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Olga Kabo: “The birth of a child is the elixir of youth for a woman”

Olga Kabo: “The birth of a child is the elixir of youth for a woman”

HAPPY PARENTS Olga, tell me, feelings from the expectation and from the birth of the second child a little after the first, how different?

OLGA KABO Emotionally, time does not change anything. Waiting for both children, I equally felt that it was not one that was filled with a new life. In this sense, age does not matter.

But the degree of responsibility … Perhaps now it is higher. When you give birth in a certain age category, you already perfectly realize that it is necessary to think not only about children, but also not to forget about yourself, because a child needs a healthy and happy mother. As for excitement, I used to feel them more, probably because there was a fear of the unknown, I had no idea what it meant to be a mother.

And Vityusha wore lightly, up to the 8th month inclusively enjoyed working, traveling, in general, living a full life. In general, pregnancy is a fabulous state of immersion in itself. You can dream, dream about who it will be, what it will be.

And when the baby starts to move, it seems as if he echoed your thoughts. And from this heart is filled with such love!

S.R. Experience with Tatiana helped when Victor appeared?

Or was everything forgotten?

OK. Of course, something was forgotten, but there is a memory like muscular, returning if necessary.

As soon as the doctor gave me the coveted package with the newborn Vityusha, I immediately remembered how to hold it, how to attach it to my chest. And, probably, this is something innate, feminine, because Tanyusha, who never had any experience in caring for babies, took her brother for the first time and did it absolutely right!

S.R. Does your spouse, the father of two adult sons, also help him?

OK. I think men are the opposite.

The older they get, the more they tremble with children. For Nikolai, the birth of Viktor became a real event!

Firstly, the baby looks like a father like two drops of water, and secondly, Kolya now has more time to practice a child, which he could not afford with older children. And, if I’m away – on set or on tour – my husband tries not to leave home for a long time.

Nikolai can cook a bath and feed the boy. And my men already have common interests – they love to ride a motorcycle, play football, and water the beds together.

True, our daddy is worried about every occasion, be it a scratch or a toothache. But, do girls and boys grow without the same bruises and bumps? Today, for example, Vityusha came from a nursery-kindergarten with a scratched cheek.

Something is not shared with the girl Liza, with whom she is generally friendly and always walks by the hand. Kolya was terribly upset, began to find out the details, although Vityunya had already forgotten to think about this incident!

S.R. If we compare Tanya and Vitya at this age, are they similar?

OK. Totally different. Well, besides the fact that they have different fathers and different gender, they also are not similar in character.

Tanya was always a very restless girl – it was impossible to put her to bed, she changed the day from night, and until three and a half years it was a terrible torment. Tanya has always been very emotional and actively expressed that she did not like.

Moreover, to reverse her reluctance was simply impossible. The character was so martial that in order to dress her for a walk in the winter, the help of several people was needed. And Vityusha is a holiday boy!

He always wakes up in a great mood, with a smile, sleeps like an angel at night, sometimes he can not even hear him breathing. Walk – so walk, love – so love, play – so play. And most importantly – he always knows what he WANTS.

And he wants everything! And this is so cool.

What or whom does it depend on? Nobody knows.

It’s just that everyone is already born a personality

Olga Kabo: “The birth of a child is the elixir of youth for a woman”

S.R. That is, a person is born already formed character?

OK. In the East, the chronology begins not from the day of birth, but from the moment of conception. They are sure (and I agree with this) that the first 9 months of the uterine period a person lives a full life, he receives all the information through the umbilical cord.

It is born, already charged with a certain energy.

S.R. Mom’s pregnancy shapes his character?

OK. Of course, mother’s mood and well-being, the “weather” in the house — everything influences its formation. How much heat will parents give him?

How will communicate with him, how to talk? What books, paintings, films look pending?

I am sure that the first 9 months of life – the beginning began, the starting point of the future person. That’s why I agreed to take part in the family festival, which is called: “The Ninth Month”.

S.R. Why do you think you were invited to be the face of the festival “The Ninth Month”?

OK. At this stage of my life, I feel more like a woman, a mother, rather than an actress.

My children, Tatiana and Victor – the center of my personal universe. But the desire to be with them all the time in no way negates my creative beginning. On the contrary – the children gave me harmony!

So my life in the Mossovet theater is in full swing. Last season there was a new play with my participation – “Dangerous Liaisons”. Now I am waiting for the signing of two contracts in the cinema, and one of them is a children’s fairy tale!

