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Milk Rivers: Is It Enough Milk?

Milk Rivers: Is It Enough Milk?

As a rule, babies eat after 10–20 minutes of active sucking. But sometimes moms complain that the baby spends more than an hour at the breast and remains hungry. Most often this is due to improper attachment of the child to the breast.

If everything is done “according to science”, the baby should capture not only the nipple, but also the areola. In this case, the baby’s nose should be located close to the chest, but not touching the body, leaving free air access.

If the baby captures only the nipple, this is the so-called “surface grip”, as a result of which the child will swallow a lot of air, but will not suck the milk, which in turn will lead to malnutrition and the appearance of colic.

  1. A regular baby chair is a good sign. If you change diapers 7–9 times a day, it means that the baby has enough milk.
  2. Weighing is a great way to control. An increase in weight from 115 to 230 grams per week for the first 3-4 months indicates that the baby is eating up. At 4-6 months, the increase should be 85-140 grams per week, and after six months – 40-85 grams.
  3. The number of “meals” also allows you to assess the situation. If you feed the baby about 8-12 times a day, and the baby has a great appetite – everything is fine.
  4. The mood of the child is perhaps the most striking indicator. If a child is energetic, alert, cheerful, actively developing and growing, and after eating he lets go of his chest – no need to worry!
  1. Diet for mom. Enhance lactation helps banal diet, including cereal, pasta from durum wheat, meat, poultry and fish, eggs, butter, dairy and dairy products.
  2. During feeding, put a cup of warm drink – compote, herbal tea with aniseed seeds, nettle extract, rosehip – and slowly drink while the baby is attached to the breast. This will increase the production of milk.
  • The minimum milk production most often happens in the evening hours, so be sure to eat hot soup or porridge before the “hour X”, take a bath, relax, have a little rest – this will also help increase lactation.
  • Use lactogonic agents.
  • Strain milk with a breast pump.
  • Get enough sleep, but be sure to keep the night feeds.
  • Drink vitamin-mineral complexes.

Milk Rivers: Is It Enough Milk?

If there is still not enough milk, talk with your doctor. The doctor will think up a diet, prescribe a means to enhance lactation and, most likely, will advise you to feed the crumbs with high-quality modern milk mixture without gluten and starch.

Using the mixture, the mother, on the one hand, will continue to breastfeed the baby, and on the other – will provide the baby with good nutrition. As a result, the baby will be fed, and therefore, satisfied and open to the knowledge of the world!

Just try to choose a mixture of fresh milk, not powder. For example, mixtures of Humana Expert 2 and Humana Expert 3 are based on fresh milk and therefore retain the maximum amount of natural nutrients.

They include prebiotics that promote the development of the intestinal microflora of the baby and, as a result, reduce the risk of colic, dysbiosis and constipation. In addition, Humana mixtures are enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are necessary for the active work of the child’s brain, as well as acute vision and a strong nervous system.

And, of course, the mixtures contain vitamin D, which is indispensable in childhood, which is an essential element in the proper formation of the musculoskeletal system and the harmonious development of the child.

Milk Rivers: Is It Enough Milk?

Milk Rivers: Is It Enough Milk?

In addition, remember that, even when feeding from a bottle, it is important to hold the baby in your arms, gently hug and press to your chest. Indeed, in the mom’s tender embraces, the child hears the beating of her heart and feels a sense of security, psychological comfort, which positively affects the nervous system, health and the development of the crumbs!

* According to WHO recommendations, breastfeeding (HB) is considered the most appropriate for infants. Breast milk contains a full set of vitamins and all vital nutrients and is the best food until the baby is introduced to various foods.

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