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On the pot in two days

On the pot in two days

There are two views on how to move the baby to the pot. According to the first, parents are at the helm – they decide when and what methods to wean the child from the diaper, regardless of his age and level of development. According to the second view, the correct transition without subsequent complications is possible only with the child’s full physical and emotional readiness.

So, in the days of our grandparents’ youth, teaching the child to the pot was, as a rule, early and strict. It was believed that most 8-week-old babies are already amenable to training.

Everything changed exactly the opposite in the 60s of the last century, when pediatrician Berry Brazelton said that in order to successfully abandon diapers, the child must grow up, and parents should not force it too early.

The fact is that using a pot really requires a certain level of development from a child. You do not expect from a 5-month-old baby to go himself or to lump up complex sentences? Of course not, because everyone understands that these operations require a certain body control, physical and mental skills.

So in our case. A very small child is simply not capable of such a feat.

On average, a healthy, typically developing baby moves to the pot at the age of 2 to 4 years. In girls, this process usually occurs earlier than in boys.

As a rule, they understand their body better and tend to be clean more often.

On the pot in two days

The first thing parents of an upcoming baby should understand: potty training is not a race! There are no awards for those parents whose baby abandoned diapers earlier than the neighbor.

Just the joy of knowing that you are throwing the last diaper in a bucket.

Of course, you can decide without looking at the baby that it is time to change the diaper to the pot. But first, your attempt may not succeed.

Secondly, get ready for a long methodical struggle with the baby. The only question is why?

Much less stressful for you and for the child will wait a bit.

How to understand that the time has come to change to the pot? The baby will give a signal, you just have to watch him carefully.

  • He understands his body and feels when he wants to go to the toilet. Perhaps he is hiding behind a sofa or waiting for the opportunity to be alone.
  • Strives for cleanliness. He does not like to sit in a wet or dirty diaper, and he gives you to understand that it is time to change it.
  • He is ready physically, that is, he can walk to the toilet on his own, take off his pants and sit on the pot without help.

Does your child do all this? Then we offer you a 2-day potty training!

On the pot in two days

Going to the pot will take you only one weekend. When you find the child is ready, plan your time so that you have two days free from business and traveling and get ready to spend the weekend at home, focusing on the process.

Here is what you need to do:

Step 1. At the beginning of the first day, give the baby special training pants. These are reusable knitted panties specially designed for the transitional stage with additional layers of fabric between the legs.

They can usually be found in children’s stores in departments with children’s underwear or in online stores. If the child does his “work” in them, he will definitely be wet, and he will sooner want to change them.

Step 2. First, teach your baby to use the pot in parallel with the use of training pants. Let him take them off, going to sit on the pot, like an adult.

Or, if the baby is uncomfortable or scared to sit bare ass on the pot, let him first sit on it right in the panties.

Step 3. Talk with your child. Discuss the order of his actions, explain to him that he should listen to his body and sit on the pot if he feels it is time. Find out if anything is bothering him in this new procedure.

Do not forget to praise the little hero, but do not overdo it. Do not turn praise into toy or sweetheart.

Your child does not need a new toy or candy every time he successfully went to the toilet! Such a “bribe” rarely works.

The main motive of going to the pot at the baby should be the desire to be clean, and not the desire to get another “bribe” from the parents.

Step 4. During the weekend, send your child to the toilet first thing in the morning, before and after sleep, after eating and every two hours if he does not do it himself.

By the end of the second day, does the kid remember the pot himself? Mission Complete!

The final rejection of diapers will occur in a matter of days.

If, by the beginning of the second day of the “accident” on the floor and in the pants occur all the time, then the baby is just not ready. Do not scold or punish him in any way, do not show him your disappointment. On the contrary, be sure to praise even for the smallest successes.

Go back to the diapers and set aside a 2-day training for another weekend. You should not continue to use training pants – it is unlikely to speed up the process.

And you, spending more time and energy to clean them, once again you will feel disappointed, and your baby – guilty.

If, having carried training pants over the weekend, the crumb expressed regret that he had spoiled them a couple of times, it means that the operation was successful. Continue to give him training pants, and after a few days the result will not take long.

The unpleasant cases will stop, and you can safely switch to ordinary clothes.

On the pot in two days

Most babies have a few false starts before the pot takes the place of the diaper. And that’s fine! But there are children who have a transition process with complications:

Nothing can tear such a kid out of class, even a physical urge. At that moment, when it is already impossible to ignore the process, he simply does not have time to get to the pot.

Result: “Accident” while driving in the direction of the toilet.

Decision: use a timer that will remind you every hour that maybe it’s time to go to the toilet. In the end, the baby will learn to hear his body and respond to emerging needs in time.

Myself controller

He would rather sit in a wet, dirty diaper, thereby defending his right to decide for himself when and where to go, than to follow your instructions and requests.

Decision: keep calm. In this power struggle, it is wise to step aside and give the child the opportunity to deal with everything himself. Just take away his diapers and let him deal with the products of their life.

You can also make him responsible for cleaning them. Use a timer or clock to remind you.

You will see that the process will go much faster and more successfully when you stop making a big problem out of it.

On the pot in two days

Keeps everything in itself

If the baby had at least one painful experience with constipation, it is quite possible that he will never again want to relieve himself of need again. Each time he will endure to the last, and as a result he will again experience illnesses.

The vicious circle closes.

Decision: consult a doctor. In such cases, doctors usually prescribe a short course of a benign laxative that will help the baby’s body gently get rid of the accumulated surpluses. With the same purpose, you can add to the diet small foods containing fiber – this will help normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Your task is to relieve the baby from the painful sensations before proceeding to the transition to the pot.

He stayed on the pot, and in no way will he start going “to the adult” to the toilet. For him, this is a real room of fear.

He is afraid of falling into the toilet, frightened by the sound of a sink or trembling at the mere thought of meeting with the toilet monster.

Decision: Ask your baby what exactly he is afraid of. In no case do not laugh at the baby.

Take his fear as a given. A little coward will need time and your support.

Start with elementary explanations in the spirit: “to walk in a diaper is absolutely normal, but sooner or later you will have to go to the toilet”. And then you have to work with the specific fear of the baby. Afraid of the sound of plum – press the scary button together.

Afraid to fail – let your baby go to the toilet in training shorts without taking them off. If the child accepted your proposal readily, cut a hole in his underpants – it sounds weird, but for some children it is more comfortable than sitting with a completely bare ass.

The kid will find that the results of the works were in the toilet, and he himself did not fall there.

On the pot in two days

In order for the bed to be dry at night, the size of the baby’s bladder must be large enough to hold urine throughout the night. Or the child’s brain must be developed to such an extent as to awaken in the middle of the night.

A child can achieve this in a few months, or even years, after he has successfully mastered daytime toilet skills. Approximately 15% of healthy 5-year-olds are statistically unable to control the urination process at night and 10% of 6-year-olds also need night protection. But if your child is already 7, and the problem has not yet been solved, it is worthwhile to attend to and contact a specialist.

If the child is still small and already wakes up dry for 4 weeks, try to put him to bed without a diaper.

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