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Musical accompaniment: sounds in a child’s life

Musical accompaniment: sounds in a child's life

City children from the height of their strollers can hear all the nuances of the sound of noisy streets. Such littering of space tires a child and dulls the naturally sensitive children’s hearing.

Ultimately, street noise affects the nervous system of all urban residents, since it significantly increases the volume of their communication.

At home, we can always muffle the noise coming from the street, but we do not always think about the unpleasant sound effects that inhabit the apartment from the best of intentions. This, for example, applies to electronic musical toys, which should be handled with a certain degree of caution.

The baby loves everything that sounds, tinkles and plays melodies, but if the world is full of sounds, it becomes harder to play them yourself. But babble and the ability to “taste” various sounds are necessary for mastering the language.

It has long been proven that the synthetic sound of push-button toys lacks volume. They are less accustomed to the ear of a baby for beauty than the simplest musical instruments: xylophone, tambourine, maracas and even a simple plastic bottle with rice grains!

It is important to help the child understand what silence is. Take the baby on your knees, gradually go to a whisper, and then say: “Quiet!

We listen to silence … ”this will allow the crumbs to feel the contrast between the sound and its absence.

We do not always realize how actively sounds are involved in the development of a child. Meanwhile, they encourage him to train fine motor skills: if the movement is accompanied by a pleasant sound, the kid will repeat it to hear the sound effect that he likes again.

In addition, the sounds help to navigate in space.

It is known that repetitive, familiar events provide a person with a sense of security. Sounds are involved in this process. Some of them act as a signal.

So, the clink of dishes means that preparations are being made for feeding.

Musical accompaniment: sounds in a child's life

Despite the effectiveness of all five human senses, speech still remains an indispensable guide for information. The sounds that surround the newborn are meaningless until they are called by those who are nearby.

The first heard sound causes a physical reaction in the baby. Sometimes it is a desperate cry or just a bewildered look that accompanies any new impression.

If an adult who is present at this discovery explains what is happening (“this is a train,” “this is a coffee grinder,” “this is your uncle’s voice, it’s very loud”), the information will be recorded. Such verbal designations inhabit the sonic space of the child and, eventually, become familiar rituals that make it easier for him to survive the separation from his mother.

So, a wish for good night or the creaking of the closing door accompany you to bed and calm you down.

Without knowing the meaning of the words, the child perceives melodic changes in the voice. He distinguishes the rising intonation of the beginning of communication and impulse from the intonation going down, which signals the end of communication. And also notices other changes in the pitch of the voice, which are designed to keep attention, calm.

Small children perceive pauses as time which is set aside for them to “talk”, and fill it with prolonged singing or recitatives.

Studies have once again confirmed maternal intuition. At all times, mothers spoke with their babies in their own language.

He is affectionate, gentle and melodic. Words are pronounced in a high voice.

This language is rich intonation, it is characterized by a simple construction of phrases, repetitive vocabulary, playing with words and their sound. In other words, the basis of the mother language is the musical beginning, and the voice when communicating with babies does not just comment on what is happening, but also becomes an integral part of the game.

Musical accompaniment: sounds in a child's life

In priceless moments of gentle communication and games, the adult and the child imitate each other. Together they repeat sounds or imitate the voices of animals.

Moreover, children often do it better than adults who have forgotten how to use the amazing capabilities of their vocal apparatus.

The chant, combining voice and music, is a very important sedative component of the child’s sound envelope, and the best resonator is the human body. That is why poteshki and tunes intended for very young children, necessarily accompanied or completed by certain body movements: motion sickness, tickling, jumping.

Such song-games as “Shot-Into Bumps”, “Forty-white-sided”, “water off a duck of water” exist in all languages, and this suggests that they are indispensable for the overall development of the child. The movements become landmarks that form the musical memory and build a system of perception of space and time.

Music, as well as a song, performs a double mission: brings those who sing together and helps to learn the world. All parents begin to unconsciously attach a child to it long before the time when these classes are considered to be particularly useful and important for development. At first, a pregnant mother humming, dancing or just relaxing to the music.

Then grandfather waltzes with a grandson in his arms, purring “un-tsa-tsa” under his nose, and then older brothers and sisters fill the house with guitar chords.

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