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New year without extra kilos

New year without extra kilos

The first thing that is important to remember: do not wait for the chiming clock to sit at the table and pounce on food. December 31, it is important to eat as usual, three times a day, and dinner at the usual time – then overeating on New Year’s Eve does not threaten you.

But the sweet and dessert from the night feast is better to postpone the next morning. Many people forget that it is necessary to have breakfast on January 1, preferably before 11 o’clock – this will increase the splitting of fats.

Sweet food at this time will be very appropriate: on an empty stomach, you can truly appreciate their taste, and at the same time do not get the extra calories.

Starting a new life in the new year, going on a diet is not worth it: after heavy festive meals, it is more useful to arrange fasting days not earlier than January 3. Overeating and so was the load for the body, and with new stress – diet – it is better to wait until the digestive system has time to recover.

What must be on the holiday table?

  1. Clean water without gas – but not mineral water and not sweet drinks. Water quenches thirst better than other types of drinking, but also fills the stomach and allows you to quickly feel the saturation.
  2. Fresh, large-cut vegetables – they will improve the work of the digestive organs and leave less room for a more satisfying meal.
  3. Light low-calorie snacks. It is better to serve sauces to them separately, because gas stations are almost the most high-calorie part of many dishes.

Think over the menu not only for New Year’s Eve, but also for January 1-2. This will help you avoid repetition, “distortions” and make your diet more balanced.

Going to the store for shopping for the holiday table, make a list of products in advance so as not to buy (and therefore not to eat) too much. Do not cook large portions of fatty salads and hot dishes so that they do not have to finish eating for several days.

And even if you feel that you can hardly resist the temptations of the New Year’s feast, do not worry: there will be nothing terrible for your figure from a single overeating. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to deprive oneself of the pleasure of eating and categorically discard all favorite foods, when it is easy to make the holiday menu easier and more useful.

For example, to reduce the amount of fat in your dishes, remember a few rules:

  1. Choose lean meat and poultry without the skin (the calories of the veal are the lowest, the highest for pork).
  2. Bake the meat on a wire rack or in a special pan with grooves to drain the fat.
  3. Refuse fat sour cream, mayonnaise and heavy cream.
  4. Choose foods with a low percentage of fat, replace fried foods with boiled or boiled ones.
  5. Use non-stick cookware to reduce the amount of oil when cooking.
  6. Remember that vegetable oils also contain fat, and limit to 1 teaspoon of oil when dressing salad.

New year without extra kilos

So that the memories of the holidays are not preserved at your waist, a few more recommendations will come in handy for beautiful ladies:

1. No low-calorie diets and fasting! To get rid of excess weight, you need a balanced diet with a minimum amount of fat and simple carbohydrates.

If you usually follow a diet, but you know that it will not be possible to keep it on holidays, then it is better to remove restrictions and switch to a normal balanced diet no later than a week before the New Year.

2. Water is a must! It speeds up the process of burning fat, dissolves and removes oxidation products.

Water helps the skin to tighten and smooth when the volume of the body decreases. Doctors advise to drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day (here, in addition to water, tea, juices, first courses, dairy products are included).

H. Remove snacks! A good time or a rest with friends is best accompanied by green tea without sweets or a glass of pure water without gas.

4. During the holidays, many women have an increased appetite, and irresistibly pulls on sweets. It is caused by fluctuations in blood sugar.

To pacify the appetite in this situation will help drink on the basis of dried fruit and green tea.

Men on holidays gain less weight than women. That’s because their metabolism is more stable. Nevertheless, the “strong half” should watch out for its food during the New Year holidays.

1. Replace strong alcoholic beverages (brandy, vodka) and beer – high-calorie and requiring good snacks – with good dry red wine (its energy value is low).

2. In order not to overeat, give preference to lean types of meat: choose beef, veal, lamb, cooked on the grill or in the form of kebabs. Remember about seafood, because they have very little fat and a lot of substances that are important for men’s health.

The meat is excellent with vegetables.

Z. Bread should only be made from rye flour, and as a cold snack you can order beef carpaccio or seafood dishes.

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