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On the pot after 2 years?

Remember the lessons of anatomy? The kidneys filter the waste carried by the blood and transform them into urine, which descends from the kidneys into the bladder through a canal called the urethra.

The bladder is closed by a small muscle, the sphincter, which stretches at the same time as the bladder contracts, which makes it possible to urinate.

The child can experience feelings of fullness of the bladder and control sphincters from about 14 to 18 months. Before that, the baby is completely at the mercy of reflexes: he urinates without thinking about it. As soon as the bladder is full. it simply empties automatically!

The same applies to the chair: the sphincter of the rectum is stretched under the pressure of what is in it.

On the pot after 2 years?

In the second year of life, the connection between the brain and the spinal cord, which is necessary to control sphincters, is ordered. But each child has its own rhythm.

Observe the baby: if he can climb after a fall, lean forward so as not to fall, confidently ascends or descends the stairs (a demonstration test!), This means that he can block, relax, restrain, release any muscles.

Learn to recognize the behavior of the baby. Habits of children are quite predictable: for example, they go to the toilet immediately after sleep or soon after eating.

Often they give signals to the body: they begin to fidget, make grimaces, and so on. As soon as it seems to you that the baby wanted to go to the toilet, immediately put him on the pot. If the baby refuses, do not insist.

With a negative attitude to the pot will be difficult to fight.

On the pot after 2 years?

Purity cannot be learned in one day. Especially at an age when it is so nice to contradict parents.

Yes, and the diaper prevents children less than their parents. Nevertheless, a new stage begins in mental development (psychologists call this the “anal phase”): the child discovers how pleasant it is to hold back and then be relieved.

Another way to control your body.

During the day, leave your baby without a diaper more often. Your child will not like to feel very wet, and he will soon realize that it is better to ask for a pot.

It makes no sense to require the child to stand on the pot at night, if he does not ask for the day. Managing sphincters in a state of deep sleep is much more difficult.

An afternoon nap can serve as a good workout: if after a few siestas you state that the diaper is dry, this means that the baby can do without it.

Learning to be clean at a very early age is promoted by the organization Diaper Free Baby (literally “baby without diapers”). It was founded in New York in 2004 and now has 35 branches in the United States.

The basis of this method is the idea that a child is able to feel the urge to go to the toilet from birth, so babies can be easily taught to the pot. Carefully watching the signals that the baby gives (jerking legs, fidgeting, groans, etc.), the mother can learn to guess when he wants to go to the toilet.

Having learned to recognize these signs, she will be able to bring the baby to the pot, sink or bath in time. While he is doing his job, a mother should grumble a little or whisper “pis-pp-pis” or use sign language to help the baby learn to relate the sound or gesture to the actions performed.

In the end, the baby learns to tell his mother about his desire to relieve himself.

On the pot after 2 years?

A typical American trend that does not take into account the mental development of a child is considered by European pediatricians. Using the mechanism of reflexes, it is of course possible to teach a child to cleanliness. But the child is not a car!

It is very important that he experiment independently and voluntarily over his sphincters and learn to restrain and release. Most psychoanalysts claim that a child “accustomed” to purity too early has every chance of having problems in the future: behavioral difficulties, psychological and neurotic problems will manifest themselves in adulthood.

After all, this “learning” is closely related to the child – mother relationship: the basis of this technique is the mother’s desire to control everything absolutely. and for the child there is no loophole.

On the pot after 2 years?

The potty training method for babies is far from new. In France, for example, before the 1950s, most children started to go to the potty before their first birthday (some parents even used soap candles to get the kids to go to the toilet on a schedule!).

And then Dr. Benjamin Spock appeared and advised mothers to teach the children to the pot gradually and in a softer form in order to avoid psychological problems in the future. Soon, the pediatrician, MD, T. Berry Braselton made official recommendations, which are followed by modern doctors and parents: you need to wait until the child turns 24-30 months.

If the baby is ready, the learning process will be much easier and faster and will not be accompanied by severe stress for its participants.

Women followed this advice with great pleasure. No wonder: after all, it coincided with the advent of disposable diapers, which saved the mothers from having to devote all their time to washing.

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