Perfect child

Perfect child

There are children who do not need to repeat two times, who obey at once and do not bring their parents special trouble. They will not jump on the sofa and will not try to measure the depth of the puddle. Such children do not risk doing what is forbidden by their parents.

To tell the truth, it’s generally easier to do nothing. With such babies is very easy.

Their behavior is always under control.

Very obedient child in the family can be proud of. After all, most of those around them admire.

But there are also those who reflect on the topic of how this baby will grow up. Will he have problems in adulthood? Can you stand up for yourself and say no when you need it?

Will this behavior lead to the other extreme? Would he taste life in all its negative aspects?

A very obedient baby trusts his parents immensely. He does not think what his act can lead to, he does only what he was allowed, and does not bear any responsibility.

Such a kid has no personal opinion, because everything is decided for him. He tends to listen to any request or request.

As a result, with age, he begins to produce the so-called “false self.” The child thinks he wants exactly what others want.

Do not accustom the child to unquestioning obedience, he must learn to make decisions, because no one will give ready-made recipes in adult life. Try to give your child the opportunity to make a choice, to express their opinions.

Allow your child to explore the world, do not impose many prohibitions.

Full obedience can be dangerous and the accumulation of negative emotions. The baby does not know how or is afraid to express them and keeps everything in itself.

Show how to overcome anger, anger: draw a scary picture, crumple paper.

Some children of this type are shy – this is due to low self-esteem, self-doubt. Show your baby his uniqueness, which will bring him success in life.

Let him know that they love him, regardless of his obedience or disobedience.

Perfect child

Such a crumb is a real find for parents. He is ready to do all the housework available to him. The kid, seeing the dust on the TV, grabs a rag, then sweeps the floor, and after dinner he does the dishes.

He cleans the toys for himself and his older sister. And at the cottage? At the cottage, he is ready to water the beds, runs to pick berries.

You can rely on it in everything.

So what’s the problem? Family members start using this desire to work very quickly. Gradually, the baby begins to serve everyone.

Bring something, feed it! Yes, and peers understand that he will not refuse.

Assembles toys after a joint game – he. Bed to fill – again he.

The teachers also ask the little workaholic to take the dishes in the kindergarten, and his constant duty is to arrange the chairs for classes.

A child of his age and much older may be irresponsible and not carry out all the tasks assigned to him. Even adults do not always force themselves to do everything they need.

Do not demand too much from the child. While for the kid housework is a big game.

Of course, it is interesting to splash cups in the sink, help mom wipe the dust, try how the vacuum cleaner works or make out purchases. And children, economic by nature, especially like it.

However, a game is a game, and a routine is a routine. Do not impose on the child too much work, do not make him a Cinderella, accustomed to unpleasant or hard work – clean the shoes for all family members, take out the garbage, wash the floors.

The kid will out of habit fulfill all requirements. After all, he believes that this is conquering your love and favor. But, working for the benefit of the family, the crumb gradually close the door to the world of childhood, the world of games and entertainment.

Do not miss the moment when work ceases to bring joy and becomes a burden.

Perfect child

And this kid is almost like an adult. He will not wait for him to sleep and read a book, he can make the bed as if he can fall asleep without any problems. He does not need to wake you up in the morning if he got up early: he will clean his teeth and wash himself, he will get dressed and go to play.

He can wipe the nose of his younger brother in his three and a half! A very independent kid doesn’t particularly share his feelings, he doesn’t tell how the day passed in the garden.

The child received such independence either forcedly (the parents simply do not have enough time to care for the baby), or he was specially trained to cope with difficulties on his own.

Parents of such a child have no problems now – he does not require time or energy, does not distract from his own hobbies and affairs. There will be no problems and when the crumb grows up.

He himself will achieve everything in life.

However, the child may experience difficulties. He used to solve everything on his own and not use anybody’s help. This little man will not appeal to his parents, even if the situation is difficult and he can not cope with it.

He may have serious difficulties (anything can happen in life), and no one will know about it.

Without delving into or participating in the life of a child from the very young age, do not expect that you will be able to establish a confidential, close communication with him. And if you still need it, do not miss the time.

Be interested in the joys, successes and problems of your baby. Help him, participate in his life, direct.

After all, learning from the mistakes of others is much easier than learning from others. In addition, the child requires the boundaries of what is permitted.

He should know what to do exactly what is impossible, what is permissible, and how his actions are green.

Without your participation, the child himself will feel insecure and lonely. “If mother cares, forbids something, even scolds, it means she loves. And if a mother provides complete autonomy, how will I know that I am dear to her? ”The child subconsciously decides.

Limit independence by age, dose it and release your chick from the nest very carefully.

Perfect child

In the third year of life, the child becomes acquainted with the concept of “mine” – begins to realize that there are objects that belong to him, and believes that this is part of his own “I”. Attempts by other children to take the baby’s toy are perceived by him as an encroachment on him.

Its integrity must be maintained. Hence the stormy protest.

Children of this age are not willing to share. And this is normal and natural.

In relation to other people’s things, there is no such understanding yet. Learn that the things of other children are their property, the baby can not yet.

So he is trying to seize other people’s machines or dolls, carefully guarding their own.

The child must learn to manage their own things, without pressure and threats. At this age, you need to master the ability to refuse.

Greed is a consequence of the development of the child, which is not the case with generosity. Generous children cause affection of others and the pride of parents. Nice to say that my child can share, that he is not greedy at all, unlike yours!

However, this pride quickly gives way to chagrin. The kid gives out everything – candy, toys, expensive gifts.

Unheard of generosity can be caused by a child’s loneliness, jealousy of a newborn in a family, or problems in the relationship of parents, divorce, for example. The little one needs to feel the elation, and he tries to earn praise.

Caress, communication with the child, the time spent together – the best medicine for excessive generosity.

A child can bestow buddies, and only because he wants to be friends with them, but does not see other ways.

It is necessary to explain to the kid that friendship rests on different concepts. That friends are appreciated for their kindness, their ability to play, have fun, give support, etc.

It is necessary not only to tell the child about friendship without gifts, but also to lose the situation on toys (“Friends were born with Mishka only for his gifts, and when the gifts were over …”). Let the child see what situation he can get into, and be sure to find a way out with you (Bear will learn to be friends, playing with other animals, coming up with interesting activities).

And do not zadarivayte your crumbs toys, do not indulge a lot of sweets. Maybe he simply does not need them any more, and therefore, without knowing the price of your gifts, he will part so easily with them.

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