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Moment of truth

Moment of truth

Means of rapid response, of course, differ from those drugs that we use every day. The speed with which we get the desired result depends far not only on increasing the concentration of useful components.

Each express care jar is the result of a long research that encompasses only unique formulas and exclusive designs that make all the ingredients work in full force.

Moment of truth

Cleansing By evening, are you so tired that there are no forces for a long time to remove makeup?

You just haven’t chosen the right cleanser yet. Foaming Mousse Cleanser, Clinique, make-up mousse allows not only to perfectly clean the skin, but also due to the content of chamomile it soothes and softens it.

Moment of truth

C eye out. What a horror: after sleep, shadows lay around the eyes and swelling appeared!

No need to panic. Restoration, protection and lifting – such a rebuff to uninvited “guests” will be given by intensively restoring skin cream around the eyes Absolue Yeux, Lancèche, with extracts of wild yam, soy and brown alga.

Moment of truth

Exfoliate. If tired dull skin needs a quick revival, then you can use the “sets” to renew your skin at home.

For example, the Ultimate Skin Refining Essence duet, Bio-Performance, Shiseido, gently exfoliates dead cells, polishes the skin and gives it a young healthy look.

Moment of truth

Facial treatment. Serums and concentrates – the most powerful weapon in the fight for instant beauty. They act purposefully and with double force, allowing you to achieve the desired effect in a very short time.

If you need to remove the feeling of discomfort and tightness of the skin, then the trouble-free remedy is SOrum Sos Róconciliant, Les Sensitives, Payot, from extracts of brown flax and algae. For correction of wrinkles and emergency lifting serum SOrum Lift Gclat, Thermes Marins Saint-Malo is perfect.

Each drop of this product contains all the components necessary for the regeneration of skin cells.

Moment of truth

Moisturizing. For dry skin, of course, it is best to use creams that are rich in lipids (fats), but often because of the rich texture they are inconvenient to apply. Try an agent with a light double-action texture.

Such as the revitalizing face cream Soin Eclat Du Visage, L’Air Marin, “For the Soul and the Soul”. It not only actively nourishes the skin with moisture, but also reliably protects against the harmful effects of the external environment.

Moment of truth

Lifting. In the blink of an eye, we can revive tired skin to life with the help of means that have long and firmly won the fame of “extra rescuers”.

Aqua-Lift Serum, LiOrac, contains concentrated smoothing, moisturizing and refreshing substances that affect the relief and appearance of the skin.

Moment of truth

A remedy to restore the freshness of the face Soin Prodige Special Eclat, Midnight Star, Issima, Guerlain, has a double effect: removes all traces of fatigue and gives brightness and radiance to the skin.

A breath of freshness. If you have already gone to work, where heating devices dry the skin, then take care of the spray with thermal water.

For example, Eau Thermale De Bagnoles De L’Orne, Soin d’Eau, Dermophil, has a moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Moment of truth

Masks. For 5–10 minutes the masks replenish the reserves of the skin in a tenfold amount.

“Ready-made compresses” in individual packages are especially convenient. Stress Relief Eye Mask, EstОe Lauder, and Biolift Repair, Institut Esthederm, transform the skin around the eyes beyond recognition.

Moment of truth

Moment of truth

As in the cabin. Restoring anti-aging masks Progressif Anti-Age, Carita, and Masque Raffermissant Multi-RОgOnOrant, Clarins will help you to achieve an effect comparable to many hours of salon care at home.

Remember that the mask should be applied to a thoroughly cleansed face and neck. In due time, the skin itself will take the maximum amount of useful components, and the surplus can simply be removed with a napkin.

Moment of truth

Light legs. As a rule, the cause of heaviness in the legs lies in the slow lymph flow.

To encourage them, you must use a tonic. Cooling Gel for Legs Foot Cream, Body Performance, EstОe Lauder, perfectly cope with fatigue and a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

And to create long-lasting comfort, use Podexine, Vichy, a regenerating dry skin care product that nourishes the skin from within for 24 hours, but does not create a greasy film.

Moment of truth

Body. If the cosmetic intensively moisturizes and softens the skin – this is good, it protects against the action of free radicals – even better.

But if it also gives the skin a golden, healthy shade of tan – it’s really great! Holiday Skin, Johnson’s, Johnson Johnson, and Summer Glow, Dove, body lotions are the safe tan of the future.

Moment of truth

Arms. What to hide: it is absolutely not enough to apply hand cream once a day. It is necessary to do a weekly peeling and nourishing masks.

But where to take the time ?! SolarManicure, Creative, is a one-step manicure in your home.

Dead Sea salts allow you to instantly exfoliate, tighten skin, moisturize and protect hands.

Moment of truth

Hygiene. The usual hygienic procedure can be curative if you wash your hair with shampoo with citron pulp. Shampooing VitaminО, Klorane.

Soft washing base, citron extract in combination with provitamin B5 turn it into a real tonic concentrate, giving hair vitality.

Moment of truth

Hair color. If you do not have time to wash your hair every day, then the Hair Sensation Glat-Couleur, LancÃmeme spray to revitalize your hair color will quickly bring your hair in order.

It is evenly applied to dry hair and carefully combed. Once – and you’re done!

Moment of truth

Radiance. Has your hair become dull?

All About Hair Daily Conditioning Spray, Clinique Hair Care, will not only ease combing, but will also make them silky and super-shiny.

Moment of truth

Laying. Quickly you can give your hair a well-groomed look and a volume that is so fashionable now with the help of a light mousse with Studio Line, L’OrOal Paris multivitamins.

Modeling his hair, he also cares for his hair.

The secret of success of express drugs lies not only in high technologies, but also in the fact that they give a feeling of self-confidence, which is the main guarantee of flawless beauty.

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