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Not dull charging

Not dull charging

Charging gives not only a charge of vivacity, but also a charge of good mood, a charge of skills and pleasant communication. And if you turn the usual exercises in a fun educational game, the benefit will be double. During charging, you can not only develop the coordination of movements of the baby, his physical activity, but also memory, thinking, attention, all mental processes.

In doing the exercises, you can correct the behavior, carry out the prevention of flat-footedness and visual impairment, implement any tasks.

The story of the appearance of charging will be interesting to your baby. Tell him that even in ancient times dinosaurs ran, jumped and climbed the mountains, that is, they did their exercises. They needed to have a lot of strength to get their own food, and not be food for others.

Ancient people also did not sit idle. Hunting required from them many skills, dexterity and skill.

Without charging, they would have remained hungry, could not make clothes for themselves.

Now offer the child one of the following games. These games can be included in the main set of exercises, combined or used as independent.

So, at the start, attention, march!

Sit on the sofa, chair, floor and chairs in the room 5-6 toys. Suggest your baby to remember which ones are where.

Then the baby will have to close his eyes, and you – to hide one of the toys. The kid will have to notice what kind of toy is missing, remember where it was, and sit down in an empty space.

Change toys, plant them in new places and continue the game. The number of toys can be increased over time.

Not dull charging

The game is good for the prevention of flatfoot. It needs two square flaps with a side of about 25 cm, embroidered with buttons.

Lay one shred in front of the child’s feet, and give the other one to him. The baby will have to stand on it, and then, bed the second, move forward.

So, shifting the free flap forward, the crumb must pass a certain distance.

And how do you want? Pass the swamp is not so easy!

This exercise can be carried out and collecting stones on the river. Spread them along a path and let the child walk along them. The game moment can be like this: a truck (a toy machine) sprinkles pebbles, and a child, like a real skating rink, makes asphalt.

Yes, there are already cars, waiting for when the road will be ready for them.

The goal of this game includes the development of balance skills, restricting movement in accordance with the rules, encouraging perseverance in achieving goals and a sense of success. Two stools needed for this game, any object or toy of medium size, a stick, a rope, a scarf or a strap can be found in any home.

Help the baby stand on one of the stools. Put the second one at such a distance that the child will need to make an effort to get the object lying on it. Explain to the child his task: to get the object, without dismounting from the stool, using a stick (or rope).

The crumb must first knock the object off the stool, then move it closer to itself and, bending down, take it out with its hand.

Be sure to praise the kid for a plucked banana, say that he is no worse than a real monkey. You can complicate the task by asking to close your eyes.

Keep a small child by hand, use low stools or small elevations. If the baby is interested in the game, tell him about the monkeys, their habitat, habits, together read the children’s encyclopedia about animals.

Do not carry away the stools, it is better to add a toy car or train.

Leading the train is not always easy. Well, if you want to roll it in a straight open surface.

And if on the way the bridge, and “drive” under it can only be crawling?

Nothing terrible, crawling still harmed no one, but only helped. It helped keep the spine and joints in excellent condition.

Invite the child to ride the train under the chairs and crawl after him.

If everything turns out well, then you can complicate the task by loading the cars or increasing their number. Now you can not hurry.

You can not roll the train, and carry out a doll under the bridge, or even a doll with her family. This is a matter of preference for boys and girls.

Whom that!

Not dull charging

If you wet your feet, you can get sick, so we will jump over the puddles. As puddles, you can use any pieces of fabric, spreading them on the carpet, or rubber mats, puzzles.

The main thing that they do not slip on the floor and the baby was safe. The child must jump over objects, keeping his legs together.

If the baby came in a puddle, he is considered wet and continues to play only when it dries. You can dry in 2 ways: lie down on your back and do the Scissors exercise with your legs or, sitting on the floor, lean on your arms and raise your legs alternately.

Read the poem, do the exercises:

One morning, me and Vlad

Let’s go look for treasure on the map.

We walked through the forest, went through the swamp (walking on the spot),

Then they ran for the raccoon (running on the spot).

We crawled, like snakes, through the grass (we move in belligerence),

Galloped, as if on a horse (jump).

Saw a clearing (walking in place)

And they began to dig a hole there (forward bend),

We found many values:

Two bumps, a root, five stones.

Give the baby a baby bucket with small toys. It is necessary to place the statues (toys) in the park.

You can put one on the floor when the presenter claps his hands. The child will walk with a bucket in his hands, after your signal, he should take one toy and set it in the place where it stopped. You can clap several times, then the child will have to put as many toys as there were so many pops.

You can tap a certain rhythm. For example, twice fast, pause and two more times.

The kid will have to put four toys in pairs.

Not dull charging

To develop coordination of movements, imagination, stimulate physical activity, to teach to follow the restrictions will teach the game in funny gaits. You will need a small toy, a small ball, a small pillow.

In the Martians, probably, everything should be different from ours. And the walk is completely different. I wonder how they move?

Perhaps they always keep their hands on their knees and walk just like that? Ask your child to walk, sit down, and get up without taking their hands off their knees.

Now offer another option. Put a soft toy on your head.

Can he move, sit down, stand up, crouch so that the toy does not fall?

Complicate the task by giving the baby a pad to hold between his legs. Yes, and the chin can hold something. Let the crumb try to hold the ball, toy and pad at the same time, and then perform simple exercises in this position.

Wow how hard it is good that we are earthlings!

Today is a holiday at the pond,

Snakes playing leapfrog

Over the bumps jump frogs,

At reeds fly flies.

And the turtle played like that

That even the house is tired.

Have the baby take turns depicting all the inhabitants of the pond. It is not so easy!

Already crawling – let the crumb crumble through the room. Frog jumping – becoming it, you will need to jump, joining legs together. Flies fly – the child will run around the room, waving his arms, spinning.

Depicting a turtle, you have to crawl on all fours again. We put on the sacrum of the crumbs a light bucket-shell.

Now, and the speed of movement resembles a turtle. To keep the bucket from falling, you need to crawl smoothly.

The quieter you go, the further you’ll get!

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