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On the bright side

On the bright side

Spend with your baby at least half an hour a day, morning and evening, each time put aside things to really listen to him when he wants to share something very important for him to you. Believe, your child really needs this. The attention and love of parents give him a sense of security and constancy in this world.

Even the fact that for you is a trifle means a lot to the crumbs! For example, to get a baby in the morning, it is not necessary to set a raspy alarm clock next to his bed. Instead, start a pleasant awakening ritual consisting of a pair of tender hugs, three kisses and a light tickling.

You’ll see, the baby will like it, and you no longer have to persuade him to get up for a long time!

To help those who are lucky in life a little less than you, is a noble and pleasant occupation. In addition, it teaches children compassion, the ability to share with others what you have. Collect together with the child toys, which he has in abundance and in which he has not played for a long time, the clothes from which he grew up, as well as old sheets and towels.

Take it all to a homeless shelter or an orphanage. Your baby will be pleased to see that his noble impulse is appreciated, and he wants to do it again.

Want to teach a child to compliment? Play a game with him. For example, let every evening one of the members of your friendly family receive a beautiful plate from which he will eat all the next day and, most importantly, receive all the attention, encouragement, compliments, praise and honor from everyone sitting at the table.

At first, your baby will swim in glory, enjoying his “royal” position, but soon he will learn to create a good mood and give compliments to other people – just as he has recently been done.

Make a fool of yourself: roll the hula hoops together with your child, take a walk, dance together or arrange a real pillow fight. This will amuse both of you, and, as you know, laughter has a positive effect on the nervous system, increases the amount of endorphins – the hormones of joy in the blood, makes us happy and relieves depression. In addition, it is a natural analgesic.

He laughed – and the head does not hurt. In addition, laughter is extremely beneficial for the immune system, antagonistic to stress.

It prolongs life! Want to be less sick and tired – laugh more and move more actively!

Of course, any parent would like everything in a child’s life to be successful. But in life there are different moments: bright and not so. Protect the crumb from all problems is impossible, and not necessary.

It would be better if you teach him to treat life positively, not perceiving it as a constant struggle for survival. Formulate a life motto, for example: “Everything will be fine!”, “There is always a way out!”.

The words learned from childhood will give the child a positive life attitude.

Be sure to develop self-confidence and hope for the best. Any problem can be solved, the main thing is to not lose heart. Everything will be fine if the mistake is perceived as a life lesson and draw the right conclusions.

Show your child that this world is amazing and beautiful. It provides a lot of opportunities for each person, you just have to want and make a little effort.

Teach your child to use it, set goals and go to them, not paying attention to the difficulties.

On the bright side

Throughout history, mankind has been inspired by art. Introduce your baby to painting, music, dancing and everything that will help him express his true emotions and feelings.

Sometimes even a simple, albeit unpleasant for your hearing, scratching or tapping with a wooden spoon on an empty pot can make your baby happy!

Believe it or not, all kinds of smells and aromas that surround us can make your baby more happy and calm. The fact is that there is some connection between the olfactory organs in the nose and the part of the brain that affects mood.

So, for example, the smell of lavender, green apple or vanilla affects the child peacefully.

It is true that exercise has a beneficial effect on the body and on the mind of a person, even the smallest! Regular physical activity helps to relieve tension and stress, maintains a good mood.

But that’s not all: many studies prove that children who are actively involved in sports find it easier to find a common language with other people. Therefore, play with the kids as much as possible in moving games, or at least walk every day after dinner with the whole family in the nearest park.

Even kids sometimes have a bad mood, and our task is to teach them to cope with it, find the true cause of tears and grief and switch attention to the positive things that exist in the life of the child. For example, your baby came from the kindergarten upset and announced to you that today his day was awful.

Chat with him. Try to calmly find out what happened.

Listen carefully to the stories of the children of the events of the day, do not forget to ask how he felt at the same time.

After such a conversation, it is often possible to come to the realization that the day the child was really fine, just during lunch, he accidentally spilled some soup on himself carelessly, and the other children began to laugh at him. Try to explain to your child that this is just a small episode of a generally positive day, where there was a lot of interesting things: games, a walk in the park, and even delicious ice cream!

So is it still worth worrying about this little trouble?

Not only adults, but also the smallest ones have stress. Ask your baby to sit down and close his eyes for a while. Let him remember something pleasant — for example, a Sunday walk and ride on a merry-go-round, or your joint trip to the sea, where he didn’t get out of the water for a long time, and then bask in the sun and build sand castles, or birthday when his little friends came to him and they had fun together from the heart … yes, whatever!

And now ask the crumb to create in your imagination a “magic little chest” in which he will put various pleasant memories. And when he suddenly becomes sad again, he will be able at any moment to open it in his mind and thus raise his spirits and share it with his friends!

One of the easiest ways to help a child feel like a full-fledged family member is to give him the opportunity to do something at home on an equal basis with adults. Kids love it when they turn to them for help and ask for their advice.

Even a three-year-old baby can bring cutlery and arrange them at dinner plates or dinner, place their toys in places, and a four-year-old child is already able to make the bed on his own and arrange the laundry in colors.

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