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With the help of ordinary household detergents you can clean the parquet from traces of fruit and fruit juices, milk, tea. Gasoline is used to clean the parquet from footprints, tar, grease and chocolate.

With the help of alcohol, the stains left by the ballpoint pen can be easily rubbed off, and cold water cleans the parquet from blood.

To clean the stains from a permanent marker with polished furniture and plastic, you can use ordinary alcohol or white spirit. To get started, try to do it in an inconspicuous place and see how the surface of the furniture reacts to alcohol. Dark traces of hot on the furniture?

Rub the spot with half of the lemon until the stain turns white. Upholstery is most often exposed to harmful effects from outside. If you decide to remove the stain with a special stain remover, do not apply this tool directly on the fabric itself – put a piece of thin matter in advance.

Do not use several different stain removers at the same time. After processing, the fabric should dry naturally. To get rid of dirty stains from tea, treat the area of ​​contamination with a solution of vinegar with a foam detergent.

Does your crumb often spill its juice on the sofa? Mix ammonia and vinegar, apply the solution to the stain, then let the upholstery dry. Chewing gum needs to be frozen.

Attach an ice cube to it from the freezer in a plastic bag, and then scrape off the fabric with a blunt object, so as not to damage the upholstery. Finally, treat the fabric with methyl alcohol.

Remove the stain from the blood can be simple cold water. The main thing is not to let the stain dry.

But the spots of jam are easily removed with a solution of soapy water and vinegar. After drying, wash the cloth with warm water and let it dry.

To get rid of grease stains, simply sprinkle salt directly on the stain of oil or fat, let it soak, remove the residue with a dry sponge, then moisten the sponge with alcohol and gently wipe the residue.

Spots from grease, oil, sauce, chocolate, left on the carpet, can be easily removed with purified gasoline. Wet the white soft cloth with gasoline and rub it into the soiled area until it is dry.

Stains of coffee or tea must first be wiped with a sponge or cloth, and then treated with a brush and soapy water. It is necessary to rub glycerin into dry spots and leave them overnight, and then treat with soapy water. Blood stains should be immediately washed with cold water.

If the stain is already dry, cover it for a while with a cloth moistened with water; after softening, wash the stain with a brush or sponge with cold water. But milk stains can be immediately removed with a sponge and warm water.

Dried spots should be moistened with warm water, then treated with ammonia, and then cleaned again with warm water. Wax stains are well removed with a knife. Treat the residue with loose paper and a warm iron (you should use clean paper until wax remains on the paper) or remove as greasy stains.

If on the carpet there are traces of dirt from the street, wait until the stains dry, and then thoroughly clean with a vacuum cleaner with a special carpet brush.

My mine

1) Oil paint stains. The faster you get to remove paint stains from clothes, the better. If a fresh stain (for 1–3 hours) can be washed off with ordinary household soap, then the next day you will have to remove the same stain with gasoline, turpentine or other organic solvents.

To remove a fresh stain from the oil paint, wipe it with a cotton swab moistened with turpentine, acetone or kerosene, and then ammonia, until the stain disappears. Be careful: ammonia can change the color of the product, and acetone is “contraindicated” to many synthetic fabrics.

You can also get rid of oil paint stains on clothes with the help of purified gasoline. After processing, wash the product thoroughly with warm water, do not put it in the washing machine, otherwise all things will get an unpleasant smell. If you can not immediately get rid of the smell of gasoline, leave things to air out on the balcony.

A fresh stain of oil paint from a wool sweater or coat can be removed by wiping it with a cotton swab slightly moistened with sunflower oil. If the paint has already hardened, carefully remove the crust with a knife, without damaging the fabric.

Then clean the stain with gasoline, turpentine or acetone. Old oil paint stains are easier to remove if you soak them in turpentine, wait for the paint to soften, and then clean it off with a strong solution of baking soda.

2) Spots from the grass are well removed by alcohol or hot saline (1 tablespoon. 1 tablespoon of water). Next, wash things in warm water, always with a powder.

3) Bird droppings. Treat bird stain on bleach (if the fabric is not colored) or soak in warm water with powder, then wash as usual. If the stain has not disappeared, take a pipette and drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to soak the stain, and then a couple of drops of ammonia (first try to do it on an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing).

