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Natalie: “I went to the second child to ask Matronushka”

Natalie: “I went to the second child to ask Matronushka”

HAPPY PARENTS Natalia, I think, having asked the first question, I will express the general opinion of all who see your photo now: how do you manage to look younger over the years? What’s the secret?

NATALI I don’t even know what it depends on more! And from a loving husband.

And from genetics – my parents look beautiful for their age. And from children, and from the work of his beloved.

S.R. Probably doing sports?

N. My sport is baby-fitness and household fitness. Plus stage performances, including dancing. But in general, maintaining the form is, of course, a complex that includes nutrition.

For example, I only eat chicken meat, fish, light food. And try to make portions smaller, but there is more often. I used to do fitness and yoga, and Pilates, exercising daily … But then I even stopped doing it.

Since I felt harmony, I realized that I can do what my body wants, not what I owe.

S.R. So you have found harmony?

But as?

N. They are looking for harmony, and everyone finds it in his own time. This is connected with experience, and with inner feelings, with the search for oneself, with the search for higher forces within oneself. But since I have a lot of intertwined, because I have not had children for many years after the first failures, when I had a miscarriage and missed abortion one year later at the same time, my children are the main search for my life.

Spiritual even, to some extent. When the children came, I found everything at once. But I had to find myself, my spiritual world, my spiritual path.

I very much asked for this, and they sent me both teachers and books.

S.R. And what is this road?

N. This is a teaching about spiritual development. It helps not only to cure the disease, but also to restore emotional balance and peace.

And I learned about him from the book of Estonian clairvoyant and practicing midwife Luule Viilma. Then I really needed such support and found it. In short, the essence of this spiritual and philosophical doctrine is in forgiveness, in letting go of stress.

A man is like a river, it flows and everything flows through it, and if something negative lingers in it: fear, guilt, anger, then it gives rise to illness. That’s when I get sick, I immediately begin to analyze: from what? What is this thought, what words are stuck in me? And find!

And I start to let go. I spend, one might say, internal hygiene.

But this, of course, if in a nutshell to tell.

S.R. Natalia, and your current peak of popularity can be associated with this new finding yourself?

N. Yes, everything turns one to one. But popularity is not easy for the spiritual life.

This is a kind of test, a certain corruption for the soul. Popularity is a huge number of people around you, it means being under the constant aim and sometimes being shot.

And maybe always … On the other hand, now, having some esoteric knowledge, I have a different attitude to popularity. On the one hand, it is easier for me, because I know that only my image is necessary for my “shooting”, but not me. After all, people are talking about the artist, talking about themselves. Like a little child, the secret of which can be found out by asking about your favorite toy.

He will talk about her and about himself. As for my communication with the audience, I try to pass through myself, through the prism of simple songs, light energy. And I’m glad when it is transmitted to people.

Not mine! This is the eternal energy that I simply reveal in the heart of man. Someone opens it in another way, through high art.

I am like this.

Natalie: “I went to the second child to ask Matronushka”

S.R. You have a long marriage with two children of different ages.

Apparently, and strong?

N. Yes, we have been together for 23 years. But you know, when you live in an atmosphere of spiritual comfort, you are engaged in one thing, and you don’t think of a year.

I chose my husband myself, loved him at the age of 16, felt that I wanted to marry this man. And in any moments of life, always chose only him.

We did not bother each other, either because we were growing up together, changing together, or because we knew each other as youngsters … On the one hand, neither he nor I had usurped each other’s freedom. On the other hand, I always know where I have to obey my husband, and where I need to defend myself.

There are many nuances here, and it is impossible to finally formulate the secret of our marriage.

S.R. The song “God, what a man” is dedicated to your husband?

N. Not only. When I saw on the Internet a line about a son and daughter from a future song, I immediately thought of my sister, who already had a son, but who dreamed of a girl.

I thought to write a song for her, so that she sang to her husband. I wrote for her, for myself, not even counting on other people. The topic is too personal … And suddenly the song turned out to be close to everyone, it became a real hit.

Of course, I did not count on such success. But the most interesting thing about this story is that this year my sister had a daughter!

And this is after her sister was told that she would never have any girls!

S.R. Your children have a big age difference.

Younger also planned?

