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Natalie, Eugene: “Woman means joy! “

Natalie, Eugene: “Woman means joy!

HAPPY PARENTS Natalia, was the appearance of a new family member a thoughtful decision or was it an unexpected gift?
NATALY No, this is not an unexpected gift. The fact is that, since our youngest, Anatoly, was born, I literally immediately began to pursue the thoughts of the third child. And his obsession even scared.

It was here that I was invited to take part in the “Battle of Psychics” program, where my meeting with Victoria Rydos, working with the so-called “kind energy”, took place. I was interested in this direction and, one might say, became a part of life. Its essence is in knowledge that was previously available to everyone, and today, alas, is forgotten.

They just need to be remembered, thus reuniting the connection between ancestors and descendants. So, Victoria told me that my visions are prophetic: I want to give birth to another child.

S.R. Or maybe you just really wanted it yourself? NATALI Maybe so.

The desire of a large, large family turned out to be so close to me! Although a few years ago it was not about me.

It all started with two failures in a row … In addition, I am an artist, we are not supposed to have a lot of children by status or something. At first I thought: thank God that there is at least one.

And then – and the second. And now here is the third one.

I really like it when the baby is in the house. Our family with him has become completely different!

The eldest, Arseny, in my opinion, for the first time felt what a family is: he, a 15-year-old, realized that he had matured.

S.R. And the jealousy of the older to the younger was? NATALI Thank you for the fact that children have such a difference in age: between the first and second is 8 years old, and between the second and third is 7. They deliberately waited for the baby and were happy about it.

Arseny became a god two-month-old Zhenya. And the average, Anatoly, as before Arseny, is going to give all his treasures – toys, designers – to give to his wife. You know, my sons have very competently pressed each other.

I was afraid to bind them to myself utterly, perelyubit, raise mama sons. But no, as soon as that age arrived, when the boy should already start separating from his mother, my next child was born, and everything worked out naturally.

S.R. Admit, thought something about the girl?

NATALI Thought. Yes, everyone thought so!

Also the song: “I want a son, I want a daughter …” I was just wondering – what is a girl? When she learned that there would be a boy, at first she was a little upset, and then seemed to have come down on me: in fact, if it were a girl, it would be very difficult for us all, and for herself. When I realized that I would have three boys, I found the word “order”.

And with the girl it would be, it seems to me, some kind of chaos. And there was a feeling that I was spared. Paradoxically, but after that song became popular, I began to fear that I would have a daughter.

There are too many negative examples of how difficult it is for a popular mother to raise a girl. Here is Maksakova, Gurchenko … With a girl, after all, what’s the difficulty?

On the one hand, not to grow a “star”, on the other, not to “grow” complexes in a girl. And for the boys, it will be easier for the three of us, and they will share my love for three; again, this is a different gender.

When I understood all this, I was relieved.

S.R. Natalia, how was the pregnancy, childbirth?

Still, the third child … NATAL I was shy, I considered myself aging, and then I saw in the corridors of the clinic full of pregnant women of my age. And the doctors told me that to give birth to a third at 43 years old is now quite common.

My mood during the whole pregnancy was excellent, despite the toxicosis that lasted 4.5 months. But I spoke, worked on this inner happiness, with a wide smile.

Especially since I learned how to cope with the nausea that covered me seven times a day. But before the birth, literally within a month, fears suddenly began to overwhelm: if I didn’t become like children, the husband would be left without me, wouldn’t they scold the baby that I’m not there. Horror!

I drove everything away from me, continued to do my exercises, meditate, pray. Against this background, I began to ask myself for a cheerful, joyful, and fast delivery.

So it happened! Imagine, during the fights, in the whitest color of compression stockings and lilac slippers, jumped on the bright lilac gymnastic ball. Already fun!

And when a huge-sized male doctor entered the ward and in a hat with ladybirds, I realized that my desire was completely fulfilled. Bore 4 hours.

S.R. Was it difficult to perform during pregnancy?

NATALY And my wife liked it very much when I spoke, when I was even getting ready to go out, I was painted, I was dressed – at this time the toxicosis was retreating. “Wow! – I thought, when I still didn’t know the sex of the baby, – probably there’s a girl or a boy who really likes female beauty. ” Especially Zhenya respected hair dryer and manicure.

And when I started to sing, I didn’t remember about toxicosis.

S.R. And how soon did you start performing after giving birth? NATALI Eugene was not there for two months when I went on tour to Germany.

She left with the condition that her husband will stay at home with her son. I only trust him and his mother, who also helps a lot. There were no problems with feeding, Zhenya was on artificial feeding, because we immediately excluded breast milk.

