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Minus 2 kg per week: spring menu for every day

Minus 2 kg per week: spring menu for every day

A nutritionist and endocrinologist at WikiMed Clinic, a member of the European Association of Women’s Health Specialists, Lyubov Viktorova Razova, developed a weekly version of a well-balanced menu specifically for spring days. In addition to the benefits to health, with such nutrition for a week you can lose about 1 cm in volume and about 2 kg of weight.

The advantages of this menu are:

  • Small portions (distended stomach gradually decreases);
  • Frequent meals every three hours (you do not have time to get hungry):
  • Low calorie – no more than 1400 kcal / day (will help lose weight);
  • Minimal use of salt (prevention of edema);
  • The use of coarse, slowly absorbed carbohydrates (for a long time, feeds the body with energy).

In the event that a specific quantity of the dish is not indicated, make sure that the portion does not exceed the volume that fits in your palm.

The volume of fluid used is at least 500 ml per day. If you feel that you do not have enough liquid, drink plain water, but not too much.

Remember that the stomach has a certain volume, and when we eat or drink, we actually fill this volume. Needless to stretch the stomach is not necessary.

The greater the volume of the stomach, the greater the amount of food and water needed to “close” the volume, otherwise there will be receptors that send signals about unsatisfied hunger.

What vitamins do we lack in spring? The spring period is characterized by shortages:

  • vitamin D;
  • B vitamins;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamins PP, A, E.

Minus 2 kg per week: spring menu for every day

Awakening – a glass of freshly squeezed juice mixed in 50% with clean drinking water.

1st breakfast. 3 tablespoons of finely ground oatmeal porridge cooked in water, as well as 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese from 0 to 5% fat, 1 dessert spoon of honey (it is advisable to quickly beat these ingredients with a mixer).

75-100 ml of freshly brewed sugar-free coffee with 1 tablespoon of vegetable cream (they are low-calorie), 2 dates.

2nd breakfast (3 hours after the 1st breakfast). Green salad leaf, chicken breast 50 g, parsley leaves, 3 pitted olives, 100 ml of water.

Lunch (3 hours after the 2nd breakfast). Caprese salad (cheese, fresh tomatoes, olive oil). Green soup (chicken broth, sorrel greens, nettle, carrots, onions), fresh herbs (parsley, dill).

75 g of fish on the grill. Decoction of dried fruit 100 ml.

Tea time (3 hours after lunch). 50-75 g of milk nonfat yogurt, 1 small banana, 100 ml of green tea.

Dinner (3 hours after lunch). Daikon salad (Japanese radish – champion in the content of vitamin C), fresh cucumber, apples (grind on a coarse grater, season with olive oil and wine vinegar).

Chicken cutlet 70 g. Fruit tea 100 ml.

Snack before bed. Loaf, tea with chamomile, 1 marshmallow.

Awakening. 100 ml of broth hips.

1st breakfast. 2 cheesecakes, 1 soft-boiled egg, 1 toast made from bread with cereals. 100 ml of cocoa with milk.

1 dessert spoon of fruit jam.

2nd breakfast. A leaf of green lettuce. 50 g of red fish.

Fresh parsley and dill. 100 ml of green tea.

Dinner. Fruit soup (decoction of dried fruits, rice, low-fat sour cream).

Roll of pita bread, ham, cottage cheese, greens. Julien.

Black tea 100 ml.

High tea An Apple. 70-100 g air curd.

Drinking water 100 ml.

Dinner. Classic vinaigrette. 75-100 g of boiled chicken.

Fruit tea 100 ml.

Before bedtime . Ryazhenka 100 ml. 1 canned peach compote.

Minus 2 kg per week: spring menu for every day

Lightweight “unloading” day. Selected products are divided into approximately equal parts and alternate.

Total on this day should be 7 meals.

1 liter of clean drinking water and 1 liter of chicken clear broth.

Or 1 liter of clean drinking water and 1 liter of kefir 0.5% or 1% fat.

Or 1 liter of clean drinking water and 1 liter of fruit puree.

Awakening 100 ml of water.

1st breakfast. Omelette. 1 toast with cheese.

100 ml of freshly brewed coffee with 1 tablespoon of vegetable cream. 2 figs of marmalade.

2nd breakfast. 1 teaspoon red caviar, 20 grams of white bread. Green tea.

Lunch Salad of fresh Bulgarian pepper, greens and olive oil. Schi from fresh cabbage with greens.

75-80 g of boiled beef. Decoction of dried fruit 100 ml.

High tea Drinking yogurt with fruit100 ml.

Drinking water 100 ml.

Dinner. Grilled vegetables. Red fish, stewed in milk sauce with spinach.

Fruit tea.

Before bedtime . Chamomile tea 100 ml. 1 candy.

Awakening 50 ml of juice with pulp mixed with 50 ml of liquid oat broth.

1st breakfast. Buckwheat. 65-70 g of liver paste with carrots.

Black tea, 2 dates.

2nd breakfast. Salad from fresh carrots, honey, raisins, low-fat sour cream. 50-75 grams of granular curd.

Green tea 100 ml.

Dinner. Asparagus and spinach cream soup, dressed with low-fat sour cream. Risotto with mushrooms.

75-80 grams of meat soufflé. Decoction of dried fruit 100 ml.

High tea Fruit jelly.

Toast. Drinking water 100 ml.

Dinner. Fresh zucchini, roasted in vegetable oil. Kebabs from chicken.

Fruit tea 100 ml.

Before bedtime . Kefir 1%. Toast from whole-grain bread, 1 dessert spoon of fruit jam.

Awakening Drinking water 100 ml.

1st breakfast. Fried eggs with fresh tomatoes, onions and herbs. Roasted slices of baked ham 50 g. Green tea 100 ml.

2nd breakfast. Salad of boiled chicken breast, oranges, celery stalks, with vegetable oil and curry. Broth hips 100 ml.

Lunch Transparent chicken broth with greens. 2 small puff patties with chicken meat. Vegetable stew stewed with meat (lean pork, beef, lamb).

Drinking water 100 ml.

High tea Dumplings with cherries and low-fat sour cream. Black tea 100 ml.

Dinner. Lasagna with meat. Lecho

Fruit tea 100 ml.

Before bedtime. Cranberry Jelly.

3 white bread croutons.

Awakening. 100 ml of fresh juice.

1st breakfast. Carrots with green peas, stewed in milk sauce. 50 g chicken breast.

70 g cottage cheese pudding. Black tea with 1 tablespoon of vegetable cream.

2 breakfast. Salad with avocado, red onion, cherry tomatoes. Drinking water 100 ml.

Dinner. Sauerkraut with onions and vegetable oil.

Rassolnik with sour cream. Roast in clay pots with vegetables.

Decoction of dried fruit 100 ml.

High tea Curd casserole with dried fruit.

Green tea 100 ml.

Dinner. A fresh vegetable salad.

Jellied from the language of 80 g. Pasta with cheese. Chamomile tea.

Before bedtime . Green tea. Toast from whole-grain bread, 1 dessert spoon of honey.

Minus 2 kg per week: spring menu for every day

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