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No smoke and no fire

No smoke and no fire

According to statistics, 37% of moms and dads smoke in Russia with children. “There is a paradox: almost all parents sincerely want their child not to smoke when he grows up, although they themselves smoke in his presence,” says Sergey Gornov, PhD, a category I doctor, a psychiatrist-narcologist of the Moscow City Center for Prevention and tobacco treatment. “Children are taking an example from us, and it would be naive to expect other behaviors from them.”

If many have heard about the negative impact of tobacco on the future baby, then there are vague rumors about the harm of passive smoking. “The experience of doctors shows that if a father smokes in a family, the son, most likely, will also smoke,” says Sergey Gornov. “The same parallel can be drawn between mother and daughter.” Mom in the coordinate system of the infant is the highest creature whom he fully trusts and from which he takes an example.

Most people try their first cigarette in their teens when they symbolize independence and a challenge to society. When a person takes the first puff in his life, the body may react to tobacco smoke in different ways.

45% of people have nausea, vomiting, dizziness and psychological rejection of nicotine – they do not get pleasure from this process. “This is the body’s natural reaction to poison,” explains Sergey Gornov. “Only 2% of this group will become smokers.” The other 40% of people also experience discomfort at the physiological level, but they like the feeling of “pleasant relaxation” when they inhale smoke. “Usually this means that one of the parents smoked in the family,” the psychiatrist continues. “More than half of this group will be addicted to tobacco.” The remaining 15% rejection does not occur either on the body or on the psychological level.

They become addicted by putting out their first cigarette. This category more often includes people born from mothers who smoked during pregnancy, or raised in families where both parents smoked.

The word “habit” misleads us: even if it is harmful, you can easily get rid of it, we think and we are greatly mistaken. “In 90% of cases we are talking about nicotine addiction, which doctors refer to as mental disorders,” says Olga Speranskaya, Ph.D., head of the cabinet for developing methods for diagnosing the treatment of tobacco dependence at FGI SSC SSP them. Serbian.

If you smoke for more than 5 years and more than 5 cigarettes on a daily basis, including all alone, you smoke on an empty stomach, hardly endure forced separation from tobacco, most likely, you suffer from nicotine addiction. Another sign of dependence is automatism, when a person cannot explain how a cigarette fell into his hands.

No smoke and no fire

Tablets help relieve withdrawal – cope with irritability and aggression. For these purposes, doctors prescribe antidepressants or tranquilizers.

In mild cases, you can do with drugs that dull the sensitivity of taste receptors in the oral cavity, such as tablets “Bullfight +”. “Unlike antidepressants and tranquilizers, which can only be used for their intended purpose and under the supervision of a doctor, they do not have side effects and are sold in pharmacies freely, while giving a good result,” says Sergey Gornov.

“Chewing gums, plaster, nasal sprays, and nicotine-containing lozenges provide a slow and regular release of this substance into the body,” explains Olga Speranskaya. “They suppress the desire to smoke and save a person from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.” In tobacco smoke, in addition to hydrocyanic acid, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and carbon monoxide, contains more than 4,000 active substances.

Some of them are carcinogenic. Nicotine occupies a modest place in this list, so nicotine substitutes are much safer than cigarettes.

They are appointed individually, based on the number of cigarettes smoked.

The alpha capsule, a therapeutic device that combines aromatherapy, vibratory massage and “dry sauna”, will help relieve irritation and relax. The same effect has the “electric” – a method based on the impact on the patient’s central nervous system with a constant impulse current of low frequency. Normobaric hypoxytherapy is capable of enhancing the protective functions of the organism, the essence of which is reduced to inhalation through a special apparatus of oxygen-poor “mountain air”.

Acupuncture becomes a salvation for many: needles are placed on three points in the auricle. Effective biofeedback method.

The patient’s brain with the help of electrodes is connected to a computer, and under the guidance of a doctor he learns to control the physiological functions of the body with the power of thought.

“Any dependence is only a consequence of an internal problem,” says Sergey Gornov. “If it is not opened, a person can replace the craving for tobacco by another addiction — alcohol, food, play, sex.” Women often switch to food, men – to work.

On the identification of the causes of the psychologist takes an average of 5−8 sessions.

1) Change your habits

Make yourself a second light breakfast and snack. Lunch and dinner should consist of a low-calorie duet of vegetables and proteins, which are abundant in chicken and turkey. Come up with a ritual: instead of the old cigarette, eat candy or drink a cup of tea.

Do not stay at the table for too long.

2) Find a replacement

The desire to smoke by all means is not an easy test, but it lasts no more than 5 minutes. Distract yourself – brush your teeth, drink a slow glass of water, take ten deep breaths, eat an apple, write a poem-creation of Pushkin into a notebook.

Throw out all ashtrays, cigarette lighters, pipes, mouthpieces and cigarette cases, so that nothing reminds you of your smoky past. Smoking home, ask for accessories to hide.

3) Defend your rights

If in your presence someone gets a cigarette, tell him that you smell the smell of tobacco smoke. If your closest person smokes with you, tell us how hard it is for you to hold back.

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