my hobbies

my hobbies

To participate, upload a photo of a baby busy with your favorite business and follow the competitive conditions on one of the Internet sites for the competition (optional):

  • On Instagram, post a photo with the hashtag #parents_hobbyworld and enter the @hobbyworld and @parents_rus accounts in the comments. To participate, you must be a subscriber to the @parents_eng and @hobbyworld pages. Old posts and photos with corrected comments do not participate in the competition. But you can re-upload your favorite old photo.
  • in the Vkontakte magazine group, upload a photo to the competition album and share it on your wall. To participate, you must be a subscriber to the @parentsrus and @hobbyworld groups.
  • In the group of the journal in the Odnoklassniki network, post a photo to the competition album and share it on your wall. To participate, you must be a subscriber to the @parentsrus and @mirhobby groups.

At each site, the jury selects 5 winners, whose photos most closely matched the theme of “My hobby.” 5 winners of the Instagram site will receive a gift for the 1st game “Spotted” from Hobbyworld, 5 winners of the site “Vkontakte” – for the 1st game “Eat me if you can!” oh game “Miracle in feathers.”

IMPORTANT! With one photo you can participate only in one of the sites; photos for participation should not be repeated.

The winner chosen by the Jury from among all the participants of the competition can win with competitive work only on one of the sites and get only 1 prize.

my hobbies

Fascinating games from the company Hobbyworld diversify your leisure and be sure to cheer up all family members!

The naughty childish game “Miracle in feathers” will show which of the players is the most agile and accurate and can be the first to throw all their birds on the tree crown. Those who think that they can easily distinguish the ladybird from the leopard should take a closer look – the game “Spot” will check the players for knowledge of animal masking, attentiveness and quickness of reaction.

And in the game “Eat me if you can!” The victory will get to the most cunning and self-confident – to the one who does not get lost, having been in the skin of the Gray Wolf and having tried himself as Red Riding Hood, three pigs or seven kids.

  • One family can upload 1 photo and win only 1 prize.
  • Competition only for citizens of the Russian Federation.
  • The participant’s questionnaire must indicate the current e-mail and telephone number where you can be contacted at the end of the competition to notify you of the prize.
  • Sending prizes is carried out by Russian post at the expense of the organizer of the competition and only within the Russian Federation.
  • Make sure that the registration data indicated in the questionnaire is correct when uploading the photo. The prize will be sent only on the basis of information provided during registration in the competition.
  • In order to avoid cheating and dishonest actions on the part of the participants, the jury reserves the right to withdraw work from the competition if the gap between the votes of the leading work and the work of other participants is more than 30%.

Online Odnoklassniki – the game from Hobbyworld “Miracle in feathers”

  • Olesya Petrova (Krasnodar Territory)
  • Svetlana Martynova (Nizhny Tagil)
  • Ekaterina Kuzmina (Perm)
  • Marina Yarina (Krasnodar)
  • Victoria Borisenkova-Penkovskaya (Chelyabinsk)

In the group “Vkontakte” – a game from Hobbyworld “Eat me if you can!”

  • Evgenia Osipova (Schadrinsk)
  • Maria Voscheva (Izhevsk)
  • Larisa Bogomolova (Moscow)
  • Elena Tyrina (Moscow)
  • Nadezhda Zimina (Ryazan)

In instagram: Hobbyworld’s “Fags” “Eat me if you can!”

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