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Objective: to achieve uniform weight loss!

Objective: to achieve uniform weight loss!

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The fat on your body is evenly distributed, and this is undoubtedly good news. You and grow stout, and lose weight everywhere.

But most of all discontent causes typically female problem areas – buttocks, thighs, abdomen and hands.

Your goal: You need to achieve a uniform weight loss. You should lose weight gradually, so that the muscles are not affected.

The main task – to lose extra pounds gradually, so as not to melt the muscle mass. But not too slowly, otherwise the stimulus will quickly disappear. An improved version of the Dukan diet will help to achieve results relatively quickly (its other version is known as the “Kremlin diet”).

You can try to make a bet on protein foods and reduce the number of all other classes of products, and it is better to completely eliminate them from the diet for the period of active weight loss. This diet is recommended to practice 4 weeks. During this time, you can lose 4 kg.

Such a gentle weight loss scheme does not harm the body, and if it does not suit you, try one of the “right” diets described in the previous article.

Not all, but low-fat, which are contained in lean meats (in veal and beef, and not in lamb or pork). Our body spends a lot of energy on their processing, which, among other things, is stored in the form of fatty deposits. In this case, proteins can save muscles, and they are low-calorie.

They also greatly reduce appetite, remove fluid from tissues … Animal proteins are the basis of this weight loss program. You can eat beef, grilled veal, fish, crustaceans, shells, poultry meat (except goose and duck), eggs and low-fat dairy products.

2. Complex carbohydrates

They are low in calories and very helpful. Choose raw cereals (rice can only be brown or black), pasta made from durum wheat, baked potatoes.

Eat them for tomorrow and lunch, not for dinner.

The more we drink, the more often the bladder becomes empty, the better the kidneys excrete harmful decay products. It is necessary to drink 2 liters of water per day in the form of pure water, tea, coffee or herbal decoctions.

Drinks should be consumed without adding sugar.

It retains fluid in the tissues, prevents the body from removing toxins. In addition, most dishes can not be salted, and their taste does not suffer from this.

It all depends on the habit, and it can be changed.

2. Fast carbohydrates

It is allowed to eat only vegetables, because they contain extremely little carbohydrates. But the proportion of fruit is recommended to be significantly reduced.

According to this weight loss scheme, they can only be consumed in natural form, that is, as part of approved products. At the same time meat should be chosen lean.

This does not apply to fish: fatty fish are not banned.

Objective: to achieve uniform weight loss!

  • Porridge or omelette with a slice of whole grain bread or two eggs with a slice of whole grain bread
  • Drink to choose from: water, coffee, herbal decoction
  • Homemade Vegetable Soup
  • 100-150 g lean meat
  • Served with: unprocessed grits or pasta made from durum wheat
  • Fresh fruit (except banana)
  • 150 g fish, OR seafood, OR 2 boiled eggs
  • 100 g stewed or fresh vegetables

Strengthen the whole body

Practice walking on the spot for 5 minutes in the open air or in front of the wide open window. You can improvise: for 30 seconds, raise your knees to your chest or try to get your heels to the buttocks …

Pump the upper torso

In the standing position, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the waist, make right-and-left bends, then for one minute, turns in one direction and in the other direction. Repeat each session 4 times.

In a standing position, spread your legs wide. Hold a long stick or mop, keeping it parallel to the floor. Now get her neck and put it on her shoulders.

While inhaling, lower yourself down so that the buttocks are flush with your knees. Keep your back straight, squeeze the buttocks tight.

On the exhale, return to the starting position. Do two sets of 15 such squats.

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