N. Yes. But I doubted everything, but am I allowed to have many children?

Isn’t it a pleasure for me to have at least one after 9 years of waiting? Especially with such a profession. After all, it is difficult for a singer with constant tours to devote all her time and attention to a baby. (However, now we have organized tours so that I have the opportunity to leave home for at least two nights).

Looking at large families, I dreamed about the second child. And then the older one began to ask, maybe, too, my thoughts somehow feeling: “I want a brother!” And he asks us: “Tell me what is needed for this?” I say, they say, a man and a woman are needed. “We have it! – Arseny answers. “Or maybe you should go to the temple, ask?” At first, his question made me laugh, and then I thought that after all, Arseny, I asked him in the temple.

They brought the relics of St. Panteleimon, and I stood for 6 hours with everyone … So, I went to ask for the second to Matronushka (St. Matrona of Moscow. – Author’s note.). And our wonderful boy appeared, Anatoly.

Boy, brother, as requested by Arseny.

S.R. Tell me, how much experience with the first helps in raising the second?

N. There is less fear. You already know that many fears are exaggerated, so I treated illnesses of the younger one much more easily than illnesses of the older one. In general, experience, and not only your own, gives a lot.

You will find out that other mummies have problems similar to yours, and it immediately becomes calmer. Although, of course, each son is an individual, each grows in his own way.

Natalie: “I went to the second child to ask Matronushka”

S.R. What rely, raising sons?

N. Initially, you probably begin to educate the same way you raised you. Especially if you like your childhood (and I really liked it so much).

But mistakes with any educational system cannot be avoided. With a senior, for example, I often felt guilty. Now I understand that unnecessary.

She went on tour, reproached herself, came, wanted to compensate for something. Although Arseny didn’t deliver me any special problems and never asked for anything.

But with the advent of the youngest, I finally realized that the manifestation of severity should not cause the parents to feel guilty, that the child equally needs both it and caress. And with the elder I was not at all a strict mother, I tried to behave with him as an equal, as an adult.

But now, after the birth of Tolya, I know very well: there must be a firm word “no” in upbringing. Must parents have a mandatory set of principles to exist. Why is rigor so important?

And she dictates the child safety. This is the framework that you just push as you grow. But they should be.

And with Arseny, I was embarrassed to put them. And with the younger one, it was the same at first, until one incident occurred, after which I revised my views. I also treated Anatoly as an adult, especially since he often said: “I myself!”.

And once, at three years old, he was walking along the road, his hands in his pockets. I would tell him that it is impossible to walk like this, it is dangerous.

But did not say, gave him an extra will. And the son, clinging incomprehensibly for what, directly fell on the asphalt and fell.

And lost a tooth. I went all day and thought: what is this lesson for me?

Then she understood: she did not save, because she did not insist, did not show the necessary severity. And using the example of the younger one, she began to apply the same to the older one.

Especially since we are at a difficult age. You know, and helps with it! I give Arseny a clear strict framework – it only makes it easier for him.

However, do not be shy and show affection. Sometimes, to make up, you don’t need any words, you just need to hug.

And everything becomes clear, everything is understood, everything is forgiven.

S.R. Tell us a little about your sons …

N. Arseny attends school, plays football, volleyball and basketball. I went to the choir and to ballroom dancing.

In general, a little bit of everything, an active guy. But vulnerable, in me, probably. Because of the ratings may even get sick.

I learn it easier to relate to everything. As an older brother, he is probably wonderful, because a lot allows the younger one. He broke everything that is possible.

Gradually, as he grew, Anatoly reached all the forbidden places, all the lockers, substituting chairs, climbing on the shelves. But this he unwittingly teaches older order.

Try Arseny that not put it right, the younger one will immediately grab it and take it back home. Tolya guy more arrogant, can otlupit older. That allows, and I learn not to allow. “Look,” I say to Arseny, “Tolya is now small, and then it will be more painful.”

Anatoly is more cunning, more courageous and more touchy. Maybe in your four years, say: “Enough for me to teach life!” Or “Mom, I look, you raise your voice.” “Yes,” I replied, “I have to raise my voice for those …” And he adds: “… for those who quickly play around.” Or sees me on TV: “How you look good!”

S.R. And do not you think about your daughter?

N. Will there be a third child? I do not know.

But the impression I have is that it is still possible!

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