As for the “Ninth Month” festival, I think most of all it is necessary for young people. They are so independent, on the one hand, and not ready for responsibility, on the other, it is necessary to return to the idea of ​​creating a family.

S.R. Your elder, Tanya, how did you perceive the appearance of your brother?

OK. Without much joy, she even cried a little, which was natural, because Tanyusha was used to being the only one. This reaction was dictated by purely childish jealousy.

But as the pregnancy went on, my daughter turned more and more to face me. And, as a result, Tanya became my main assistant, quite ready to become a sister.

Olga Kabo: “The birth of a child is the elixir of youth for a woman”

S.R. Why did these changes happen?

OK. I tried to spend more time with her, we talked a lot, I shared my feelings with her.

Of course, I was preparing her for the fact that, at first, I would have to spend more time with the baby. But not at all because I love him more than her, but simply because he is still very small and helpless, and he needs the constant presence of his mother.

S.R. That is, even a 14-year-old girl needs to pronounce everything?

OK. Of course! Daughter has become part of our family event.

And I involved her in my mother’s troubles – we discussed together what should be the nursery, chose furniture together. And a month and a half before my son was born, Tanya and I went to rest in Greece together, and there for the first time I felt that my daughter had matured.

It can be said, as my tummy grows, Tanechka’s self-consciousness grew. She resigned herself to the fact that I no longer have one, and also assumed some of the responsibility for my brother.

I really appreciate our trusting relationship. And although her daughter is now very busy, she is studying at the final year of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, Tanya is trying to devote part of her free time to Vityune.

And the baby is infinitely happy to “interfere” with Tanya to do homework, sew pointe shoes or practice stretching. In addition, we have a tradition to spend the weekend together – we go to visit my parents or visit our pet, the Patron stallion, who stands in the Otrada country club.

S.R. And what does Vitya already know?

OK. He goes to a small private kindergarten, which is located in a cozy mansion with a huge garden, where cherries, apples and currants grow.

There are some kids in the group, so the tutors have enough time for everyone. I like the fact that the son communicates with his peers, in the team the children learn a lot from each other.

Vityunya tries to eat on her own, and also gradually wears away from diapers. In addition, there are many developmental activities in the garden: kids draw with their palms, mold them out of clay, and make appliques. The teachers come up with interesting games, teach the kids to communicate with each other.

But the main thing – Vitya goes there with pleasure. I wake him up in the morning: I ask: “To the kindergarten?”, Victor smiles and nods his head!

S.R. Does your family have any specific principles of education?

OK. Only intuition.

The child himself, like no book, will tell you where he feels good, where he feels bad, what he wants, what he does not want. The main thing is for children to grow up in love. And from the young nails got used to independence.

Here Vitya, three months after his birth, lived alone in his room. No matter how difficult it was for me, I came to the nursery to feed the baby, and then left him sleepy in the crib and returned to the matrimonial bedroom, where there was a radio nanny.

S.R. Can you be called a strict mom?

OK. Of course not. You know, I say that everyone in my family loves me very much, but no one obeys, ranging from dogs (and we have three dachshunds) to children.

Even the sound of my father’s voice acts on Vitya much better. No, Kolya doesn’t raise his voice, we try in the family not to move to higher tones at all, but simply says what needs to be done – and the son immediately fulfills the request. And we try not to prohibit children in reasonable limits.

I would like the childhood to be bright and joyful, because, having matured, our children will still face a real, hard life. And this is not going anywhere.

Once, for one publication, I was asked to recall the 100 happiest hours of my life. So, 90% of my memories were from childhood.

These emotions stay with a person for life and make us truly happy.

S.R. Olga, tell us where our readers can see you at the theater today?

OK. Very soon, on October 21, in the Svetlanov Hall of the Moscow International House of Music, a literary and musical play “The Memory of the Sun” will be held, dedicated to Anna Akhmatova. And for us with the singer Nina Shatskaya, with whom we created this project, this is a special date.

Indeed, this year Russia is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the birth of great Anna Andreevna. And our performance is a poetic story about the poet’s creative life, from her early works (the poem “Right by the Sea”) to the most tragic chord- Requiem.

S.R. What is new to you, as an actress and a woman, gave birth to children?

OK. Having a child for any woman is an extraordinary energetic, a powerful incentive to be in shape.

A sort of elixir of youth. To be strong, beautiful and young – wants not only for myself, but above all, for my children. Always be for them the most-most, one and only!

And if with such a feeling to go on stage or film set, the success of the role is simply guaranteed.

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