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Oleg Osipov and Utah: Project for Life

Oleg Osipov and Utah: Project for Life

HAPPY PARENTS Utah, and Tosya already familiar with the work of his mother? Generally, what do you usually sing to him?

YUTA I sing different – Soviet songs, even hymns, but everything that is sung. And there is one my song, which Tosa really likes, “On the edge”. Acts on it just magically.

When it was absolutely tiny, it looked like this: I sing this song, and Tosya lays her head on my shoulder, and he begins to drip … they drain on my elbow, then on the heel … and we both experience some unreal delight. Now the drooling is almost not dripping, but the rest of the picture is the same.

S.R. Tosya is such a militant and active guy, that the question naturally arises: who is bringing up whom?

Are you his or he you? UTA No, we have everything right: we educate him. I’m just a supporter of the theory that a child under three years old should be allowed everything or almost everything.

It should be as little as possible all “can not.” Let him grow free and confident comrade.

But, although we are resolving quite a lot to Tosa, it is possible to agree with him. Suffice it to say: “Tossenka, do not do that, BECAUSE …” – and he listens.

S.R. So your principle is not to prohibit, but to explain?

YUTA Yes. I have repeatedly come across mothers who behave like dictators, believing that it’s easier and better for a child.

But when you see their scared, downtrodden children, it becomes uneasy.

S.R. You are back on stage when Tosa was 4 months old.

How did you manage to combine intensive work and feeding? UTA Before the first performance, I was terribly nervous.

Apparently, this adrenaline got into the milk. Tosik became very excited.

And I realized that I have no right to worry so much, since this little man is now entirely dependent on me. I had to pull myself together.

S.R. Utah, and was not in the shower “razdravaya”? After all, while the child is so small, mother is very difficult to part with it.

UTA Of course, there was an internal conflict. You can very beautifully explain to everyone that you cannot live without creativity, but your heart still requires being with the child. But when you do only them, the feeling of guilt torments that the work is worth it and no one will do it for you.

So I had to learn to negotiate with myself. I used to have a complex that I am a bad mother. After all, there is always a reason for self-blame.

Not so told a fairy tale, not so porridge cooked. Then I realized that there was no limit to perfection in this area, and calmed down.

Oleg Osips Actually Utah is an amazing mother! She can come home at 1 am after the hardest work in the studio, and cook her son some special soup or porridge until 4 in the morning.

She is extremely knowledgeable in educational matters. She has all the science.

For example, from the very beginning she decided to bathe Tosya in cold water. I, the mother-in-law, my mother and the nurse, stood around the bath, like a choir of mourners, and begged her not to do it. But Utah insisted and was right.

Pah-pah, for two years my son has never seriously caught a cold.

Oleg Osipov and Utah: Project for Life

S.R. Let’s go back a few years ago when Tosi was not even in the project. I know that your acquaintance was purely business at first.

And when between you that same spark slipped? OLEG Indeed, it all started with the fact that, searching for music for the TV series “Soldiers”, I came across the song “Once upon a time”, bought the rights to it and met the composer – that is, with Utah.

Well, met and met – how little is dating? The time has passed, the series has already been aired with great success, and then the soundtrack was released, and a party was arranged on this occasion. I sit at my desk, around friends and colleagues.

Suddenly Utah appears … like once! – and the sun came out. I was thrown at this moment!

There was some kind of irrational feeling that life had suddenly changed! YUTA Already on the first date, Oleg started talking about the child: “We’ll make him?” ?

It was flattering and incredibly pleasant that he was immediately so serious.

S.R. So the baby was planned and desired?

OLEG Not that word! We prepared for this very seriously, consulted with doctors, passed all the necessary tests. After all, a child is a project for life!

No wonder the child in all religions is the absolute, the most important thing!

S.R. Utah, how strong were the emotions when you first saw your son?

Utah Emotions are crazy! I lay and roared with happiness! Although I did not particularly want a child.

My head understood that it would be necessary, I would soon be thirty, it’s about time. Yes, and my beloved husband wants children.

But I have not experienced any maternal feelings. When I came to the clinic and heard other pregnant women enthusiastically tell that their child is turning in their stomachs, she thought: “I also turn to the side, that I don’t feel any emotions?

Probably, I am a freak! ”Therefore, when Tosya appeared, in one minute a wave of happiness washed over me also because I was a normal woman to whom all these motherly feelings suddenly opened!

S.R. Oleg, you, unlike Utah, already had parental experience by this time.

One of your daughter is a student, another schoolgirl. Feelings for the son, probably, other, than to daughters?

OLEG I love my daughters incredibly. But the son is some kind of completely new world.

We called him Anatoly in honor of my father. Dad was an absolutely amazing person.

YUTA Even when I was pregnant, Ira Bogushevskaya told me: “You will have a terribly interesting time, because you will look at the world through the eyes of your baby.” And now, knowing what happiness it is, I absolutely sincerely want a second child.

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