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Party “Children’s Gift Day”


The tradition of organizing the Day of Children’s Gifts came to us from the United States. There she is called Baby Shower (from the English. “Baby rain”). It is understood that a woman waiting for the firstborn, literally rained down a wonderful gift for the baby.

And she almost bathes in compliments, expressions of love and care from loved ones. The ideological inspirers of the party are close friends and relatives of the pregnant woman. They solve the basic organizational issues, leaving only the honorable duty of the celebrant: making a “dowry sheet” to avoid an awkward situation when guests suddenly, without saying a word, come with a couple dozen of identical microscopic sliders (the baby grows up without trying on half) or choir will acquire a “flock” of teddy bears.

The party is held one and a half to two months before the expected date of birth of the baby, and its duration usually does not exceed 2–3 hours, because the mother should not get tired. It is great if a photographer is invited to a party.

How nice then again and again to view the bright memorable photos of this special day.

Extra-advice: do not listen to suspicious people who advise to postpone the purchase of a dowry until the birth of the baby. They are either stingy and do not want to spend money on a gift, or dozing.

Check in response to their remarks: maybe they were preparing for the end of the world last year?

The Baby Shower tradition originated in America in the 19th century. Then relatives and girlfriends of the pregnant woman prepared exclusively hand-made gifts. Having barely learned about the “interesting position” presented by them, they pored over sewing or knitting tiny things.

And the honorary duties of potential grandmothers included the inheritance of family silver.

The “geography” of the holiday location may be different. In the warm season, a holiday can be spent in nature, outside the city.

Future mom is useful to breathe fresh air. But if the weather is not “whispering”, it is better to stay at a more traditional option – a holiday in an apartment or, if funds permit, in a rented cottage, or even a suite in a hotel.

Another interesting variant of the venue for such a “bachelorette party” is a beauty center (just specify in advance what procedures a woman can afford “in position”).

Extra-advice: with the start of navigation, rent a river tram for a holiday and plan a stop in a picturesque bay.

Hollywood example. One would assume that the stars suit the Baby Shower exclusively in luxury locations.

Jessica Alba refutes this opinion. She invited her guests to a cozy tea house in a quiet area of ​​Los Angeles.

The main emphasis in decorating the venue of the celebration – on children’s topics. And let the ideological inspirers of your holiday compete in ingenuity. How to give the room the right atmosphere?

For example, you can hang on the walls or under the ceiling garlands of baby booties, caps, rattles. Numerous balloons are also relevant – blue or pink, depending on who is expected in the family.

You can use baby bottles with trimmed nipples as containers for mustard or sauce on the stand table, and the teethers for teeth will replace napkin rings with time. Wonderful and self-made posters with good inscriptions in the spirit: “Welcome, baby, we are waiting for you!”

An indispensable element of the festive entourage is the throne on which the future mommy will sit. It can be recreated from the usual cozy chair, draped with its beautiful bedspreads, decorated with ribbons, applique in the form of stars from foil.

Well, if all the guests of the event bring their infant photos. They can be hung on clothespins or put together in the original poster-collage.

Do not sign the photos, but give the guests the opportunity to guess who looked like in their distant childhood.

Extra-advice: Do not forget to put in a prominent place a box – a piggy bank for useful tips. Experienced mothers will write on paper cards their recommendations for the future mother.

Hollywood example. The decor of the hall at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York was amazing with its splendor when Jennifer Lopez celebrated the Baby Shower herself.

Since the star was expecting twins – a boy and a girl, the room was decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystals of blue and pink.

The custom of bestowing a pregnant woman exists in the traditions of many nations. So the Baby Shower has analogues.

INDIA. In the seventh month of pregnancy, the expectant mother is bathed at dawn, offering prayers to the ancestral deity.

After the washing, the married relatives put various offerings on her knees: decorations (primarily bracelets), money, etc. On the festive table there are sweet dishes made of yellow (saffron tinted) rice.
COSTA RICA. Here, future moms gather girlfriends for an event, the name of which literally translates as “tea basket”.

For a cozy tea party, a pregnant woman accepts small gifts for the baby from the guests.
SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC. Holiday for a pregnant woman in this country is called “Party at the stork.”

It is traditionally conducted when the expectant mother is in the sixth month of pregnancy. The party is prepared by the pregnant girlfriends.

They buy or, more often, do their own hands gifts for the future baby, invent funny games and contests.


So, if the mother made a baby registry in advance, the guests have no problem choosing a gift. But if the mummy’s fantasy is over, and the “uncovered” invitees are left, they can get out of the situation by presenting a certificate to one of the children’s goods stores. Gaining popularity and the idea of ​​giving “certificates for personal services.”

So, on a beautifully designed postcard, Mommy receives an obligation from the donor to “take the pregnant woman to the maternity hospital when the time comes”, “to walk with the baby for 3 hours”, “to cook a 3 course lunch two Sundays in a row”.

Extra-advice: It would be great if, as a thank you, after the party, you send out cute greeting cards with words of appreciation.

Hollywood example. Tori Spelling as alaverdi presented each guest (there were 50 of them!) A pearl necklace worth more than $ 600, as well as a designer blanket.

Fun themed games – an integral part of the holiday Baby Shower. This is where the party organizers can unleash a violent fantasy. How, for example, about the “gourmet quiz”?

The players are blindfolded and given a taste of baby vegetable or fruit puree. Well, what’s in that spoon?

And guests can also give out leaflets with questions that the young mother will answer with ease, but neophytes or parents of already grown up children can get in the way. “At what age does a child give his parents his first smile?”, “What is a nibler?”, “What teeth do crumbs appear first?”

And who will remember the most words from the arsenal of a dowry for a baby? Participants have paper, pen and 5 minutes to refresh their memories. Whose list is more impressive, he won.

At the same time, the expectant mother will be able to figure out whether everything is ready for the appearance of the crumb.

You can check the friends eye by inviting them to measure in centimeters the size of the future mom’s rounded waist, and they can also try to guess what the height and weight of the newborn will be, and at the same time the date of its birth. That’s just who turned out to be the most astute of all, it will be possible to find out a bit later.

The baby swaddling competition (the baby doll acts as the test subject) reveals the most dexterous one. According to the unspoken tradition of the holiday, the future mommy should win the contest.

As an active fun, invite guests to play baby bowling. In the role of pins – baby bottles, weighted with water.

The rules are simple: you need to knock down as many pin bottles as possible with a ball.

Mommies in the store were probably quite a few tiny socks. You can ask to bring them to use for one evening.

Mix the booties in a pile, and let the players sort them by pairs “by the judge’s whistle”. The one who found and collected the most pairs was the leader!

Extra-advice: A wonderful idea to create a “temporary capsule” within the framework of the celebration with messages for the baby. Guests can write on the leaves how they see the future of the child and their wishes for him.

The notes are put in a container (for this purpose a tin can for cereals will fit, and it will be sealed with wax with the note: “Open on the day of majority.”

Hollywood example. Britney Spears held a party in the Moroccan style, so the entertainment has a special flavor.

The guests learned the method of lulling a baby with the help of African rhythmic drums.

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