. There are a few simple principles of forming a company for children on a holiday:

  • 3-5 years old – the elder brothers and sisters (if any), two or three peers from the sandbox or from kindergarten, as well as animators in costumes of their favorite books and cartoons are the ideal guests of the baby’s birthday. Do not invite too many guests, for the heroes of the occasion quickly get tired of the many-sided and excited crowd of fun, and the fatigue of the people of the day often pour out into his tears.
  • 6-10 years old: the child already has some friendly attachments and it is these that need to be taken into account when forming the guest list for a birthday. But know the measure in the number of invitees! If there are too many children, they will soon forget in honor of whom they have gathered and will be carried away by games, forgetting about the real hero of the day. Experience shows that the optimal number of guests at this age is 5-7 people, and a critical 10 or more. At the same time, the number of costumed animators at a thematic festival should not be too high: 3-5 characters are enough.
  • 11-15 years old: a child is perfectly oriented in what he wants for his birthday, and he can make a choice: to call only best friends or all-all-all. In this and in another case, parents should listen to his desire and invite as many guests as the birthday man wants (or means allow). Animators and artists for the holiday can be called in sufficient quantities. The main thing is that all of them fulfill their roles according to a previously created scenario plan strictly, and not be a motley inconsistent crowd.
  • From 15 years and older: adolescents often prefer to celebrate their birthday without the presence of parents and adult relatives. This should be treated calmly, understanding that the desire to feel like adults with teenagers is especially acute. To be calm about what is happening on the holiday, it is useful to resort to the services of professional animators, artists and presenters who can work with young people. When there is a pre-compiled scenario in which the roles of not only animators, but also children are clearly marked, you should not worry about success.

Perfect holiday: how to organize a child's birthday

Perfect holiday: how to organize a child's birthday

Perfect holiday: how to organize a child's birthday

Perfect holiday: how to organize a child's birthday

We offer several short tips:

  • Try to stop going to the toy store. The annually repeated gift of dolls or avtomobilchik leads to the loss of the child of the enthusiastic perception of the gift, which donors are waiting for. Much more can cause positive emotions and vivid impressions, if you give your daughter, for example, a professional photo session, renting for this for a couple of hours a professional photo studio with a full set of specialists (photographer, decorator, costume designer, hairdresser, makeup artist). More valuable will be a gift to a little boy, if instead of the next designer, give him kart racing for children on the race track under the guidance of professional instructors. Moreover, the cup and medals, bought for this in a regular sports shop, will be appreciated by the birthday boy and his friends especially highly if you arrange a bright award ceremony on a real pedestal to the solemn music with a splash of children’s champagne. In a word, give impressions, not toys, and children will appreciate it.
  • Do not skimp on the design of children’s parties (especially if they are thematic). Your children will experience more enthusiastic impressions if, on your birthday, you give them a real immersion in a fairy tale or favorite story filled with magical flowers, castles, aircraft and, of course, their favorite characters come to life.
  • Do not forget the treats! For many parents, a stamp is triggered – the holiday treat should be especially diverse, beautiful and tasty. But, as practice shows, for children the most desirable treat on their own birthday is the food that their parents in everyday life reject. It’s about fast food: french fries, nuggets, pop root and coca-cola. Most of all, children will be happy to get permission to eat the forbidden food at least once a year.

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