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Myths about cellulite

Myths about cellulite

Commented by Julia Sokolova, cosmetologist from the clinic “Medicine”:

Cellulite is a physiological phenomenon, not a pathological

True and false Cellulite is a structural change in the subcutaneous layer, that is, local fat deposits in the subcutaneous tissue. The appearance of orange peel is always accompanied by a violation of lymph drainage and microcirculation. In other words, at some point, the cells in the problem areas increase in size due to the fat that has entered them, and when they are saturated with liquid, they swell even more.

Then their clusters become visible on the surface of the skin. However, why fat begins to seep into the cells is a big question. Despite the fact that cellulite is considered a cosmetic problem, it often accompanies endocrine disruptions.

Conclusion: before you begin to get rid of orange peel, you should consult with an endocrinologist, especially if cellulite is manifested locally in the abdomen and thighs.

Exercises will not help remove cellulite

True and false. It all depends on the degree of cellulite. The first stage is the beginning of stagnant processes. It is also called soft cellulite: at rest it is not visible, but if the skin is stretched or squeezed, the hillocks appear.

The second stage involves the thickening of the collagen fibers. Cellulite is visible even at rest, plus the skin becomes less elastic.

At the third stage microcirculation is disturbed, stretch marks appear on the skin – evidence that the collagen fibers are strongly hardened. At the fourth stage, when pressing on the problem areas, painful sensations arise.

So, the exercises very well help with the first and second stages, and the second, passing into the third, third and fourth without hydromassage baths, deep manual massage, hardware procedures are not enough.

All anti-cellulite products are universal: they are suitable for everyone.

Wrong Anti-cellulite remedy must be selected individually. And with special care should study the composition. For example, in case of problems with vessels, red pepper and red algae cannot be used.

These components have vasodilating properties, so they only increase the stagnation in the subcutaneous tissue. It is important to take into account the fact that anti-cellulite products are of two types: warming and cooling. Both the first and the second are equally aimed at improving blood microcirculation, but for problems with the veins it is better to choose the second option.

The cooling effect is usually achieved by the addition of menthol, and this component has a tonic effect.

Myths about cellulite

EKATERINA BELOVA, Dietician, Head of the Center for Personal Dietology “Palette of Nutrition”, tells:

Diet does not help

True and false. Although everything will depend on what you mean by this word. Diet as a food system with serious limitations does not work, but only weakens the body on all fronts. We are talking about the rules of healthy eating, and they will help for sure.

First you need to start eating fiber. This means that from now on, from now on, from 500 grams to 1 kg of any vegetables and fruits, mainly fresh, should be eaten. Do not forget about healthy proteins and in any case do not disown healthy fats in the form of vegetable and butter, as well as nuts.

The share of carbohydrates in the form of whole grain cereals and bread is not necessary to inflate, because modern man spends very little energy. By improving nutrition and a balanced supply of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, the blood supply to the skin will improve, the walls of blood vessels will strengthen, and the edemas will subside.

You need to give up salt

Wrong. It makes no sense to abandon salt: it is quite possible to use it in the allowed amounts of 5–7 grams per day.

Need to give up harmful, especially “store” products. They contain tons of preservatives, colorants and sodium-based flavor enhancers.

This is the same sodium, which consists of ordinary table salt. But if you can control the use of pure salt, because you pour it out of the salt shaker, the amounts of hidden sodium can not be traced. What is it harmful?

It’s simple. Potassium is responsible for providing cells with water.

Its a lot just in fruits and vegetables. And sodium retains fluid in the extracellular space. If too much sodium comes from food, edemas appear that aggravate stagnation.

As a result, all conditions are created for the emergence and strengthening of cellulite. At the same time, the impression is being made, or rather even the feeling that there is an excess of water in the body.

But it is false: in fact, it is not in the cells – they are dehydrated, because the average Russian drinks a lot of clean water.

Coffee aggravates cellulite

Caffeine is right and wrong – a very useful and multifunctional active ingredient, but it has one peculiarity: it removes fluid from the body, causing dehydration. All because it has a diuretic effect.

We all felt this property more than once on our own, but for some reason it is difficult for us to come to terms with this fact, although for some reason we don’t expose the diuretic properties of the lingonberry leaf. By the way, caffeine is contained not only in coffee, but also in green tea, therefore, both drinks have a similar effect. But this does not mean that you have to say goodbye to them forever.

Let the Arabs have a completely different explanation of the old tradition of drinking coffee with a glass of cold water, the very approach to the problem is very competent. So take an example from the citizens of the East!

On a day, it is permissible to drink 2–3 cups of coffee, but only on the condition that you add 2–3 glasses of plain clean water to your daily fluid intake.

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