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Pancake week: every day is a holiday

Pancake week: every day is a holiday

According to the church regulations, only dairy food and fish can be eaten at Maslenoy week. No wonder that in the liturgical books this time is also called the Cheese Week.

And all Masleno pancakes are supposed to be eaten not with meat, but with butter, sour cream, cheese. Every day Maslenitsa used to have its own traditions.

What was supposed to do at this time?

Pancake week: every day is a holiday

On this day, an effigy of Maslenitsa was made of straw and old clothes, it was driven around the village. In the morning, the daughter-in-law was sent to her parents, and in the evening the father-in-law and her mother-in-law came to their relatives themselves and agreed on how they would celebrate this year.

Our advice: On this day, you can buy the necessary products for the celebration and slowly start to bake pancakes.

What can be done with the child: sew, knit, draw or fashion a Shrovetide doll, give it a name. Search for suitable pancake recipes.

Speak with the child out loud and write down what you will do every day this week.

Pancake week: every day is a holiday

Boys and girls called each other to frolic, have some fun and take a walk – drive on a skating rink, gawk at the booths, fly on a swing. It was possible to woo, get acquainted with future relatives.

Our advice: Even if your personal destiny is already arranged, absolutely nothing prevents you on this day to breathe the fresh, frosty air and just wander through crowded streets.

What can be done with the child: go skating, go to a children’s play or make a snowman in the yard. Invite to visit and play, for example, in board games, together with the same age of the child – girls and boys.

Pancake week: every day is a holiday

On this day, the son-in-law went to the mother-in-law, and she personally cooked pancakes for him. The mother-in-law tried to please the young relative and express his respect to him, constantly putting a piece more tasty and fatter.

Our advice: Since this whole day is actually set aside for gluttony, get some cooking done. Experiment with the dough – for example, buy oatmeal or rice flour.

Take the time to make the stuffing yourself. Try to make pancakes with pripekom.

What can be done with the child: together make pancakes. Let the kid help as far as possible – count the right amount of eggs, bring a sieve to sift the flour, along with you, follow the process of heating the milk.

Older children learn to oil the freshly baked pancakes.

Remember the proverb about the fact that “Broad Maslenitsa came”? So, only the last four days of Shrovetide were called Wide, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These days it was allowed to no longer work, but with might and main to celebrate.

It was a kind of equator – three days of Shrovetide behind, but there are still three days ahead.

Pancake week: every day is a holiday

The day is not for nothing that was called. Festivities from this day have already unfolded everywhere, and the fun literally flowed like a river. Riding horses, stormed and seized lined up small towns, rolling excitedly from the mountains.

The men entertained themselves with fist fights.

Our advice: The meaning of the present day is to throw out all the accumulated energy, including negative. So we offer to have fun to the fullest.

If age and status do not allow you to ride with ice and snow slides, at least run around the park in a race with the dog.

What can be done with the child: to move freely and fuck at home or on the street – to arrange battles on pillows, to lie in the snow, to destroy the snowman, fashioned in the courtyard on Tuesday ground (of course, if the weather permits). If there are boys in the family, arrange a boxing match for them under adult supervision.

Pancake week: every day is a holiday

Return visit mother-in-law to son in law. Having dismayed each other with their fists on the eve, the men could no longer be afraid of anything, including the arrival of the mother-in-law.

And again, the endless eating pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, gingerbread and other food, which now for her mother baked her daughter, the mistress of the house.

Our advice: If parents live far away and cannot come to visit, arrange a cozy dinner for your family.

What can be done with the child: if there is an opportunity, let the baby spend time with his grandmother. Let her tell him a fairy tale or sing a song.

And you can arrange a small home concert.

Pancake week: every day is a holiday

The husband’s sisters came to visit the daughter-in-law, along with their unmarried friends or with their relatives. The sister-in-law should treat the sister-in-law and present gifts to the husband’s sisters.

Our advice: Such gatherings at Shrovetide are a good reason to gossip in the women’s circle about this and that. Gather your friends, discuss the latest news, share recipes.

Send your children and husbands to play in another room.

What can be done with the child: take advantage of the opportunity and talk about who in the family has to whom. Tell about all members of your big family, for example, about cousins ​​and sisters, about those who live in other cities.

You can draw a family tree so that the child is not confused.

Pancake week: every day is a holiday

Towards the end of Shrovetide, it is customary to ask each other for forgiveness for the offenses caused. In Russia in the evening they commemorated the departed, went to the cemetery to say goodbye to relatives. The rest of the food was burned in the evening, the dishes were carefully cleaned, and the rooms began to be cleaned.

Burned, finally, and the effigy of Shrovetide, made on Monday.

Our advice: Call those who have not communicated for a long time. Make peace with those who quarreled with.

Step over yourself and apologize – especially to those closest to you.

What can be done with the child: continue the story about the family, tell the child about your grandparents, whom he has not found. Together with him, ask forgiveness from all those close to you, tell us how to do it better and why you should try not to offend anyone.

Preparing for Clean Monday, put together all the garbage in the house.

Finally, we propose to see an interesting 12-minute video about Maslenitsa. Why did this holiday get its name, why build a snow fortress on Shrovetide, and, most importantly, how are pancakes related to the holiday?

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