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On sick leave with dad

On sick leave with dad

If mom and dad work, then whose work will be in priority? Perhaps from a material point of view, it is more profitable for a mother to take care of a child to take to her mother – in this case she will lose less money than her father, but … A woman who routinely takes sick leave (and this, if the kid goes to kindergarten, is inevitable), the employer may hint gently that, they say, a reduction in personnel is planned.

That’s when you have to take the hospital for the care of the child to the father. Yes, you involuntarily change roles, but there is nothing terrible in such a scenario, and in the end, “Dad can do anything.”

And let him care for the crumbs. This means that you are doing what is necessary at the moment, adjusting to the circumstances and showing respect to the interests of other family members.

In addition, the law is on your side. After all, neither in the Labor Code, nor in the orders of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development, which regulate the procedure for issuing disability certificates, it does not say who is given sick leave to care for a child.

Legislation allows you to get a sick leave for any relative caring for the child. However, this relative may not live with the child and he should not confirm the degree of kinship with the crumbs.

The relative only has to work (under an employment contract or individual entrepreneur) and transfer contributions to the social insurance fund.

It should also be noted that if a child is younger than 7 years old, the mother can be given a sick leave to take care of him for 60 days a year. And as many days a year, the baby can be sick with dad.

No one ever said that only mom should care for crumbs.

But smoothly only on paper, but in real life there are still “ravines” – the established practice and very important restrictions, which are spelled out in the orders of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development. Thus, paragraph 40 of the Order of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation dated June 29, 2011 No. 624n “On approval of the procedure for issuing disability certificates” states: “The disability certificate is not issued for care:

  • during the period of annual paid leave and leave without pay;
  • during the period of maternity leave;
  • during the period of parental leave until the child reaches the age of 3 years. ”

From this we will proceed, considering different situations when a child may be on sick leave with dad.

On sick leave with dad

Dad can get a sick-list for child care from the day when mom got sick. But the established practice is such that mothers usually sit with the sick baby, so the social insurance fund will consider the father’s sick leave almost under a magnifying glass and, if such an opportunity presents itself, will gladly stick to everything he can.

To spread the straw and play it safe, do not be lazy to take in the clinic the paper that the mother was on sick leave and could not take care of the child, or at least show your employer a copy of my mother’s sick leave.

The situation is common, but difficult to solve. Instead of a sick mom on leave to care for a child under three years of age or a sick dad should go.

To do this, the mother must write a statement to the employer that interrupts parental leave. Any of the adult family members who can document their relationship with the mother or child, passes this statement to her mother’s employer.

The latter must issue a certificate that maternity leave for a child under three years is interrupted and the monthly allowance to the mother is not paid. Only then can the mother be entitled to temporary disability benefits, and based on the certificate, the father can go on leave to care for a child under three years old or take sick leave to take care of the baby.

After recovery, the mother will again be able to resume parental leave.

Considering that all these manipulations are done is a very troublesome thing, and it’s not one or two days that can consider the application, it is easier for dad to take regular leave or leave at his own expense for family reasons.

A hospital for a child’s father’s care will be given out only if the mother stops the child-care leave and takes the usual sick leave. Again, as a safety net, dad should get a certificate from her wife’s work that she interrupted her leave, and from the hospital – confirmation that she was hospitalized and present these documents to her employer.

Hospital child care father will be given. But again, as a safety net, a mother needs to get a certificate from her employer that she did not receive disability and child care benefits during this period.

It is impossible not to notice one oddity: when a mother is given a sick leave to care for a sick crumb, the social insurance fund does not require a certificate from his father’s work. But dad has to stock up or a certificate of hospitalization of his wife, or a certificate that she worked, was on a business trip.

In the latter case, the pope must provide his employer with a copy of his wife’s travel certificate, a copy of a travel order or a copy of tickets.

On this occasion, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation even adopted a special resolution. It emphasizes that fathers have the full right to hospital care for a child not only during the illness of the baby, but also during the illness and hospitalization of the mother. But to realize this right, you need to spend a lot of time and stock up on a bunch of documents.

And although the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation recognized that “the existing practice … cannot guarantee the protection of the interests of the family and the child” and it should be simplified and made as convenient as possible for both parents, and there and now. So carry help, gentlemen!

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