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On the verge of fiction: the most unusual childbirth of 2014

On the verge of fiction: the most unusual childbirth of 2014

The world’s first child born after uterine transplantation was born in September at the University Hospital of Gothenburg in Sweden. This event was a real breakthrough in medicine. Indeed, since the first in the world uterus transplantation was carried out in 2002, not a single attempt to implant the embryo there has resulted in the birth of a child. “Baby-sensation” got the name Vincent, which in Latin means “winning”.

His mother, a 36-year-old resident of Sweden, whose name is kept secret, has a uterus and a kidney because of a rare genetic abnormality, but two healthy ovaries are present. In 2013, the woman was transplanted with a uterus, the donor of which was a 61-year-old family friend who already had two adult children. Contrary to the anxieties of doctors, the pregnancy was much calmer than one would expect, and the child grew normally.

At the 31st week, his mother had a cesarean section. The weight of the baby was 1.8 kg, which is quite natural for this period. Now Vincent is developing well and is no different from other babies born in a less complicated way.

This miraculous birth gives hope to know the joy of pregnancy and childbirth to thousands of women who have no uterus from birth (but have ovaries) or have been removed because of cancer and other diseases.

On the verge of fiction: the most unusual childbirth of 2014

28-year-old resident of California Vanessa Cervantes became the mother of this giant. Her son Andrew Jacob Cervantes was born on January 16 with a weight of 6 kilograms of 860 grams and a height of almost 61 centimeters!

The baby was born with emergency caesarean section at the 39th week of pregnancy. The “dimensions” of the son, although they surprised their parents, did not come as a complete surprise, because the two older children in the family were also born with a weight of more than 4 kg. However, without modern medical technology, the prosperous birth of such a large child would be impossible. Newborn “giants” often have serious health problems that were recently considered incompatible with life.

Thus, the record holder of the Western Hemisphere, who appeared in Canada in 1879 with a weight of almost 10.5 kg, lived only 11 hours. Prospects for little Andrew, too, could be sad, because he was born with serious breathing problems.

Fortunately, the newborn was immediately loaded onto the plane and taken to Loma Lind’s large children’s clinic, where he was treated.

On the verge of fiction: the most unusual childbirth of 2014

Modern medicine is an amazing example of the skill of doctors and the courage of patients. Another proof of this is the 29-year-old Briton Sarah Pierce – the first woman in the world who managed to become a mother with practically non-functional kidneys. The normal functioning of this body is crucial for the development of pregnancy; in renal diseases, the risk of severe complications for mother and child is very high.

In the life of Sarah there was already a tragic example of this: her first child was born 3 months ahead of time and died 4 weeks after birth. The fact that a woman could conceive again and endure two children at once is a unique case.

Sarah has suffered from severe renal pathology since she was born, and in the last 10 years she was forced to undergo dialysis three times a week – a procedure to clean the blood from toxins (a task that the kidneys normally perform). The twins were born on July 1 by caesarean section, at the 32nd week of pregnancy. Immediately after giving birth, little Henley needed mechanical ventilation, and his sister Harper was surprisingly happy.

A young mother is sure that it was the girl who supported her brother and helped him to be born.

October 6, 2014 began for the 24-year-old Briton Claire Evans as the most ordinary day, and ended with … the sudden birth of a daughter. At five minutes my mother did not even suspect about pregnancy. Sensing a pain in her stomach, she called her therapist, and he advised her to see a surgeon to rule out a kidney infection.

When the woman arrived at the ambulance station, her water was withdrawn and the doctor discovered the cervix was 9 cm wide. Just half an hour later, right in the treatment room, Claire gave birth to a girl weighing 2600 g. The event was a surprise for the young woman, because did not notice any signs of pregnancy: neither nausea nor a growing belly. The story might have seemed incredible if it were not for modern contraceptives: long-term intrauterine devices and subcutaneous implants can cause cessation of menstruation.

Since they are set for up to 5 years, a woman for a long time forgets what “critical days” are, and in the case of a “misfire” she can enter a state of pregnancy without noticing it.

On the verge of fiction: the most unusual childbirth of 2014

The kid, who was born in Perm on September 11, would hardly have become known to the whole of Russia if it were not for the name that his parents decided to give him. The newborn was called … Lucifer.

Parents of the boy, Constantine and Natalia Menshikov, are Satanists. They pondered the prospect of such an unusual name even before the birth of the child, but my mother finally confirmed her choice during the birth.

The process was very difficult, and she promised that if the baby survived, she would be called Lucifer. Neither in the recent Soviet nor in the pre-Soviet past, such a situation would have been unthinkable – but in the 21st century the “devilish” name did not create any problems for parents with official bodies.

True, the news appeared in the media provoked outrage of believers and the local Cossacks. But the Orthodox priests were less categorical and reminded of the existence of Christianity of St. Lucifer in Christianity – he was the bishop of Sardinia and lived in the 4th century AD e. Yes, and young parents said they would give the son freedom of action and he will be able to change his name at the age of 14, if he wants.

Births at an altitude of 6000 meters – this is only possible in our technological age. On May 7, in this “sublime” way, two babies appeared at once.

Twins were born right aboard the An-24 aircraft en route from Zyryanka to Yakutsk. Their mother, 25-year-old Irina Vasilkova, half an hour after take-off, the waters broke and the contractions began.

For the remaining one and a half hours of travel, the first girl was born, and after 15 minutes her sister. Fortunately, the future mother was accompanied by midwife Elena Sleptsova, who took delivery with the help of flight attendant Christina Kondratieva and a male passenger who held a blanket over the woman as a screen.

At the ramp, doctors met the mother with the newborns and took them to the hospital. All participants of these extreme childbirth were in perfect order.

The company Polar Airlines, which owns the aircraft, as a birthday present, presented the twins with a certificate for free flights on the route Yakutsk-Zyryanka-Yakutsk right up to the age of majority.

On the verge of fiction: the most unusual childbirth of 2014

Little Chanel Marrish from the British city of Shechem was born under a lucky star – contrary to the diagnosis that was made to the girl already at the 20th week of her mother’s pregnancy. On February 24, a surgeon performed a miracle after performing a unique open-heart operation in the first minutes after birth.

The chances of the girl being born alive at all were so small that her parents, Faye and Michael Marrish, were twice offered to end the pregnancy. Their daughter found a hypoplastic syndrome of the left heart, due to which only half of the organ works normally. This pathology occurs in 1 out of 3 million children.

A few decades ago, methods of surgical treatment of such patients simply did not exist, and even now such operations belong to the highest category of complexity. Doctors installed a special design in the heart of the girl – a stent that allowed her to live a week before the next, 7-hour, operation.

The baby turned out to be a real fighter and courageously went through all the stages of treatment and recovery. “Miracles happen,” her parents wrote on her daughter’s Facebook page.

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