Firstly, they did not want to tie him to one family member, secondly, I have implants, and it is very difficult to feed them, which I was convinced with Tolya. But Eugene slept for six hours at night and gave me a rest after giving birth.

S.R. Is Zhenya a calm boy?

NATAL Yes, and we tried to have a calm atmosphere in the house, Zhenya can eat not only on my hands and fall asleep easily. In addition, he is the third, there are two more children in the house, therefore he is deprived of hyper-care. I need the peace of all family members, so I distribute attention to all equally.

Everyone should have their own place in the house and their own space for rest. By the way, esoteric advise to show the baby brought from the hospital, his place, indicate it.

After all, if a child is placed between parents, he begins to blame himself – energetically – for separating mom and dad. So Zhenya sleeps all night in his crib, just sometimes, in the morning, we take him to ourselves, get some sleep.

S.R. Having two sons, you can say that you know how to raise a third?

NATALY No, because they are all so different, every growing up – with their own lessons. On the other hand, three is harder to spoil than one. And two – always compare.

Three is the best option. God forbid that they help each other.

And more about boys. My view of how the mothers of sons changed in relation to all men in the world.

We, girls, literally from the age of three, look at boys as partners, as peasants who simply have to be men, be strong for you. Before the advent of sons, I did not know the boys, the men from the inside. And as far as they turn out, they are gentle, creative, vulnerable!

As long as they did not continue the race, in that tender and soft childhood period only mother can see the boy as a child and caress him. And how sons love when I shake them, stroke! But there comes a time, probably 10–12 years old, when a mother should retreat, restrain her maternal tactile tenderness.

The former – “childish” – hugs, kisses are getting smaller, and the wife, who can caress, is still waiting and waiting. A caress boy wants!

During this period we brought a cat to Arseny and began to play affectionately with the cat, and the son too. I think everything turned out well.

So, this very tenderness, which I discovered in my boys, is the same in all adult men somewhere remains, is stored. I look at the representatives of the stronger sex and see how much in them, it turns out, this boyish sensitive, creative remains.

And wives can dig out this tenderness, do not save them affection on their husbands.

Natalie, Eugene: “Woman means joy!

Natalie, Eugene: “Woman means joy!

S.R. Natalia, you are such a mother-mother, immersed in the family life.

But there is also a scene – something completely different, even in something opposite, there you are different. How does this fit in one person?

NATALI Thank you and kowtow to my profession and to all the spectators for my children, for my family. These two such different facets – family and profession – at some point began to feed each other.

It would seem that there, on the stage, such a gap, such freedom, such passion and youth! And I am such a non-owned, charming, passionate woman.

And I come home – and there this little ball lies, little man, and I plunge into a very different life. I take this ball and shake it, turn into a mom. And all this is happiness.

And on stage, and at home, and everything is inextricably linked for me. My double, it turns out, happiness. Paradoxically, out of this contrast, integrity has somehow grown.

The wholeness of female nature. I wish this to all women.

It would seem, where do the forces still come from? And they came from the house. And for the house – from the scene.

Children give me energy, I give it to the audience. And vice versa. Such a cycle is obtained.

That is why I believe that the children were presented to me by a profession and a scene. On the stage, I cured a lot of things in myself and dug out.

Just like a woman.

S.R. Probably, your husband Alexander is a very happy man, because men dream about contrasts, about different things in one woman? NATALI Probably!

But while I became such a woman, maybe at some moments he was the most miserable. And then – the happiest! Well, I laugh, of course.

And so – I really do not know. But while I came to this, the years passed.

And there were quests, throwing and, of course, casts and drifts, which was not there … Life is not the cover of a glossy magazine, everything is real here, everything is so reverent and vulnerable, everything can be in life. But most importantly, life is in full swing!

S.R. Natalya, you not only look great, but it seems that you have a good mood all the time. It’s true?

NATALI This is true. But for me, positivity, joy is a huge, hard work, it is still necessary to get it. As far as I was different internally, as much as the profession taught me to seek, seek, and simply dig this joy.

And how important it is for a woman! You can just put a sign “equal” between a woman and joy.

And I searched for it for so long, looked at many sides of life for so long, my inner life was so hard … Again, the scene helped, where viewers saw me in a positive way. At first I just “put on” him, played.

I went on stage and thought that no one knows what I really am. I was looking for: how can one be in life positive and joyful? And found!

Although the negative is very convenient, it quickly gives adrenaline, and to get joy is work. But I do not stop working!

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