Then rinse and wash the clothes again with detergent.

4) Spots of ice cream should be treated with a regular stain remover or soak for half an hour in water with the addition of detergent. If the stain is old, let it get wet for a few hours.

Then wash the thing as usual.

5) Stains from sauces and ketchup. Turn the clothes inside out and rinse the contaminated area with cold water. To prevent the stain from spreading, you can place a dry cotton pad or paper napkin under the dirty place. Pre-treat the stain with a liquid detergent and gently clean the top layer of stubborn dirt with a brush.

Let it soak in and wash it off with water. Then put ordinary vinegar on the stain and wash it again.

If the stain is not wiped off, soak the clothes in warm water, leaving for half an hour, and repeat the procedure again.

6) Spots from blueberries. Rinse the stain with cold water. Mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and half a teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent with 1 liter of cold water. Soak the clothes in the solution for 15 minutes.

Then rinse with cold water. If the stain remains, try rubbing it with alcohol, then wash with bleach, if the fabric allows.

7) Mustard stains. Gently scrape the top layer, but do not rub the polluted area. Then rinse the stain with cold running water and treat with a stain remover. If it does not help, rub glycerin, which can be bought at the pharmacy.

Allow glycerin to soak for a few minutes, then rinse. After that, wash the item in hot water with bleach added.

8) Spots from sweet liquids, as well as from dirt and rain. If it is suede or velor, just wipe with warm water. Strong spots clean up an ordinary eraser.

9) Remove cocoa and tea stains with glycerin, then rinse the item in warm water, rinse with ammonia which is half diluted with water.

10) Chocolate stains wash well with very salty water.

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Marker stains. The water-based marker can be cleaned with a sponge with soda or ordinary laundry detergent. Traces of a permanent marker are washed with a paper towel moistened with alcohol.

Try also to remove the stain with food vinegar: pour it onto a cotton wool, press it to the stain and hold it for three minutes (only if the fabric from which the crumbs are made does not fade during washing). If the baby painted his attractive face and pens with multi-colored felt-tip pens, it is necessary to soap the washcloth – and go! It will not be washed at once, but the “drawing” will become paler, and with time it will be completely erased.

Baby oil spray will also help.

Spots from plasticine. Plasticine perfectly develops motor skills in a child, but how much trouble it brings to the mother … It takes a lot of effort to clean the plasticine from the table, chairs, walls, carpets. In this case, immediate response is crucial.

First of all, it is necessary to remove, as far as possible, the remnants of clay with your hands and a spatula or with a knife or any metal plate. Then moisten with detergent and leave for 15 minutes, then remove with a paper napkin or toilet paper.

Another way: after removing the leftover clay, soap the brush with ordinary soap and rub this soapy solution on the tabletop, then sprinkle the soapy stain with baking soda and continue to brush it. “Having washed” the problematic place, leave this solution for 30 minutes, then rinse and dry. Repeat the procedure if necessary. It is also worth considering that plasticine is a fatty substance.

Therefore, when cleaning it is better to add some degreasing agent. Otherwise, after its removal will remain greasy stains. Also, clay can be removed by applying cold.

First, rub the surface with pieces of ice, and then remove the same spatula, knife for clay, and wipe the surface dry.

Gouache stains. Gouache stains left on white cotton materials can be scrubbed like that. Pour 1 liter of water into an enamel saucepan or basin, add a little soda for washing or baking soda and planed dry soap.

Heat the mixture to a boil. Spots with stains turn into a lump and immerse for 5-10 seconds in boiling solution until the spots disappear.

If after this treatment, traces of paint remain, immerse the whole product in warm water with bleach. Stains on woolen materials are removed using soap powder or dry planed soap.

Rub the polluted area and for a short time immerse the thing in clean boiling water. If necessary, repeat the procedure until the spot disappears completely.

Carefully wash the soap from the treated area. After that, wrap the wet part in a white cotton napkin and dry.

Remove spills with a damp sponge. Place spills with talcum powder or bran.

Dry in a warm place. If after using all of the above methods, the stain is still left, then you should contact the dry cleaner, where it will certainly be removed!

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